You Are Hired!

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Bill and Lizzie try to plan the wedding, Phillip wants to help his son and Remy looks for ways to help his father and Christina.

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Phillip is shocked when James tells him that he's running a ponze scheme. He explains that he borrowed Bill's name to front the business. James insists that he didn't steal anything and is trying to pay everyone back. "You probably think I should be proud of you, but I'm not!" Phillip shouts. James points out that he isn't technically responsible for anything - Bill is. He was Lizzie's loser ex at the time he stole his name and he thought it was no big deal. James hopes there is still a chance to find a fix. Phillip reminds him of how many people will suffer because of this. His son tries to walk away but Phillip refuses to let him. He thought he was too smart for this. "I'm a chip off the old block," James says. He's talking about Alan, not his father. James just wanted to make his own money. His father doesn't understand. "I was trying to buy my way out of being a Spaulding!" James shouts. He is sick of seeing how pathetic the family is. Phillip offers to hire him an attorney. That's not what James had in mind. He turns his back on him.


Inside the mansion, Bill and Lizzie are kissing and talking about being engaged. Alan intrudes on the moment and tells Bill that, soon, he'll have nothing but memories left. Bill promises that they will learn to bond. He grouchily sits at the table and Bill accuses him of not wanting her happy with anyone. Lizzie stops their bickering. She wants to get Vanessa involved with the wedding planning and reminds her grandfather that he was once engaged to her. Ashlee arrives. They realize that she is the wedding planner that they hired (she started her own business). Ashlee is confident that she can do a good job for them. Lizzie reminds her that the last time she was at a Spaulding wedding, she shot Alan. "You are hired!" Bill shouts.


Christina runs into Company and tells Buzz that she just got an appointment with the loan people but Marina can't go. Buzz offers to go in her place instead and they excitedly hurry off. They sit in the office and wait. He tells her about the Fifth Street Diner and the dreams he used to have. The agent arrives and tells Christina that her business plan is very impressive but there are no hard numbers, just estimates. They leave disappointed. Buzz says this is a travesty. Christina vows to fight on and become a successful business woman.


Daisy runs into James outside of Company. She asks him what's wrong. "I'm still upset they canceled 'Arrested Development'," he jokes. Taking her hand, he offers to show her a card trick. It doesn't work. She asks him what's really wrong. He can't tell her; it's too dangerous. "I'm scared. Oh the humanity!" he mockingly cries. She can never tell when he's joking. He claims that he's always joking.


Back at the mansion, Alan prods his son for letting his children flounder. He still wants to stop Lizzie's 'ridiculous' marriage but offers to take care of James. "I'll make him appreciate being a Spaulding, just like I did with you," he says. Phillip points out how badly that worked for him. He goes into the library and hears Lizzie and Bill arguing. He approaches as Lizzie accuses Bill of using the company to hurt the family. Phillip is confused. They're talking about hiring Ashlee. "Just the thought of your wedding planner having shot Alan really brightened my day," Phillip says, but he tells Bill that he should let his daughter have her way. After he walks away, the couple keeps bickering.


Blake walks in as Lizzie and Bill are making paper airplanes. She just came by to congratulate them and bring them a house-warming gift. They don't have a house. They can't even agree on how to plan the wedding let alone what happens after. Lizzie explains that she is nervous about the idea of Ashlee planning a wedding. Blake leaves them her card and walks out. Lizzie agrees to back down and let Ashlee plan the wedding.


James wanders over to his grandfather in the yard and asks him for a cigar. Alan thinks he's a little young to smoke. Phillip watches as his son gives his business pitch to Alan. He runs over and claims that this is just a joke. Dragging his son away, he tells him that he will thank him for this. Phillip orders him to stay away from Alan. James is sure that he would be proud of him. Phillip repeats that he can count on him and they can find a way to work this out.


At Towers, Ashlee is going over wedding ideas with Lizzie. "I don't want to take any of this for granted," Lizzie says.


At Towers, Remy probes his father for details about his investments and asks him how he ended up involved. Clayton was referred by a friend. Everything is done by computer but he had to call them the other day. "It's like they'd never even heard of me," he says. Taking out a laptop, they check his account and Remy tells him that it might just be a temporary glitch. Clayton broods. He admits that his 401K was doing nothing so he put everything in this. He asks his son to keep this between them. "You can count on me Dad," Remy says. He has a friend who might be able to help. Clayton thanks him and tells him he's been a good son.


Remy returns to Company. Christina tells him that she was turned down for her loan. She puts on a brave face but admits that she worries this will be her second failure in a row. When she leaves to take a call, he walks out and runs into one of his old poker friends. He invites him to a game.


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