Confronting the Truth

Monday, October 30th, 2006

Josh confronts Reva and Billy. Ava tries to get more information out of Olivia.

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Josh and Cassie can't believe they didn't know

Buzz tells Coop that he's finished trying to bring Ava and Olivia together. He's realized that they'll get together on their own terms. Coop says that he's crazy if he believes that. Buzz goes on to point out that he's made mistakes with his kids and things went all right. 'You didn't try to kill any of us though,' Coop says. Then, Tammy, Cassie and RJ walk in looking for ice cream and coffee. Cassie asks Tammy to come to Paris with her to see Marah and help her break the news about her and Josh. Tammy says 'no thanks.'

Ava bursts in on Olivia demanding to know the truth about her father. Olivia isn't interested in talking and forces her out. Ava returns, finding her on the balcony and continues to demand answers. Olivia repeats that Ava's father was just a guy who took advantage of her. Ava can't believe her though, Olivia has lied so much in the past that nothing she says is convincing anymore. Ava goes back in and begins searching through Olivia's things for any trace of information about her father. Olivia tells her that she should forget all about this; she already has one parent that she hates, she doesn't need another. Ava doesn't think she'd hate her father, but Olivia thinks she's fooling herself. Ava thinks that if she goes looking, she'll find a fairytale, but there was really only rape. Ava goes to the door and thanks Olivia for putting her up for adoption so that she couldn't have been raised by her. She leaves, vowing to find her father, believing that 'he can't be any worse than you.'

Buzz comes knocking on Olivia's door and tries to comfort her. She just wants everything with Ava to go away, but he tries to convince her that people can change and she should try and work through it all. No matter what, he still loves her. He goes on to tell her that, if he can help her get through all of this, he'll finally have her all to himself. While he speaks, she goes into the bathroom and hides her St. Jude's necklace before climbing into his arms. Once she's gone to sleep, Buzz goes into the bathroom and accidentally discovers the necklace.

Ava goes to see Alan-Michael for help. She asks him if she's an idiot for wanting to find her father, but he understands. Even if what she finds is awful, knowing the truth will set her free. His offer to help her find her father still stands, she kisses his cheek and thanks him before leaving.

Josh rushes to the hospital demanding to see Reva. He's stunned to find her in bed hooked up tp machines. Slowly, she opens her eyes and asks if it's really him. He wants to know what's wrong with her, but she insists that she's fine and he should go. Billy tries to get Josh to calm down while Reva tells him that he shouldn't have called his brother. Billy wants to tell Josh everything, but Reva won't let him. She insists that Billy is there to look after her now so Josh can leave. Billy takes Josh into the hall while he continues to demand information. Billy reluctantly begins to tell him all fo the details of her illness; how long it's been going on; everyone that's known; all the treatments. Josh can't understand why he was never told. Billy tells him that things were moving too fast and were just getting worse; she was trying to put him first. When he tries to go back in to see her, Billy stops him and Josh punches him in the face to get him out of the way. Returning to her bedside, she realizes that he knows everything and he needs to know why he wasn't told. He sits down beside her while she explains that she didn't want it this way. He reminds her that he had promised to love her till death and all she's done is cut him out. Her answer is that she's done everything the way she has because she loved him. He thinks this is 'crap' and accuses her of destroying their marriage, stating that this is 'the most selfish thing' that she's ever done. She tells him that he can put it on her gravestone. 'I didn't want the cancer to take your life too.' He would have done anything to help her get well, but Reva says 'it wouldn't have made any difference' in the end; she'd still be dying, he should be with Cassie now.

At that moment, Cassie appears in the doorway and witnesses Josh declaring that he's not going anywhere. She's horrified when she sees Reva laying in the bed and asks what's going on. Josh takes her out and explains everything to her. They wonder how they could never have figured it out before. All the signs were there. Josh refuses to believe that she will die and vows to get every specialist he can to come to her. Billy sits by Reva and asks her to forgive him for calling Josh and Cassie. She says that she has one last favor to ask of him. Billy interrupts Josh and Cassie to ask them back into the room. Cassie tells Reva that she is 'impossible' and should have told her. They exchange 'I love you's and Cassie begins crying, promising Reva that she will never be alone. Josh calls her out and tells her that they have to get the whole family there. Cassie says that she'll handle that, he should be by Reva's side. He sits down with her again and sees that she is wearing all of their wedding rings around her neck. He asks her why she kept them. She closes her eyes.

Next on GL: Marina and Mallet go out for Halloween. Harley has bad news. Everyone gathers at Reva's bedside.

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