Cassie and Josh Get Hot!

Monday, August 14th, 2006

Cassie & Josh get intimate wanting to make love for the first time. Reva heads to NY to have a wonderful evening with her family. Lizzie asks Alan for her money back.

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Reva tells Billy to go home if he won't help her see her kids and making it an amazing night for all of them. Billy tells her of course he'll stay. Reva goes on making up herself and her hair.

Later, Reva and Billy join her family for a great evening out! Reva asks her son how things are going for him?! She tells him that Jonathan is going to be a daddy and how she regrets not getting to know either of them until they were almost grown. He reassures his mom that she's done a great job. But she asks him to promise her to always be there for everyone. He smiles and tells her ok, that's fine but it's not like she's going anywhere.

Later Reva and Billy are alone and Reva almost loses it, telling him she didn't think it would be this hard. Billy tells her it doesn't have to be if she just lets them in... let them know what shes going through - including Josh!

Cassie and Josh share an breathtaking kiss. She can't believe he's there with her and asks Josh if he's sure this is what he wants. He assures her nothing is going to change his mind about wanting her. Cassie asks him about Reva, but he tells her this is not about Reva, it's about them and whatever she decided, it doesn't matter any longer.

Josh tells Cassie he's been wanting to make love to her for such a long time as he kisses her neck. They share other times they longed for each other. Cassie tells him this is the perfect time and place to be together. The nanny interrupts them telling them her son wants to see her.

Jonathan asks Lizzie what she wants as she sits down beside him on the bed. He tells her to quit faking and stretch out her legs. There's a knock on the door and in walks Alan. Lizzie asks him for her money back! But he threatens to send her to a psych ward. Jonathan tells Lizzie no one is sending her anywhere.

Alan goes over all the crazy things Lizzie has done in the past telling her they only wants what's best for her. Lizzie loses it screaming how she hates Alan playing right into his plan!

Alan leaves and Lizzie breaks down thinking Alan is going to come after the baby and lock her up. She begs for Jonathan's help.

Mallet sees a picture on the internet of Dinah and Jeffrey together but she denies the relationship. Dinah and Mallet talk more about their feelings. But Mallet has more to ask her first. He wants to know what she knows about the fire. She tells him she was with Jeffrey and the extent of their relationship is business! He kisses her and tells her he'll see her later.

Mallet goes back to the fire scene to investigate further and wonders what O'Neill is hiding and how Dinah is involved. He goes through all the closets and drawers and realizes something is missing... ALL his clothes.

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