Everything's Changed

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

Dinah is attacked. Reva tries to say goodbye. Tammy tries to comfort Jonathan.

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Cassie tries to tell Josh that things have changed

Dinah is waiting for the valet to fetch her car, but he doesn't seem to be coming. We can see that someone is lurking a few feet away from her. They begin to come out of the shadows, but only vanish again when Harley appears. Dinah congratulates her on her pregnancy and then Harley gives her the scoop on all the bad news in town before worrying about getting everything ready for Halloween. She takes Dinah over to her house where they discover it is already decked out for the holiday. Harley leaves Dinah there for a moment and the lurker appears again. Soon, Dinah is attacked by a figure in a mask with a knife. Harley manages to jump on the attacker, who struggles free and runs off as Harley's kids walk in. She tries to explain to them that it was just their neighbor playing a trick. Dinah catches her breath and Harley discovers that the assailant dropped their phone on the floor. It contains a slew of photos from the blogger. Harley's furious that the blogger has come to attack her in her home and tells Dinah to look after the kids while she brings the evidence to the station.

Moments later, Mallet, in his Tarzan costume, sneaks up on Dinah who spills fake blood all over him. She makes fun of his costume and he tells her that Marina got it for him. She takes out a knife and offers to cut it off of him just as some children come to the door and run away screaming at the sight of them. Dinah starts trying to clean him up as Gus and Harley return. They offer Mallet some pants and he offers Dinah a ride home. They leave and Gus is upset that he wasn't there earlier to help. Harley tells him not to worry: Compared to everyone else, they're doing pretty well. She gets a call from the hospital. It turns out that they mixed up the test results and she's not really pregnant. Gus tries to tell her that it's okay and they'll try again. Mallet takes Dinah back to Jeffrey's apartment. She says that Jeffrey is out and asks him to come in for a drink. When she opens the door, they discover Jeffrey standing there and Mallet excuses himself before running off. Dinah stands in the hallway sadly looking out for him.

Josh, Billy and Cassie are gathered around Reva while she's unconscious. Cassie gets a call from Tammy asking her what's going on. She gives her the sad news and Tammy wonders if Jonathan knows. Cassie tells her that he's known for sometime but no one's been able to find him. Reva wakes and calls Cassie over. She and Josh sit on either side of her and she makes them promise to look after each other and try to make a family together. Cassie tells her sister that she can't go, she's 'the heart of the family.' Reva shakes her head and joins their hands together; they need each other now.

Sitting in the corridor, Billy tells Josh that he always thought that Reva would tell him. He didn't know she would be able to keep it up this long. He always wanted to call him, but Reva wouldn't allow it. Then, with difficulty, he tells Josh that Reva never stopped loving him; that she kept his picture by the bed and only thought of making him happy. He really wanted to marry her, but he knew that she could never actually go through with it. Cassie interrupts them with coffee. She's been trying to get a hold of Marah and Shayne with little success.

Tammy calls Jonathan and he instantly asks her if Reva's gone. He's surprised to find out that she's 'survived' and hangs up before rushing over to the hospital. Jonathan arrives, already distraught, and annoyed that Josh and Cassie are there. Josh says that he understands why Jonathan has treated he and Cassie the way he has. Jonathan only tells them that they shouldn't be there; it wasn't supposed to be this way. Cassie tells him that she's glad that, at least, he was there for Reva. Josh says to a worried Cassie that they need to talk; he's the one who has to tell the kids and not her. After some time trying to track them down, he becomes frustrated. They are in some remote location that's difficult to contact. Then, Father Ray arrives and Josh gets even more agitated. Billy says that he called the father, but Josh insists that it's too soon. Billy tries to clam him down and lets Father Ray go in to sit with Reva. She asks him to say a prayer with her so that her family will find peace.

Josh tries to convince Cassie that nothing has changed between them, even with what's happened tonight. Cassie can't accept this and insists that 'everything has changed.' A nurse brings them Reva's jewelry and Josh refuses to take it. Cassie accepts it and places Reva's wedding rings in Josh's hand. He stares down at the rings blankly while Cassie cries.

Jonathan has gone down to the chapel and Tammy finds him there. She tells him that she can't stop thinking about him and the fact that he doesn't have anyone to look after him. He tells her that Lizzie's known for as long as he has. She asks if she should call Lizzie, but he says 'no' and starts crying in her arms. She tries to convince him that Reva could still get better, but he gave up hope for that a long time ago. She's just trying to sell happy endings where there aren't any. He's in the chapel because he's angry at God for taking his mother away and making him a father when he doesn't want to be. Tammy tries to tell him that he and Reva were meant to go through this together so that they could realize how much they mean to each other. He tells her that he can't believe in anything without her. 'I'm here now,' she says.

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