You Ruined Us.

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Alan reaches out to James, Buzz and Cyrus hit New York and Shayne picks fights.

You Ruined Us. image

Ed arrives at the mansion to see Alan about Phillip's condition. He tells him that they need to get him back from Mexico. Alan says that he can't help him. Ed tells him to stop pretending to be tough. Alan isn't pretending; he thinks that Phillip is just as selfish and deceptive as he's always been. "If he wants to die alone, let him," he says.


Frank is run off his feet at Company. He begs Daisy to stick around for another half hour. She slips outside when she spots James. They make plans for the evening, walk by the water and he gives her a kiss.


Blake is on the phone with her publishing friends. She promises them a draft of Coop's book in two weeks. She sits down with Ashlee and they talk about the book. Ashlee hopes they'll get enough money from this to help the Coopers.


Alan goes to the cemetery and talks to Phillip's gravestone. He thought they would work to conquer the world together. Phillip could redeem him and help him become the person he wanted to become... but things didn't work out that way. "I ruined you didn't I? And you ruined us," he says. He can't go through the pain of losing him so he has to push him out of his heart, though he's sure that Phillip will know, deep down, that he's loved him more than anyone else. James approaches and asks him what he's doing. They sit down and Alan asks him if he will ever leave him. He needs him to reach his full potential and be a great man. He would like to guide him so that he can carry on his legacy. "You're going to be okay and I think I'm going to be okay," Alan says.

Christina goes into Company and Frank tells her all about his problems with the roof and his father. She offers to help him out. He hugs her. Daisy and Ashlee come in to help with the roof. Ed comes in next.


Cyrus and Buzz are on the bus to New York. Cyrus urges him to sleep. While he's sleeping, Blake calls Cyrus and asks him to take notes on everything. As Buzz sleeps, Jenna appears to him. He wakes up as she kisses him. Cyrus sleeps across the aisle and Jenna visits him, tipping him off about where they should go.


Shayne is ranting at the workers on Bill's house. He begins arguing with the foreman, telling him that his men are lazy and sloppy. As they argue, Remy shows up and stops them. They walk across to the park and play catch. Remy talks about Dinah but Shayne doesn't want to deal with it and begins yelling and ranting. Remy tells him to step down. Shayne apologizes for blowing up.


Mallet drives up in an RV and announces to Marina that they are going on a family vacation. After he shows her around, she tells him they can't do this. When they go inside, she says that he's trying too hard. He wants to make up for what he did. She loves him for trying but she's not sure that now is the right time. She convinces him to work at the restaurant instead.


In the minimart, Marina tells Christina that Mallet thought she killed the John Doe. She admits that there was a mountain of evidence against her. "But he's your husband," Christina says.


Mallet shows up at Company and volunteers to work. Frank's thrilled his daughter married someone she can count on. As he gets to work, Blake and Ed work on patching the roof. He asks after her mother.


Remy goes to Company. He and Christina talk. She tells him about Mallet and Marina's problems and she asks him if he would ever think she was a murderer. "I love you in handcuffs," he says.


Blake runs into Alan at the minimart while he's on the phone setting something up for James. She tells him not to try and turn James into him as well. After she walks off, he runs into Shayne. Alan tells him that he should have talked to him before he married a murderer. "Maybe I could have told you what a loser she was," Alan says.


James goes over to Daisy's and tells her that his granddad needs him right now and he has to make sure he's okay. Alan was crying. She refuses to believe it, but he says he has to do this. After he walks out, Ashlee asks her what they are doing tonight. Daisy tells her what just happened.


In New York, Buzz and Cyrus go to the dive where Jenna stayed. Inside, they look at the room she lived in and the walls she stared at. Cyrus spots some numbers written on the window sill. He assumes they could be a combination for a lock.

At Company, Blake helps Frank cut up boxes and he tells her how great her chili is. She tells him how great he is.

Remy goes to the station to talk to Mallet about how Shayne has been acting. "I thought you'd want to know since it's kinda your fault," he says. Mallet doesn't appreciate that.

Shayne goes to the bar and picks a fight with the first guy he sees.


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