I'm Not A Saint.

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Phillip tries to cover for his children, Rafe is released with Frank's help and Alan offers James some help.

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At the mansion, Phillip calls his son to reassure him. Alan hopes he appreciates his efforts more than Phillip did his. Phillip admits that he's having trouble moving money around. His father tells him that he's the one who stopped the wire transfer. He thinks that this will sink Bill. "The sharks aren't coming for Bill, they're coming for James," Phillip says, explaining his son's scheme. Alan thinks his grandson is brilliant. Phillip warns him that taking down Bill will also mean taking down James. "Told you so," Alan smirks. He accuses his son of being a dog who barks a lot but has no bite. He doesn't care if the rest of the men in the family go down after the way they've treated him. Phillip begs him to be a hero and give him the money. Alan doesn't want to be a hero, he just wants his family.


In Chicago, Lizzie barges in on the cops as they question Bill. She insists that they are 'partners in everything' so they lock her up with him. As they sit in the cell, she asks him if he did set up a ponze scheme and wonders if amnesia could be a defense strategy.


Daisy and James run out of The Beacon after discovering that it's 'Senior Swim' day. He gets a message from his father. It makes him feel weird to know that he's trying to help. He asks Daisy to jump in the pond with him. They go back to his place and he admits that he'd rather be a starving artist than a wheeler-dealer.


Daisy gets an idea and brings James over to a shed he can use as an art studio. She thinks that he can get away from his family and his mistakes. When she admits that she used to bring Grady there, he guesses she's more interested in erasing her bad memories than in the pictures he draws. Phillip calls and tells his son that Alan has stopped the money from going through. Daisy tries to convince James not to turn back to his family. He tells her that his granddad doesn't stand a chance.


Back at the mansion, Alan is wondering if they should send James to military school. Phillip admits that he thought things would change when he came back. He has changed, but Alan is the same. "Maybe that bullet is the best thing that ever happened to you," Alan suggests. Phillip tells him not to tempt him to return the favor. They analyze each other. Lizzie calls to say that she has been arrested in Chicago. He advises her not to say anything and runs off.


At The Beacon, the banquet manager stares at Olivia and Nat before asking his boss where she got her shoes. They laugh. When they go outside, Natalia is excited to think about having Rafe home. Olivia claims that she is 'excited on the inside'. Natalia says that this doesn't mean that they can't be together; it will just be complicated. Her son just needs to be told in the right way at the right time, but she doesn't know when that would be.


In Company, Frank glumly stares at his plate. Buzz asks him what's wrong. Frank is worrying about Rafe, but he insists that he's not supporting Nat anymore. Olivia comes in and tells Frank that she and Natalia are grateful for what he's done. She offers him a drive to the hearing. He's not going. "I'm not a saint," he tells her. After she leaves, Frank is beating himself up over everything and Buzz is babbling about the dishwasher. "I am not going to the 'appliance store'!" Frank shouts. Buzz is confused.


Natalia is with her son at the courthouse. She adjusts his tie and talks all about what's next for him. The judge begins the hearing and asks for compelling evidence that Rafe would actually be better off at home. Nat says that her life is more stable than ever and she can give him a wonderful family. Olivia stands at the back of the room. The judge says there is still a problem: There is no strong male role model in Rafe's life. He makes it a condition of his release that he be provided with a male mentor. Frank walks in and agrees to take on that responsibility. The judge is satisfied and orders Rafe released. His mother kisses him and Rafe hugs Frank. Nat tells him that he's the best man she knows. They leave to sign paperwork and Olivia is left alone in the courtroom with Frank. She calls him a 'saint'. He refuses the title and says someone else could have been appointed. When he leaves to do paperwork, Olivia and Natalia hug. "I'm glad Gus' heart was here today," Olivia says. Rafe leaves with his mother and Olivia tells Frank that he must love Nat a lot. "It looks like I'm not the only one," he says.


Phillip arrives in Chicago and tells the cops that Bill and Lizzie had nothing to do with this scheme. He claims that he is in charge of the fund. After writing a check for the man complaining against Bill, the cops tell him to get comfortable because they still have a lot of questions. Phillip threatens to call his lawyers in and sue them for slander. As the cops agree to let them go, Bill asks Phillip what is going on. Phillip claims that the man was just crazy and it's easier to buy him off. He sends the couple off and remembers his son.


When James gets to the mansion, Alan informs him that his father has run off after a call from Lizzie. James is reluctant to listen to him but Alan points out that he is the only person with the power to save him. Alan is impressed by what he's done. When Phillip calls James, he won't pick up. Instead, he accepts a cigar from Alan.


Daisy goes into Company with a bunch of art supplies. They talk about all of her failed plans and she explains that it's James who is the artist. Buzz starts laughing, hugs her and tells her he loves her.


Next on Guiding Light:

Nat and Olivia realize that there may never be a good time to tell their kids about them.

Rafe is not ready for a lot of family time.

Lizzie doesn't know how anyone could rip people off at this time.

Phillip tells Beth it looks like he's destined to spend some time behind bars.

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