Marriage Deserves Us.

Friday, May 1st, 2009

James confronts his father about Grady, Shayne and Dinah arrive at the park and Bill and Lizzie decide to elope.

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At the park, Lizzie asks Bill to tell her that this is real. It is – he proposed and she accepted. She loves him and the fact that they will spend the rest of their lives together. "Marriage deserves us," he says. She yells to people that they are getting married. He suggests they tell her family. "No... I want to elope," she decides.


Ashlee and her new friend Jackie bump into James and Daisy.


Shayne is enthusiastically dragging Dinah round the park. She's less enthusiastic; she grew up in a place like this. Remy and Christina walk over, surprised to see them. Dinah drags Remy away to get a soda and complains about how stressed she is waiting for the results of the DNA test. He tells her to relax. She returns to Shayne and he explains that he wants to take her to 'Family Reunion'. She's not happy to learn that he's brought her there to fix things with her brother. "I'm doing this for us," he says, banning her from cotton candy until she calls her brother. She tries calling but gets voicemail.


Shayne and Dinah wander around and run into a lost little boy. Shayne tells him that Dinah specializes in kids coming together with parents so everything will be alright. They bring him to the security guard and then he spots his mom. She thanks them and they walk away. "It makes me happy to see kids be where they belong," Dinah says. She eats cotton candy and her phone rings. The DNA results are back. She calls Remy and asks if she should go back and get them. He says they'll be there whenever she goes back and she should stay if she's having fun.


Christina asks Remy why Dinah seems so serious. He asks her not to put him in an awkward position. They go down by the water and kiss. They're interrupted by a text message from Dinah. They try to resume. A volleyball hits them. It's from Daisy and Ashlee. They call them onto the beach to play. After they play for awhile, Remy pulls Christina into the sand and they make out until the girls walk away.


Alan is looking at the map and asking his Woody Woodpecker doll what they should do next. Phillip and Beth approach and he tells them that he's been having a good time dumping water on children. Alan wanders off and bumps into James. He asks him if he's worried about Daisy and her obsession for her loser boyfriend. Alan hints that you can't find someone who is no longer around. James assumes he hired a hit man to get rid of him. Alan explains that he had nothing to do with it. "Dad took care of Grady?" James guesses. He claims not to believe him and walks away.


Remy and Christina swim. She thinks he's turned into a 'mush ball' since they've been down there. He enjoys just hanging out with her. They relax by the pool. She thinks she should call her friends. He tells her just to go with the flow and tells her that he likes the new, relaxed Christina better than the old one. Christina dumps her cold drink on him and he yelps.


Beth and Phillip walk by the "Horror Make Up Show" and she asks him about his time taking part in the show there. They briefly recall when Alan-Michael was down there and then discuss their son.


Phillip runs into his son. "Have you gotten rid of any of Lizzie's kidnappers today?" James asks. He questions him about Grady. Phillip stutters. "Now I'm going to need you to get rid of someone for me," James says. Phillip doesn't like his sense of humor. James wants him to take care of Alan. He challenges his father to fix things. Phillip says this joke is going too far and begins yelling. His son continues to taunt him and accuses him only being there to help Lizzie. "I've gotta knock off your grandfather to prove to you that I love you as much as your sister?" Phillip asks. "That would be a start," James says.


Alan tells Beth that her daughter keeps ignoring his text messages. She reminds him that no one wants to spend time with him. He's still determined to keep Bill out of the family. As they walk along the boulevard, they spot Ashlee and Daisy. "Oh! The two girls who tried to shoot me!" Alan says. The girls giggle and run off to find James.

Ashlee and Daisy run into Jackie. Daisy gives them time alone. He gets Ashlee's email and they walk off arm in arm.


Daisy and James look at the water. He likes places like this because they make everyone seem the same. She suggests he came down just to see his family. He claims he's only there because it beats going to class. They spot Alan and Phillip on top of the mountain. "Is he going to do it?" James wonders.


Bill and Lizzie have returned to Springfield. They go to the Bauer cabin. He calls around for a justice of the peace but it will be a few hours before one can come. They make out on the couch. After sex, she leaves to pick flowers.


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