The Son I Was Meant To Have.

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Alan and Phillip bond, Cyrus has information for Buzz and Reva grieves.

The Son I Was Meant To Have. image

The Spaulding men go looking for the lake but only go in circles and end up back at their tent. Phillip's glad his father is so relaxed about it. Alan thinks he's just high from all the bug spray. Phillip toasts to fathers and sons. They sit around the fire and joke as they cook. Alan admits that he's wanted to do this ever since Phillip was a little boy. He talks about his father and how hard he was to love. "I guess I did hate him," he admits. When he tells his son how much he means to him, Phillip suggests that their relationship is actually exactly like his was with Brandon. They quickly begin arguing about their failures and who has failed more. While they go over the times they've stolen each other's wives and tried to kill each other, James slips away, gets in the car and drives off. "There goes your son," Alan says. He tries calling Hilda but there is no reception. Phillip sits calmly and says they'll find a way home. He offers his father a marshmallow. They eat smores and talk about James. Phillip worries that he can't love him the right way because he never learned to be a father. Alan tells him he's over thinking this and James will find his way in the world. He admits that he would never win father of the year, but, in his own way, he's always loved him and been proud of him. "You were the son I was meant to have," Alan tells him.


Olivia sits on the porch and drinks. She toasts to Jeffrey and then stumbles off to pick up Emma from Christina at camp. Since she's tipsy, she lets Christina take Emma for ice cream. Olivia rants that the world is unfair. Jeffrey died and Ava lost her father. The only person who could make her feel better right now is gone.


At home, Reva holds Colin and cries. She glares over at the lantern which has gone out. She can't breathe anymore and rushes outside. Josh is there and tries to calm her. She doesn't know how she can take care of her child. Josh says she can do this because she has no other choice. "Somehow, he will help you survive," Josh says. He holds Colin and takes him inside while she nearly hyperventilates.


Josh tells Colin that his mother will never run out on him. "You guys are going to take care of each other," he tells the baby. He says that he'll be there to help too, but he's not a superhero like Jeffrey was. Reva comes in and interrupts. She doesn't want help, she just wants Jeffrey back. He offers her some bourbon. She paces and then runs outside. When she comes back in, she starts dusting. Dr. Colin arrives. He hugs Reva and tells her how sorry he is about Jeffrey. Josh leaves them alone. They talk about how the baby reminds her of Jeffrey. When Colin gives her a vial of sleeping pills she becomes annoyed and shows him out. As soon as he's gone, Josh sticks his head through the door. She throws a rattle at him. She accuses him of trying to take over her life and tells him to get out.


Remy goes into Company and grabs Cyrus. He tells him that the Feds are looking for the diamonds that went missing. Buzz comes out and begins talking about how wonderful his new stove is. Daisy wonders who sent the stove and suggests it must have been the same person who sent her a check for college. "I have a feeling that person knows they did something great," Remy says, looking at Cyrus. She talks to Cyrus about the check and how she never got to cash it.


Cyrus goes to the graveyard to see Buzz. "How do you hold on with so much loss?" Buzz wonders. Since he lost Coop, he hasn't felt the same about anything. Cyrus tells him that he can help him feel connected again. He explains that Coop was doing research for a biography he was going to write of Jenna. He'd wanted to finish it for Buzz as a Christmas gift.


"I'm glad to see I'm not the only one drinking in the middle of the day," Olivia says as she sits with Josh at the bar. He suggests the universe has put them together to cheer each other up. He offers to play pool with her so they can forget their problems. After a game, she tells him how strong her daughters are and how they are handling things better than she is. She brings up Reva and he insists that she needs her space right now. Olivia wishes she knew how to step back. "I'm just a mess, but everything goes wrong when the person you love is gone," she says.


Back at Cross Creek, Reva sits with Colin and tells him about his father. She wishes she could see him again to tell him how she feels. "It's you and me kid," she says. As she puts the baby down, she lights the lantern in the window.


Frank calls Remy and tells him that Cyrus stole the diamonds. He says there is a warrant for him.


Next on Guiding Light:

Cyrus is arrested.

Beth suspects Phillip is lying about something.

"I've got to find some way to leave him in better shape than I found him," Phillip tells his father.

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