Remembering Max.

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Bill and Remy remember Max, Buzz and Cyrus search CBS and Shayne gets arrested.

Remembering Max. image

Bill is reluctant to go to Max's memorial. He doesn't think he's worthy. Lizzie tells him he has to go. "He deserved so much better than someone like me," he says. The moment that he was in his life, he wasn't the kind of man he could be proud of. He walks across the lawn and then back. Lizzie tells him he has to go and remember. She knows what he's feeling... her baby was taken away too, that's why they get each other. They walk away together.


Buzz and Cyrus go to the CBS studio looking for a train station. They go inside and ask about the train and then ask if they can go in and look around. Cyrus tries to pretend they have an appointment but it doesn't work. When they step out, the janitor stops them and says that this used to be a train station. A lot of the old stuff is in the basement. He offers to show it to them. When they get inside, they split up to search. Eventually they join up and find the locker they were looking for. The combination they found in the hotel still works. Inside the locker is a suitcase full of Jenna's things.


Marina runs into Josh at the minimart and asks after Shayne. He tells her that his son could really use his friends around him right now.


Mallet and Remy are talking about what's wrong with Shayne. Remy still blames Mallet for a lot of his anger but Mallet says he was only acting to save Dinah. "He should suck it up and live with it," Mallet says. They get a call that there is a bar fight brewing.


At Farley's, Shayne throws a guy off his stool and they begin fighting on the bar. Mallet arrives as the bartender breaks up the fight. Mallet talks to Shayne like he's a little boy and leads him out to the police car.


Mallet takes Shayne to the station to book him. As soon as he's uncuffed, he punches Mallet in the face. The cop pins him and Shayne rants about Dinah leaving him without saying goodbye. He doesn't know what to do. Mallet tells him to be grateful that Dinah protected his son. After Shayne is locked up, Mallet calls Marina down to the station and tells her what happened. He thinks Shayne needs a friend.


Josh wanders into the cells to see his son. "Should I be setting aside a special fund for bail?" Josh asks. Shayne admits that he was just looking for a fight and will be okay. Josh tells him that he is going to have to find a better way to deal with his loss.


Marina visits next. She tells Shayne to straighten himself out for his son's sake. "He doesn't even know who I am," he says. She says he'll know when he's old enough. Marina goes upstairs as Shayne is released. He thanks Mallet for not pressing charges and walks out.

Remy goes home and is surprised that Christina isn't at the PT clinic. She wants to be with him for the memorial. "I need you," he says. They leave together.


In the cemetery, Remy tells Christina how beautiful his son was. He made him want to be a better man. "He fixed me and he died before I got a chance to do anything for him," he cries.

Lizzie and Bill arrive at the cemetery. Bill thinks of the kind of person he used to be, how he used to hurt people. "Who would want to bring a child into the kind of life I had manufactured?" he asks. Lizzie tells him to stop and reminds him that he loved Max and that's what a baby needs. "It wasn't enough," he says. She tells him to show his son the kind of man he has become. They walk over to the grave. Remy and Christina are still there. Lizzie and Christina leave the boys alone. Christina can't imagine losing a baby. Lizzie tells her how horrible it is.


Bill and Remy place flowers on the grave. Bill tells him that he's sorry about what happened. He was trying to control everything and screwed things up for everyone. He thought that having a child could save him, but he just acted like a jerk and wishes he could change things. "You can't," Remy says, walking away. Bill sits at the grave alone and talks about how unworthy he feels. He cries and tells Max that he loves him and he made him a better man.


Bill and Lizzie go home. He thanks her for giving him a kick. She says that they are lucky and have everything. "Almost everything," he says. He wants to have a baby with her. They kiss. Before they can start, she reminds him that they need to work on the house first. "I'll get my tool belt," he says. Remy and Christina stop by and offer to lend them a hand. "Glad to have you," Bill says.


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