Maybe I Can Help?

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Phillip's plan to help his son falls apart, Bill gets punched out and Marina keeps the truth from Mallet.

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Dinah and Shayne go back to her place. He wants to take her out to Towers. She's proud of him for coming clean with Marina. When she asks him about Marina's reaction, he admits that she was shocked and may not even tell Mallet. Dinah doesn't seem pleased. He notices that the bed is covered in baby stuff. They nearly begin arguing, but he's not mad. She claims that she just bought this stuff to show that she supports his decision. He takes her hand and drags her off to lunch.


At Cedars, Mallet sees how upset Marina is and asks her what's wrong. Before she can explain, the nurse tells them that the doctor is ready to see them. They go into the office. She paces and he tries to reassure her. He wonders why someone would choose to donate anonymously. The doctor comes in and tells them that the transfusion was a success and Henry will be fine. They're thrilled.


Daisy sits outside of Company and looks at the picture James drew of her. When she tries to slip away, Blake corners her and quizzes her about the boy in her life. Daisy insists that they aren't together.


James arrives at Towers. His parents are waiting for him. "This can't be good," he says. His mother confronts him about what he did. James wonders if prison is better than dealing with his family. Phillip wants to help. James defends himself and claims that he never meant to hurt anyone but things got out of control. He doesn't want to listen to lectures from his father after everything that he did. Phillip admits that he hasn't been much of a father but he wants that to change. He's having a loan wired from China to pay off the debt. Everyone should be spared if this works out. James seems moved. Daisy walks in and watches them from across the room. James calls her over and tells her that he's not going to prison. She's happy; she's been there visiting enough times already. Daisy brings up his drawing and shows it to Beth. James is mortified but his parents are happy. Phillip leaves to take a call from the bank. There's a problem and the money hasn't been transferred. He tells his family that everything is fine and then asks Beth to leave with him. James asks Daisy to come over to his place so he can draw her. She tells him it was weird to see him with his parents. He's starting to think that his father may come through for him.


Daisy and James go back to his place. He tries to get her to pose for him. They flirt and leave to go swimming.


Phillip is back at the mansion arguing with his banker on the phone. "Millions of dollars are missing? That's a problem. Maybe I can help?" Alan suggests as he steps in, puffing on a cigar.


In Chicago, Lizzie rolls over in bed and notices that Bill isn't there. He's already dressed and tells her that they need to go and check out bands and cakes. She sits up and drops her blanket. He jumps back into bed. After sex, Lizzie laughs because this is all real and not a fantasy. "Are we going to keep it this hot when we are old and gray?" he asks. She says they better... but she wants to go and buy their china now.


Bill and Lizzie go out for a hot dog. As she eats, she bites on a ring that's been hidden inside. "I could have choked to death!" she yells. He pulls the ring out of the meat and puts it on her finger. When they stand up, a man confronts Bill after hearing his name. Bill is confused. The man punches him in the face. As he runs off, she yells for the police. A cop comes over and bothers them about littering.

They go down to the police station. The couple waits while the man rants to the cops. Lizzie wants to take Bill home and nurse him back to health. A cop comes to them after taking the man's statement. Detective Drummond arrives and tells them that he is investigating Bill for securities fraud.


Dinah and Shayne go to Company and eat fries and onion rings. She giggles as he laughs and stuffs his face. Dinah starts to wonder if Marina has told Mallet yet. He insists that it is Marina's choice. Mallet and Marina walk in with the baby. Mallet happily begins ordering beer. They explain that the transfusion worked and everything is great. Mallet only hopes that the donor knows how much they helped. Marina tells him how proud Henry will be of him. They drink beer and Shayne slips into the corner for a moment with Marina. She thanks him for everything he's done but insists that Mallet is all Henry will ever need. Back at the table, Mallet thanks Dinah for being so helpful and hopeful. Marina and Shayne return and they all toast to Henry.


Shayne and Dinah go back to her place and he packs up the kids stuff to give to charity. She wonders if he will change his mind but he insists he won't. Dinah doesn't think that she could stay away. Knowing that he has a good family is enough for Shayne. They hug.


Mallet and Marina take Henry home and put him to sleep. He asks her what she wanted to tell him before. She says no. "Henry is a miracle and he's safe. No one will ever try taking him away from us again," she says.


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In Chicago, Bill is questioned about the ponze scheme.

"The sharks are circling. They smell Lewis blood," Alan tells Phillip.

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