We're Taking Your Mother's Broom.

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Bill tries to give Lizzie the childhood she never had, Dinah wonders what to do about the baby and Alan announces that the family is going to Florida.

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Bill surprises Lizzie by revealing that they are in Universal Studios. She's thrilled; this is somewhere she's always wanted to go. He knows that they have been taking things slow, but when they get through with her few perfect days of childhood, he wants her to be his. They hurry into the park. He tells her that she is a little kid and gets her dressed up in tourist gear and has her sit in a child's chariot. He pushes her around and over to the Kid Zone. She's afraid of the roller coaster so they go to "Fievel's Playland." They run around, eat pizza, pretzels and popcorn. After she shoots balls at him, they run off and play with water guns and get soaked. He promises to win her prizes and they rush off to the games.


At the mansion, Alex asks her brother how long he is going to continue hating his son. He insists that he doesn't; they just have a complicated relationship. When everyone realizes that he is the head of this family, he will let Phillip out of Ravenwood. Alex wonders how long it will take him to figure out that he isn't the center of the universe.


Remy, Christina, Ashlee and Daisy are sitting at Company. They're talking about the party. Daisy doesn't want to go, claiming that she has to work anyway, but she gives them a few cents for a card.


Buzz and Frank are blowing up balloons for Henry's party. Mallet and Marina are also decorating. The guests begin arriving. They gather around the baby and play with him.


James runs into his mother at The Beacon. She wants him to stay with her, not at the mansion. He's more comfortable somewhere where he has his own bathroom and walks off. After he's gone, she tries to open the door and discovers that she has been evicted from her room. The manager shows her the paperwork and she realizes who was behind this. She leaves angrily.


Dinah and Shayne return to her room. When she checks her voicemail, she gets a message about Henry's adoption party. Shayne thinks they should go. They go to the mini mart on the way. He thinks they should buy the baby a present and jokingly suggests some soap or motor oil. She spots Remy and wanders over to him. He's wondering what kind of card to get. Dinah isn't sure he should be getting a card at all - there may be a problem with the adoption. She tells him about the nun she met and what she was told. It looks like the baby is Shayne and Lara's. Shayne walks over so they change the subject and Remy makes himself scarce.


Back at Company, Daisy walks to the bar. James arrives and grabs her phone. He reads through her messages and asks her to invite him to her family party. Alan pops up and asks his grandson out for lunch so they can talk business. James looks for a way out. Daisy tells Alan that James has to work at Company while she is celebrating the adoption with her family. She instructs him on busing tables and then leaves James there. Alan can't believe he just let her do that. He tries calling Lizzie but only gets Bill, who tells him that he is in Florida and hangs up. Alan turns and tells James that they are all going down there to stop Bill from becoming a negative influence on Lizzie. James turns his offer down and walks into the kitchen. Daisy is there. She offers to take him to her family party but he says he'll stay there and look after the place. "Now you owe me," he says with a smile. After Daisy leaves, Alan begins reading his grandson the brochure for Universal Studios and insists that they all go down there as a family.


Shayne and Dinah go over to the Coopers'. She's hesitant to go in but Mallet comes out and invites them in. Dinah and Shayne say hi to the baby and then slip off to the kitchen. He tells her that saying goodbye to Lara was exactly what he needed. When she sees Remy slip away with the baby to change a diaper, she follows him upstairs. In the bedroom, she tells him that this situation is crazy and she doesn't know what to do. Remy suggests that she get some DNA so she can find out if the baby is really Shayne's. Dinah uses the baby's pacifier to get a sample.


Downstairs, Christina, Daisy and Ashlee are bored. Shayne walks out into the backyard and has a beer with Marina. He asks her why the investigation was dropped. She admits it was because she blackmailed the CPS agent.


When James gets home, Beth angrily walks in to lash out at Alan for having her evicted. He claims he wasn't trying to punish her. She belongs in the mansion with the family and he needs her help bringing Lizzie home. She agrees to go only so she can stop him from interfering. James asks if they can take the jet. "No, we're taking your mother's broom," Alan says.


Next on Guiding Light:

Rick tells Phillip about how a friend of his used to break out.

Dinah takes the DNA to the lab.

Lizzie tells Bill her fantasy.

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