Dinah Gets Arrested

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Dinah gets arrested. Cassie & Josh get grilled by Hawk. Lizzie is followed by a stranger.

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Dinah Gets Arrested

Mallet talks with the fire inspector asking him if his clothes were all taken for evidence or something. But the inspector tells him that's the first he's heard about it. Mallet says that's fine, some mooch probably just came in to help himself.

He later meets up with Dinah, asking her to go see a movie. He asks her what she thinks of his new shirt since it's the only thing clean he has to wear because she sent all his clothes to the cleaners. At least, Mallet tells her, that's what he assumes, so she could get all the smoke smell out. Dinah shakes her head avoiding the statement telling him they should go shopping for all new stuff!

Back at the bar, the officers show up with the inspector to arrest Dinah. Mallet tries to convince them not to take her but a sarcastic Dinah tells him not to bother, nows not the time to start being the protective fiance!

It's still there replies Lizzie. What is, Tammy ask. ...The black car.... She tells Jonathan and Tammy that it hasn't moved for about five hours and she's certain it's one of Alan's goons. They frown at each other asking her if she would like to come to the beach with them, but she declines.

Later, Lizzie returning from the company screams at the strange man to leave her alone and she runs to her home banging on the door. Jonathan comes out asking what's wrong. She yells, pointing to the man that he's been following her. Jonathan asks him if that's true? She insists that he's one of Alans guys. The man looking confused asks who Alan is? Jonathan asks him what's really going on and the man tells him he saw her drop her wallet and was trying to return it to her. Helping her up, Jonathan assures her everything is fine, but she insists that was just a ploy made up by Alan to scare me. Jonathan tries to convince her it was nothing but she doesn't listen.

Trying to calm her down, Tammy gets her to relax and explain what scared her so much. Lizzie, talking to herself and her baby stating that Alan will not get them, will not hurt her or her baby. Lizzie jumps up asking them if they heard that ..." footsteps in the hallway?! They reply they don't hear anything and start to discuss how they can protect Lizzie.... From herself!

Dylan shows up offering his mother blueberry pancakes but she tells him she ate, even though he sees she's just getting up. He glances at her asking her when she's going to tell him what's really going on and asks her for the truth. Reva glances sideways and looks at Billy and replies that her and Billy aren't together again, asking Dylan if that's what he meant. He replies of course, he just assumed. But they tell him he's wrong and they're not. Billy reminds Dylan he has a plane to catch and he'll drive him there. Reva tells him once again how much she loves him, her first born. They hug and he heads out.

Upon returning from delivering Dylan to the airport, Billy walks in to find Reva collapsed on the floor. Picking her up, he tells her he's calling 911 and telling everyone what's going on. Reva, regaining a bit of strength tells Billy not to do that and just help her into bed. She pleads with him that she wants to be the one to tell Josh and everyone what has happened to her. Giving in, he tells her that's fine to have it her way but she should return with him to talk it over with Josh. Reva refuses. Later, looking at her phone, she realizes that Josh tried to call and there's a message left for her.

Josh tells Cassie he's left a message for Reva. He needs to clean things up with her. Cassie asks him if he told her anything. He assures her he certainly wouldn't over the phone! Later, Hawk walks in on them both telling them ...ain't this cozy.... They look up and Josh asks him what he's doing there? Hawk tells them they should be ashamed of themselves. Josh tells him he doesn't know what he's talking about. But Hawk snaps back at Josh telling him Reva's up in New York with the kids trying to pretend she doesn't have a broken heart. He goes on to say all the kids showed up and they had a great time. But he knew Reva was hiding something and now he sees what it was, the two people she loves the most have stabbed her in the back.

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