The Oven.

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Nat gets her result, Alan bails James out again and Buzz gets an oven.

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Olivia and Emma are baking in the kitchen. The little girl eagerly talks about the barbecue and how excited she is. Her mother says this will be the best Fourth of July ever. This is the first time Emma's heard her say anything nice about it. Emma worries about Natalia and goes upstairs. Natalia sits in the bathroom taking a pregnancy test. As she waits for the answer, she says a Hail Mary. Emma comes to the door and shouts for her. Nat comes out and Olivia joins them. They talk about the games they'll play at the barbecue and Olivia says she wants them all to be a team... and not just at the barbecue. After they make rice krispie snacks, Emma takes the treats off and Olivia tells Nat she's sure everything will be okay. Once she's left alone, Natalia takes out the pregnancy kit to check the answer.


Reva checks the light in her window and then picks Colin up. She tells her son how much she misses Jeffrey and how brave they have to be without him.


Buzz is in his kitchen screaming at his oven when Alan walks in and tells him to stop caring so much about the barbecue. He only goes to realize how lucky he is that he doesn't have to mingle with everyone else the rest of the year. As Buzz hangs flags, Alan tells him he has no right to give everyone advice the way he does. He complains about how he is always forced to fulfill goals set by other people. Alan leaves to take a call and Reva comes in with the baby and a casserole for the barbecue. She won't be going.


Josh walks into Company while Buzz screams at his oven. He notices the casserole Reva left and Buzz tells him she won't be going tomorrow. Josh starts to worry and walks off. A deliveryman comes in and tells him he is there to deliver a new oven. Olivia comes in and he comments on how happy she looks. Doris notices as well. The two women step aside and Olivia explains that she and Nat are going to tell Emma the truth tonight and be happy from now on. They sit down, drink and chat about it. Olivia tells Doris that she can have what she has too. "I've never felt this way with anyone else," Olivia says.


Natalia walks past Blake in the park. She tells her that she was right: She is pregnant with Frank's baby. She begs her not to tell anyone. Blake advises her to go to Cedars and get checked out for sure. They go to the hospital and have her tested. The blood test confirms that she's several months pregnant. Nat can't believe she didn't know. Olivia calls and Nat tells her she's busy tonight and cries.


Reva runs into Josh in the parking lot. She accuses him of checking up on her. They argue. He thinks Jeffrey would want her to go to the barbecue. She claims that everything is Josh's fault and she plans to spend the holiday with her father. He apologizes for butting in. She suggests he find a hobby.

Reva goes home with Colin and tells him how much fun they will have tomorrow and how much fun they will have when Jeffrey is back.


Phillip is talking to his gravestone when he gets a call from Frank telling him that he has James at the station. They picked him up for a DUI. When he gets to the station, James isn't happy to see him. Frank leaves the father and son alone. Phillip offers to fix things between them. "You can't fix something that never worked in the first place," James points out. His father isn't angry with him and tells him he has things all wrong. He only had him arrested before because he cared. He spent years of his life fighting and hating his father, but he really just wanted him to notice him."I notice you," he tells his son, explaining that he will get him out and take him home so they can work through things. Phillip offers to take him to the barbecue tomorrow. Alan arrives. He's arranged for James' release. Phillip shakes his head and thinks his father is teaching James a bad lesson. Phillip is too tired to argue. When James walks away, the father and son continue to argue.


When Phillip gets outside, Beth arrives. He tells her what just happened and how close he was to getting through to his son before Alan showed up. She says that he needs to have faith he'll come around by next year. Next year is no good, he says.


James and Alan return to the mansion. He invites his grandson to an island for the holidays. As Alan arranges the jet, Beth calls her son and he tells her about his trip. She informs Phillip. He sadly tells her he's running out of time.

At Company, Buzz wonders who sent him an oven. He takes the package for Coop out of the window.


Next on Guiding Light:

The guests arrive for the barbecue.

Lillian encourages Phillip to talk to Beth about his situation.

Olivia wants to talk to Emma before the barbecue.

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