Big Mistakes

Monday, December 4th, 2006

Josh and Reva may be making up too fast for Cassie. Jeffrey hunts dowbn Lizzie and the baby. Alan cozies up with Doris.

Beth is playing both sides

Tammy and Remy are sitting in his car. He's making his best offer to help her forget Jonathan, but she can't accept. He offers to track Jonathan down and drag him back so that he can prove that he is the better man.

Josh is telling Reva that he finally understands what she did. It was her sacrifice that allowed him to build the veteran's hospital. She's happy to hear this and cries while she recalls watching him accept his medal; she felt like she was with him, where she belonged, that whole time. Cassie appears in the background but stays out of sight while they speak. Josh and Reva exchange apologies and she confesses that it would have been easy for her to fall into his arms when he gave her Cross Creek, butCassie interrupts and asks them why they left the hospital. Reva says that hospitals make her uncomfortable and then changes the subject: She's worried about Jonathan and Lizzie. Tammy appears and informs them that Jonathan called her to say goodbye: He's gone for good. She's broken up about it, but maybe it's for the best. Josh tells Reva that, if she needs help fighting Alan, she should call him. Reva walks away, still disturbed to see Josh, Cassie and Tammy bonding together.

Josh and Cassie try to convince Tammy that Jonathan isn't her problem anymore. This is hard for her to admit. The thought of never seeing Jonathan again frightens her. Josh tells her that it takes a lot of time to get over your first love. Cassie glares at him and gives Tammy some hot chocolate to cheer her up. Tammy goes off and Cassie says that her daughter needs less drama in her life. Josh says that's what he's going for Reva; he's not angry at her anymore. Cassie tells him this is good because, if it hadn't been for Reva, they never would have fallen in love.

Lizzie is with the baby in a hotel room. She is promising her that she'll give her the best home 'no matter where they are.' She assures her that her daddy loves her and hopes that he'll grow to love her as well. Right now, he is out shopping and Jeffrey stands outside the door. They were easy to track down. He tries to tell himself that this is 'just a job', but can't put Ava's disgust over him taking the position out of his mind. While he listens at the door, Lizzie calls Reva to tell her that they're fine and Jonathan's hidden them well. Reva's worried that the longer they stay away, the angrier Alan will get. Lizzie says that they'll only think about coming back when Alan calms down. Meanwhile, she and Jonathan are getting closer. When she hangs up, Jeffrey knocks on the door and, expecting Jonathan, she eagerly answers. Jeffrey walks into the room while Lizzie starts to panic and threatens to scream. He tells her that Jonathan won't be back for awhile because he has a flat tire. He's only there because her grandfather is worried about her. The baby starts to cry and Lizzie says she needs feeding but doesn't have any food. Jeffrey sends her out, but demands that she leave the baby with him. Reluctantly, she goes, leaving the baby in his arms. He begins singing to the baby until it stops crying. Then he tells her about his daughter, how he never knew her and she was probably better for it.

Reva goes through the pictures of Lizzie and the baby on her phone before stopping at a picture of Josh. She takes the wedding rings hung around her neck off and puts them in a little box. There's a knock at the door. It's Beth, who hurries in, lest Alan should spot her. Beth assures her that she only wants what's best for her daughter, even if that is Jonathan. Reva tells Beth that Lizzie just called and this throws her off a bit. She lets Reva know that Alan has hired Doris to sue for custody and urges her to help bring Lizzie back; the longer she's gone, the worse things will be. They need to be convinced to return before something bad happens.

Alan has invited DA Doris to lunch. She can read his mind: He wants to hire her to get him custody of Lizzie's baby. He tries to get her drunk and tells her that they have a lot in common: They both hate Jonathan and are protective of their families. Ashlee interrupts them after eavesdropping and tells them that they should be ashamed of plotting against Jonathan. He's 'just misunderstood,' she claims before confessing that she wishes that she was having his baby. Alan tells her that he wishes she was too. He goes on to assure her that he is just doing Jonathan a favor and trying to free him from his obligations so that he can go back to being his old self. When he gets back, Ashlee could be a positive influence on him and help him move on. Ashlee is excited to hear that Alan thinks this way and eggs her mother on a bit before going off. Alan and Doris are sure that they're going to have 'a beautiful friendship.' However, Doris is concerned that Alan has hired Jeffrey. 'Once in a while he has a conscience,' she says disparagingly before leaving. Ava has been sitting only a few feet away and heard the entire exchange. Alan sits with her but she tells him that Jeffrey is a stranger to her and she wants to keep it that way.

Alan imagines going Christmas shopping with Lizzie, but Beth breaks him out of his trance. Things shouldn't be this way, he tells her, and this should be a happy time for everyone. Beth tells him they should go home, but he has work to do. He calls Jeffrey who tells him that he lost Jonathan and Lizzie. Alan reprimands him and promises him that, if he doesn't capture them, he will never have any kind of career in Springfield again. Lizzie is started that Jeffrey has done this and realizes that the baby got to him. He tells her that they need to hide better and they should have the baby checked out. Lizzie hugs him before he leaves with an awkward feeling.

Reva arrives at the court room and meets Mel to talk strategy. Mel wants to call Josh in for support but Reva refuses. Alan and Beth arrived and are dismayed to see Reva there. Doris tells him to let her do all the fighting. Meanwhile, Mel tells Reva that she doesn't have to fight alone. She turns around to see Josh followed by Tammy and Cassie (who shoots a worried look at Josh and Reva standing together). Tammy can't face this however; this is the same room she gave up Jonathan in. she leaves and calls Remy to help her track him down.

Next on GL:Gus and Harley go off in search of the mysterious woman in the photograph. Ava tries to deal with her parents. Alan launches his fight for custody in court.

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