It Was All Lies!

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Phillip has to tell his father the truth, Frank overheard Dinah's confession and Bill and Lizzie settle into their new home.

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At the mansion, Phillip watches as Bill and Lizzie discuss the housewarming she wants to throw. They joke about how many kids they want to have and kiss until Emma walks in. "Eww!" she says. Beside them, James shows Alan some papers and Alan tells him how proud he is. Turning around, he tells all of the guests that they are there to remember Phillip. Realizing that this is his funeral, Phillip snaps out of it. It was all a dream.


In the motel room, Ed calls Phillip's phone. Alan picks up and Ed accidentally tells him that the latest blood tests look really bleak. He suggests that he come clean with his family right away. After Alan hangs up, Phillip comes in. His father tells him that he talked to the woman and her son. Phillip is proud of him. Alan wonders why they've really taken this journey. He confronts him about the phone call from Ed and asks him what his 'timeline' really is. Phillip reluctantly admits that he's sick and he's known for awhile. His father panics and asks for more information. Phillip finally admits that he is dying and there may only be a few months left for him. "Do you realize how selfish you have been?" Alan asks him. He accuses him of using him to check off things on his list before he dies. "It was all lies! None of it was real!" Alan yells, storming out. His son chases after him. "We're all dying," Phillip insists. He wants them to finish what they came there to do. He's sure they have a chance to break the cycle that has been destroying their family for generations. Alan thinks that he is just trying to feel better about himself before he dies. "I'm finished with you," Alan declares. "You don't get to fix your father and then die on me. It's too late to become my son after forty years!" Alan shouts, walking away.


Alan returns to the restaurant to tell Charlie that he is heading home. Charlie thanks him for everything he's told him about his dad. Alan tells him how sorry he is about his loss. "I never knew him, but I couldn't be prouder of him," Charlie says. Alan wanders outside and mumbles his son's name.


Bill and Lizzie are going around their house making a list of things they have to fix. He promises her that they can raise their kids and Sarah there together. They turn on the fans and he pulls out an inflatable bed. When they try to fill it up, the fuse blows. After he checks the basement, he tells her that they need to call an electrician. She can't live without a fan in August and wants to go back to the hotel. He wets a rag and starts rubbing her.


At home. Marina sadly looks at a photo of Mallet. She smashes it and cries.


Dinah corners Mallet and confesses to the killing. He doesn't believe it. She's sick of watching Marina suffer and can't do this to his family anymore. She tells him about what happened and how she didn't want anyone to pay for her mistakes, but watching him turn on his own wife has been too much for her. If he is going to turn someone in, it should be her. He declares the conversation over and tells her that he is burying this. Frank stands nearby and overhears this. Dinah can't believe that he is letting her go after he turned on his own wife over it. Mallet tells her to go and be with her husband. Shayne arrives. Mallet congratulates them again and tells them to get going.


When Mallet gets home, he finds the smashed picture on the floor. Marina asks him if got a warrant to arrest her. He apologizes for doubting her; he should have believed in her more. He'd like to find a way to work things out. So would she. "What changed your mind? Dinah?" she asks. As they clean up, Frank arrives and asks to speak to Mallet alone. When she leaves, he confronts Mallet about the confession. Mallet claims he had to check out the story first before doing anything. Frank orders him to arrest Dinah tomorrow.


Shayne and Dinah go back to the hotel. He picks her up and carries her over the threshold. They sit down and drink. She tells him how amazing it has been to be welcomed into his family. He assures her they will have an amazing life together. They toast to it. As they kiss and get ready for bed, he rushes off to the bathroom for a second. Mallet calls and tips her off about Frank.


Matt runs into Beth at the minimart. She's getting stuff for her daughter's house. He tells her they don't even have running water. As she fumbles with all of the stuff in her arms, he helps her catch it.


When Matt and Beth get to Bill and Lizzie's, they walk in on them half-naked. The newlyweds make excuses and then slip off to dress. Bill asks Matt if he can get the power running again. As the men discuss plans for the house, Lizzie and Beth talk about Phillip. She says that she's only heard from him once since he went away and insists that she has no future with him. After Beth and Matt leave, the newlyweds hear water running. Bill discovers that there's a leak and runs off to call Matt.


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Dinah tells Shayne she has to go away.

Dinah turns herself in to Mallet.

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