A Wedding To Plan.

Thursday, July 6th, 2006

Vanessa and Matt show up and pester Dinah and Mallet with questions about the wedding. Buzz and Olivia discuss her realtionship with Frank. Meanwhile, Frank finds out about their kiss. Alan cancels Jonathon's credit cards and forecloses on Outskirts while Tammy and Lizzie bond over Lamaze.

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A blindfolded Mallet and Dinah sample wedding cake when there is a knock. Mallet opens the door to find Vanessa and Matt who barge past him to see Dinah blindfolded in a negligee. Dinah explains that they are tasting the cakes Vanessa sent. When questioned about the wedding date they assure them that they are going to pick a date soon and quickly change the subject by offering to treat Vanessa and Matt to brunch.

Olivia sneaks into Company to leave a note for Buzz and is surprised that he is actually right behind her. She tells Buzz that she and Frank may not be as over as she thought. She apologizes for getting caught up in the moment and tells him the kiss was wrong. At this point Ava walks up, and remembers the kiss she saw them share, as she stares through the window. Frank comes up and they discuss Olivia and how he thinks he may have hurt Olivia's feelings. He says he is not ready to give up on Olivia. Buzz and Olivia begin to discuss her feelings when Buzz spots Frank outside the door. He shoos Olivia out the back and makes a point of greeting Frank cheerily.

At brunch Vanessa begins to prod Dinah and Mallet about the wedding once again. Matt speaks up and asks them to just let Vanessa know that this wedding will never happen. Annoyed Mallet explains to Matt that both he and Dinah are very busy and they have not had the time to choose a date. Matt leaves to get coffee and Mallet follows him. Matt tells him that he knows Dinah and that she is self-destructive. Dinah walks up and lets Matt know that she doesn't blame him for doubting her as she often doubts herself. However, she lets him know that this is different because she really loves Mallet. Vanessa interrupts and takes Matt aside, but not before he cryptically tells Dinah that he is sorry for his attitude and blames it on their past together. When Mallet questions Dinah about the past Matt is referring to she tells him it is ancient history.

At the bar Frank and Buzz begin talking about the fight he and Olivia had at the BBQ. He starts grilling Buzz about Olivia's feelings. Frank tells Buzz that he still has feelings for her but is wondering whether she has any for him. Buzz tells him to let it go as Ava drops a pan of silverware. Without picking up the silver she darts out of the restaurant. Frank goes after her to see what the problem is. She tells Frank that she loves his family and wants to do right by him. Frank tells Ava to either let it out or let it go. She looks long at him and says she can't let it go.

Back at the table Vanessa apologizes for her nonstop wedding talk. All she wants is for Dinah to have the perfect wedding and be happy. Dinah in a frustrated tone tells her mom that nothing in her life is perfect so there will be no perfect traditional wedding. Matt offers that they can fake it and that he would be happy to walk her down the aisle even though he knows he can't replace Ross. She laughs and tells them that they are crazy. As she wipes the tears from her eyes she grabs her planner and instructs Mallet to close his eyes and point. As his finger lands on a date she informs them that they have now chosen the wedding date. They happily kiss and agree that the date they have chosen is perfect.

Frank returns from outside and tells Buzz that he and Ava talked and things are fine and he got the whole story. As they talk he gets a call from the station and rushes off to the hospital. Buzz tells him he is sorry about Olivia and Frank tells him, "Me too." Buzz lets Ava know that she can always come to him with a problem. She says that she normally would but she is sure he doesn't want to hear what she has to say. Buzz mumbles under his breath that he knows he is done as Ava walks off.

Alan runs into Lizzie at the hospital and tells her that the whole family is behind her and she should begin thinking of a proper name for her daughter as she is a Spaulding. She goes on to say maybe she should name the baby Reva since she is part Lewis. Alan does not find this funny and tells her he will be getting Mr. Randall out of the picture. She begs him not to go to war over her baby. Alan tells her she should come live with them and he can guide the baby once she is born.

Alan leaves and Beth arrives. Lizzie shares with Beth that she is worried about how obsessed Alan is with her baby, and that he told Coop she faked her suicide attempt. Beth also wants Lizzie to move in as the family is very excited about her baby. Beth asks Lizzie if it isn't better to have Alan involved than Jonathon. Lizzie defends Jonathon saying she too would be angry if Alan bullied her the way he does Jonathon. She tells Beth to go home as she needs time to get used to being alone.

While Alan makes a call, Tammy and Jonathon are enjoying a dip in the Bauer jacuzzi. They are discussing how Jonathon stood up to Alan in front of the whole town. He changes the subject, saying he just wants to start over and doesn't want to play baby daddy. He gets up and is served with a foreclosure notice on Outskirts.

At the Beacon Jonathon is notified by the front desk that his credit card has been canceled and quickly figures Alan is behind this. After Tammy leaves he phones Alan's office demanding to speak to him. After getting nowhere he decides to head over to Spaulding to speak to Alan in person. As he opens the door Alan walks in and Alan lets Jonathon know that while he started the war, Alan will be the one to finish it.

Tammy runs into Olivia and asks if she knows anything about Jonathon's cancelled cards. After figuring Alan is behind this, Olivia kindly offers to let them stay as long as they need.

Olivia walks into the room and sees the brochure for homes she and Frank were going to look at. She rushes off to the hospital to find him. Once she gets there she begins to tell him how she wants a life with him, to live together, and just go for it. Frank coldly tells her that he knows everything and walks away leaving Olivia in stunned silence.

Tammy, who is also at the hospital, hears Lizzie talking to a nurse about Lamaze classes. Lizzie tells the nurse that she does not have a partner as she and the baby's father are not speaking. Tammy chimes in that it does not have to be that way. Tammy asks Lizzie not to give into Alan and to try to build a relationship with Jonathon. She says that perhaps she and Lizzie could even be friends again. To prove it she offers to be Lizzie's Lamaze partner. An incredulous Lizzie can't believe Tammy would do this for her.

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