Bond With James.

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

James looks for a way to escape, Shayne and Josh get a shock in Italy and Dinah tries to keep her mouth shut.

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Josh and Shayne are in Italy. They haven't been able to get a hold of Roc. Josh isn't leaving until he sees Edmund in person. He thanks his son for coming along with him. Shayne says he understands the impulse to protect his family. He's finally realized that he's not the center of the universe. There's something he wants to tell his father, but, before he can, the phone rings. It's a hospital. They were told that he would want updates on 'the patient', Edmund. "He's not expected to make it through the night," Josh explains to his son as he gets off the phone.


Jeffrey arrives at Cross Creek with bagels and coffee. They are supposed to meet with Shayne and Dinah. Reva shows him a toy she's thinking of getting for the baby. She's surprised that he's been ordering 'ethically made' toys. He promises that they can make up for everything she's missed out on so far. Outside, Dinah gets a message to say that she has no messages. She goes inside and tells them that she and Shayne fought and now he's vanished. Reva asks her to stay and talk about it. They begin chatting, although most of it is talking to avoid talking about things. Marina arrives, looking for Dinah and Shayne. She tells everyone that the baby's blood transfusion worked. Reva begins admiring Henry's eyes. They talk about how a crisis makes you love your kids more and Marina worries about whether she loves her son enough. Dinah sits uncomfortably while they talk. Jeffrey thinks that all medical records should be made available to adoptive parents. Dinah jumps up and announces she has to go. Marina tells her she feels like Coop was looking out for his namesake. "I do believe that there's a reason Henry is here in Springfield," Dinah says. She walks out and Reva catches her at the door. Reva tells her that she thinks that she is good for Shayne and hopes that it works out for them.


Back in Italy, Shayne and Josh go to the hospital. When the nurse shows them the patient, they're shocked to see that it's not Edmund – it's Roc Hoover. Josh calls Jeffrey and tells him that they have a problem.


At the mansion, James and Phillip are talking about his scam. Phillip thinks that time is still on their side. Lizzie interrupts them and asks her brother when he's actually moving in. "I'd rather move in under the bridge," he says. His sister is getting used to living at the mansion again since Bill moved in. Her father suggests that she and Bill go to Chicago for a few days to check out a band.


At Company, Daisy is trying to plan the new menu with her grandfather. Buzz senses she has something on her mind. He begins teasing her about James. "I'm not the kind of girl he usually likes," she says. He likes her because his family doesn't. Besides, she finds him kind of boring. "Should I be protecting James Spaulding from you?" he jokes. James calls. He asks her why she changed her name from Susan. He's never had a nickname and wonders if he should change his name. When she asks him what he's trying to cover up, he covers that up and hangs up. Buzz continues teasing his granddaughter. She complains about how often the Coopers and the Spauldings get together and how it never works out. Buzz tells her to go with her gut. "I like him, but I do not like his family," she says.


In the mansion, Lizzie tells her father that she's glad to have her brother around, even if he is a pain in the neck. Phillip's glad that they get along better than he and Alan-Michael ever did. "I think he's not interested in business or money at all," she says. He slips into the office and makes some calls. She overhears him talking about Bill. He tells her that he is looking out for her and Bill too.


Daisy finds James sitting outside of Company trying to order a plane ticket. He discovers his cards have been canceled. He tells her that he's been stabbed in the back by one of the Spauldings. She takes his hand and offers to help. James didn't want to be like anyone in his family. They always try to leave and fail; they always go back for more. He had a plan to escape but it's fallen apart. "I was stupid to think I could change anything," he says. She offers to get him some money to escape. "Do you have enough for two? I want you to come with me," he suggests. She wonders if he is serious. He is; he wants to be independent and wants her to be with him. "No," she says.


Back at the mansion, Lizzie is watching the financial channels and catching up on the business news. Phillip is relieved to learn that the latest scandal doesn't involve them. He worries and explains to her that he came back for all of his kids. He was focused on her because she had problems but... "Go, go bond with James," she encourages. Things aren't that simple, he explains; he feels like he has to juggle things with them and may hurt one of them by accident.


Marina shows up at Dinah's. From the way that Dinah was acting before, she assumed something must be wrong and can guess what it is. "Do you mean Shayne?" Dinah asks. Marina thinks she and Shayne must have had a fight and offers to talk to him. Dinah claims things will be fine.


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