Edmund's Dead.

Monday, May 18th, 2009

The townspeople react after Remy pulls Edmund's corpse out of the water.

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Remy spots a body in the stream. He runs down and drags it to the shore. After rolling him over, we see that it's Edmund. Remy attempts to revive him but there is no response. He calls for an ambulance. Mallet soon arrives. "It's Edmund Winslow," he surmises before asking Remy for details about finding the body. Remy is still shaking. The other cops arrive and begin investigating. Remy is eager to leave but Mallet needs him for a few more minutes. He asks Remy if he is looking for work and says a spot is open on the squad. Remy offers to think about it. He steps aside as the CSI people do their work. Still holding Edmund's jacket, he notices a small bag in the pocket. Opening it up, he finds that it's full of diamonds.


At Cross Creek, Jeffrey puts a blanket on Reva as she sleeps. He watches her until she wakes up. She's eager to tell everyone that she is cancer free. Jeffrey already told Josh; he stopped by, worried that Edmund was on the loose. She begins worrying and dressing, anxious to talk to Josh.


Josh sits alone in the church. When he goes outside, Reva hurries up to him and tells him the news about her cancer. Jeffrey approaches as they talk about how relieved she is to be in remission. Josh says she's indestructible and the world's a better place for it. "Sometimes," she teases. They discuss Edmund. Josh claims that he's not going to hurt anyone now. Reva worries about how disheveled he seems to be. Jeffrey thinks she shouldn't be walking around alone right now. She refuses to stop living her life. "I beat cancer! I want us to live a normal life," she says. Josh agrees; they all need to go back to living their lives.


Shayne returns to his room with a six pack before heading over to The Beacon. Dinah gets out of the shower in her room. Shayne comes to the door. "I'm so sorry," he whispers to her as he comes in. They kiss. After sex, he apologizes for being stupid. They talk about Henry and how he reminds him of Lara. Things go through his head that he can't explain. She feels connected to the child too, but this is his decision and she will support whatever it is. If she loves him, she has to trust that he'll do the right thing for himself. Mallet calls and tells her that they fished Edmund out of the water. When she tells Shayne, he jumps. "I don't even know what to say about that," he says. She suggests that it might be a good thing. He's not so convinced but she is sure that Edmund would always be a threat to them.


Back at the crime scene, Mallet notices that Remy is holding Edmund's trench coat. He gives it up for evidence and then explains that he and Christina heard voices while they were having their picnic. Mallet admits that this doesn't look like it was an accident and asks him to have Christina call him. After Mallet walks off, Remy takes another look at the diamonds before pocketing them.

Josh gets a call about Edmund from Shayne. He tells Jeffrey and Reva. Jeffery is shocked and begins asking questions. Reva wants to talk to her son. Josh explains that he wants to be alone right now and thinks they should all stay out of this. She begins to panic, claiming she dropped Colin's blanket. She hurries off to the park and skirts around the crime scene. Jeffrey and Josh are left to check each other's stories. Jeffrey tells him that they appreciate all of his help, but they don't need him watching over them anymore. "Take care of Reva. She's going to need it," Josh advises.


Mallet and the CSI team go over the scene and then load up the body. As Edmund is taken away, Mallet spots Reva lurking around the scene.


Remy goes home and apologizes to Christina for being late. He explains what happened and she helps him out of his wet shirt. He says that Mallet needs to talk to her. She orders him to have a warm shower while she makes him soup. "Whatever is going on out there, you make it better," he tells her. After his shower, he says that she will make an amazing doctor some day. She tells him that the best things sometimes fall into your lap. "I think you're right," he says with a smile as he holds the diamonds in his hand.


At Dinah's, Shayne worries that his parents must be freaking out. He's also worries that she seems so detached, particularly since she loved Edmund once. "He did horrible things over and over again," she says. She doesn't want to talk about this again. He asks her if she thinks he killed him. She doesn't care; as long as he's gone, she's happy. They go to see his parents and he tells her that, no matter what happens, "It's you and me." It means a lot to him that she is so devoted to him. His phone rings. He has to meet Mallet at Cedars.


Shayne arrives at the morgue to identify Edmund's body. He's quiet as he looks at the body and then finally confirms it is really him. He asks to be left alone for a minute. Mallet strolls down the corridor. Dinah is waiting and wants to ask him a question. The CSI guy calls him away and informs him that Edmund was dead before he hit the water.


Reva hurries home and tells Jeffrey that she couldn't find the blanket. She went down to the water to make sure that Edmund is dead. "It's all real Reva," he tells her. He promises that their troubles are really over.


Next on Guiding Light:

Remy has an idea of how to help his father.

Mallet questions Shayne.

Reva and Josh argue over what to do with their children.

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