Screwing Up For A Good Cause.

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Shayne is comforted by Marina, the investigation into Dinah continues and Buzz asks Cyrus to teach him how to steal.

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At home, Mallet turns off the news as reports of Dinah going on the run play. He cooks eggs for Marina and Buzz. They call for Buzz but he stares off, listening to tapes of Jenna. After breakfast, Buzz goes back to his tapes and the couple talks about the case. She wonders who helped Dinah leave the country.


At the station, Remy can't believe that Dinah ran. "This is classic Dinah. She always screws up for a good cause," Frank says. Remy hopes Shayne is okay. He walks out to the construction site and sees Josh. They talk about how Shayne is holding up. Remy tips him off that the cops will be bringing Shayne in for further questioning.


Shayne goes to see Cyrus. He tells him what happened and demands to know where she went. Cyrus didn't help her leave. Shayne digs for who could have helped her but Cyrus isn't much help. "Why do you want to find her anyway?" he asks. Shayne doesn't know; he just needs an explanation for all of this. After Shayne leaves, Buzz calls and asks Cyrus over. The Australian doesn't think that getting wrapped up in Coop's book is a good idea but Buzz is persistent.

At Cross Creek, Reva talks to Jeffrey's picture and tells him that Dinah better stay gone or she will have to string her up herself.


Jonathan is feeding Jeffrey. He offers to take him to the road so he can get home. Jeffrey says that he is going to stay 'dead'. As long as Edmund thinks he's dead, he has an edge and he wants Jonathan to help him. They do Sarah's hair and, suddenly, Edmund calls. He threatens to drop by and pick up Sarah. Jonathan says he'll have to kill him first. Jeffrey says they need to use Sarah to lure Edmund out.


Remy is at Company with Marina. He worries about Dinah being on the run. Frank comes in and Marina begins rambling to him about renovations.


Josh meets Mallet outside of his house and tells him to stop looking for Dinah so Shayne can get on with his life. Mallet can't do that.


Cyrus goes to see Buzz and finds that he's organized all of the notes and pictures by age. Cyrus isn't sure how to help him but Buzz is eager to keep digging. As they read Coop's notes, Buzz gets excited and wants to try being a thief.

At the station, Remy talks to the mechanic for the heliport. He identifies Dinah and describes the man who brought her. "Face like Buzz Lightyear," he says. Mallet nervously eavesdrops until the guy leaves. When he comes in, he says, "I always thought I had a face like the young Clint Eastwood or a tougher Dick Van Dyke." Remy confronts him and Mallet admits that he was going to let everything blow over but Frank found out so he decided to smuggle Dinah out. He insists that Marina never would have gone to jail but Dinah has a record and would have.


Shayne goes to see his mom. He doesn't know what to do. He's furious with Dinah but he still wants to find her. She was giving him hope for life and he doesn't want to lose that. His mother tells him how Jeffrey made her happy. They hug. After Shayne leaves, Josh arrives and suggests they find something to occupy their son. She starts drinking and he makes some suggestions, like taking him for walks or having movie nights. "Get out of here," she says, telling him he's being stupid. She accuses him of being there to help her, not their son, and kicks him out. When she takes out the trash, Mallet walks up to her and tells her she can have the evidence back now if she wants it. He gives her the boxes and she sorts through them while talking to Jeffrey's picture.


When Marina is at Towers, she walks out to the roof and finds Shayne standing on the edge, talking to Dinah's ring. "I want to let you go," he says. He can't live with all of the hate he is feeling. Marina approaches him. She knows how angry he is because she is angry too. She says that Dinah is allowed a few screw-ups after everything she did for them. "She gave you your life back," she says. They go down and hang out until he's all talked out and leaves. Mallet tracks her down and tells her he just wants to concentrate on them from now on.


Cyrus and Buzz go to a restaurant and slip into the back office. Cyrus shows him how to pick a lock. They try robbing a safe when Remy catches them. "You make it really hard to be a cop in this town," Remy tells them. He agrees to tell the alarm company this was a false call. Buzz giddily walks out.


"I'm going to make every member of Reva's family suffer... then I'm going to take the children, all of them," Edmund tells his daughter's picture.


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