Reva accidently runs into Josh at airport

Friday, August 11th, 2006

Josh goes to Springfield Airport to convince Cassie not to leave. Josh and Reva meet face to face at Airport - what will happen? Mallet is troubled by Jeffrey and Dinah's relationship.

Reva accidently runs into Josh at airport image

Reva heads to airport.

Dinah and Mallet talk. He tells her he wants to make it right. He hurt her by sending those files to the FBI. He tells her how much he trusts her and that's far more important than his career or a badge!

She tells him he makes her want to be a better woman! She promises him that nothing will ever come between the two of us ever again, whatever it takes. Knock at the door, she tells him it's room service. Harley & Gus walk in wanting to discuss the fire. They tell them it looks like a torch job and they're calling it arson. Dinah tells them she has things to do and they ask her if she's willing to answer some questions later. Of course, she replies as she rushes out. Harley a little taken back by the quick departure looks on at Mallet and says ...alright, why don't you tell me what you know...?

Tammy walks in and talks to Lizzie about her pregnancy and health. She asks if she knows where Jonathan is? Lizzie replies that maybe he's with Reva. Reva? She's back says Tammy. Knock at the door, it' Jonathan asking her what the hell she's doing? He gives her hell for not asking who it is or checking first before opening the door. Lizzie hands Jonathan a list of guys her ...grand-dad... uses for the rough stuff. She tells him there's one thing she understands and that's revenge!

Lizzie asks Jonathan to go get her some ice cream. Tammy asks her if she misses Coop? Lizzie says she thought she would more, but really doesn't.

Josh goes back to Cassie's house and sees a ...for sale... sign. Housekeeper told him that Cassie already left town. He asks to where but she won't tell him She hands him a letter from Cassie. He sits down and opens it. It reads ...Dear josh, I've always loved you as a brother-in-law and a colleague and a friend, you know that. But I never expected to have these new feelings for you. And as wonderful as they seemed-- as wonderful as you are-- it just isn't meant to be between us. We both know that. And if I stay, it won't get better; it'll get worse. It'll get harder and more painful for all of us. That's why I'm starting my life somewhere else....
Josh makes plans to try and catch up with Cassie at the airport.

Reva gets Colin to take her to the airport. They first make a detour to her home. But it's time to leave or she'll miss the plane. She reminisces about her life, her children, Josh. She asks for a little time thinking about her childhood. She tells him how Josh just moved this home, her childhood home - from Oklahoma just a few months ago. Longing for her life to be the way it was. How it used to be so complete and happy. Reva regrets how she's handled her cancer by leaving town, thinking it was now a huge mistake. Colin encourages her to go see Josh, that even if she misses her plane, there's one tomorrow. But Reva really wants to go to New York to see her kids before she wastes away. Colin and her head to the airport.

Arriving at the airport, Colin asks her if she's ok. She picks up her ticket and tells him she's excited to see her kids. Colin feels guilty about not having success with Reva's cancer. She tells him not to dare feel like that. He did everything he could, everything. They hug and say goodbye. Reva collects her luggage and heads to the gate. In walks Josh as Reva turns around. She's shocked and surprised to see him. She stands there not knowing what to say. Reva just walks away.

Josh tells the airport security he'll be back, he just needs a ticket. Later, he arrives at his destination and knocks on the door. Cassie opens it. Josh enters and starts to tell her about seeing Reva at the airport and how she just walked away from him.

Jeffrey talks with Dinah and she threatens him. That proposal Jeffrey, she says, we're in this together!


Reva says goodbye to Dylan and Hawk. Dinah is the victim of Mallet's carelessness.

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