Olivia Got Drunk And Fell On Your Grave.

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Phillip wants to help his son, James gets another idea, Mallet questions Jeffrey and Olivia and Natalia try to timetable their relationship.

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Phillip calls his son to tell him that he's trying to buy him a bit of time. He's applying for a grant at the bank. Looking at the paper, he notices that Edmund is dead. When he meets with the bank manager, he discovers that his loan has been denied. Phillip is shocked. The manager reminds him that he has a criminal record and is high risk.


Daisy and James are by the water skipping rocks. He's tired of running away without going anywhere. She asks 'Richie Rich' if he's changed his mind. They sit in the park and he begins sketching. She mocks his drawing. He teasingly tells her that he only draws nudes and asks her to take her clothes off. Daisy wonders what his escape plans were and asks him if they would have been in danger. He shows her the picture he drew instead of explaining. They wander to the mansion and she asks him again what he did. She lists her crimes and asks to hear his. He tells her about his ponzi scheme and how it has gone wrong since the market fell. His father promised to help him, but he seems too busy with Lizzie. "So you're a white collar gangster?" she asks. He just wanted a way to run away from his family. She suggests he come up with a new scam and jokingly offers her the change in her car. He gets an idea. They walk down to the garage and he shows her Alan's vintage car. He's sure that if he can sell it, he could buy his way out of trouble.


Lizzie and Bill are trying to pick a wedding date. He promises to be there at whatever date she chooses.


Phillip runs into his daughter in the stables. She finds the stuffed unicorn that Edmund gave her when she was sick in the hospital. Lizzie talks about how Edmund made her understand cancer; he wasn't always bad. Phillip is sure that she is the only person in town with anything positive to say about him. Cancer taught her things a little girl shouldn't know, she explains. It also made her stronger and braver. Her father tells her that she will have the best wedding.


Lizzie and Bill meet up on the grounds. He tells her that he has a wedding date planned – in the fall. They kiss.

At the station, Mallet is making up his homicide board. Edmund was killed with a blunt object to the head. Frank needs to prepare for Rafe's hearing.


Nat and Olivia are at The Beacon. Olivia tells her they need to act normal and wipes the remains of Nat's lunch off her face. The banquet manager comes in to announce that the hall has been double booked. Olivia's about to explode but Nat admits it is her fault. Olivia brushes it off. After he leaves, Nat wonders why she let her off like that when she screwed up. "I can't work here if you're going to give me special treatment," Natalia says. Olivia claims she can keep her personal and business lives separate.


They meet up in the park after leaving the building in a way that no one would see them. Olivia suggests they need a timetable for how they explain their relationship to people. Natalia admits she's afraid of everything. Olivia's scared too. "But that's how I know it's worth it," she says. They sit at a picnic table and joke around until Frank wanders over. He explains that Rafe has a hearing next week. She thanks him for arranging it. If the hearing goes well, Rafe could be released from the half-way house. He wishes them a good day and leaves. They hug and then head back to Nat's.


James sells Alan's car. Daisy's impressed. He explains that he will be using this to patch things up and keep his scheme up and running. She wants to help him, not for money, but just to help him. He kisses her.


At Cross Creek, Jeffrey is worried that Reva's not more concerned that she was seen with Edmund before he died. "Why don't you just come out and ask me: Did I kill Edmund Winslow?" she prompts. She wonders if he has been investigating her. He hasn't. She explains that Edmund wasn't back to hurt anyone physically. He had evidence against them so she cut a deal with him. None of this makes much sense to Jeffrey. Mallet interrupts their argument. He wants to ask them some questions. They talk about babies and then Edmund. They give him their alibi and the baby starts crying. As she leaves to see Colin, Mallet continues questioning Jeffrey though he doesn't have much to say. Mallet wants to question Reva, but Jeffrey is defensive. Jeffrey insists that everyone is safer now that Edmund is gone.


Meanwhile, Reva cradles the baby and tells him that she would do anything for him; she just hates lying to Jeffrey. When he walks in, he watches her sing to the baby. He sits with her and tells her that they need to get their stories straight. She thinks she should tell him the truth. He points out that there are holes in her story.


Mallet returns to the station and pins Reva to the top of his board of suspects.


Phillip and Beth meet in the graveyard looking at his tombstone. He's thought more of Edmund today than he did when he was alive. Beth remembers being married to him. She tells him that he is not like Edmund. "James is in trouble," he says, explaining their son's ponzi scheme. Philip promises that he will help him, unlike the way his father used to pit him against his brother. He asks her how his funeral was. "It was great. Olivia got drunk and fell on your grave," she says. They laugh and hold hands.


Next on Guiding Light:

Alan tells Phillip to reign his son in.

James and Daisy meet with an investor who demands to see Bill.

Lizzie and Bill start to prepare the wedding.

Dinah thinks it's strange that the police haven't talked to her... and that Shayne is limping.

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