I Don't Really Like Blindfolds Anymore.

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Bill takes Lizzie away, Olivia and Natalia have dinner, the nun tells Dinah about Lara and the Coopers celebrate the adoption.

I Don't Really Like Blindfolds Anymore. image

Alan shows up at Cedars and asks Lillian if she's seen Lizzie. She says he's still away with Bill. He slips off to call around but decides he'll give her some more time to call him back.


Olivia can hardly believe that she is sitting in church with Natalia. Nat is sure that God still loves her and wants her to be happy. She's glad that, even if Rafe is gone, she still has the rest of her family with her. Olivia wonders what happens next. "We should take some time and think about it," Nat says. Emma walks up and tells them that she's hungry. They leave for spaghetti.


They go over to Towers. The women are awkward. Reading the menu, they admit how strange they feel. Stumbling over their words, they start to laugh. When Emma joins them, she tells them they should be holding hands... to say grace. They do so and then start talking business, dry cleaning and money. Emma announces that her friend asked her over to spend the night. Her mother agrees to let her go. Emma runs off to be with her friend. When dinner ends, Natalia offers to take Olivia home. Alan walks in and asks who Emma left with. Olivia tells her that she'll be fine. Alan worries. Natalia asks him if he's alright. He's not. He explains that his son is having a psychiatric evaluation. That sounds like a good idea to Olivia. He walks away. "Well, that was nice," Natalia says.


Natalia walks Olivia to her door. "Do you want to come in?" Olivia asks. Nat says that they had a nice normal night and if she comes in, that will change. Holding hands, they say goodnight and Olivia closes the door. Both women smile.


"I don't really like blindfolds anymore," Lizzie reminds Bill as he takes her outside. When he takes the blindfold off, he reveals a tropical pool and tells her they have a busy day ahead of them. They get changed and sit by the pool until a car comes to take Lizzie to a spa. After they have their massages, he teases her about how good his was and she pushes him into the pool. He swims around and then comes up with a water pistol and sprays her. She relaxes and he promises her that she will be having her childhood tomorrow. They sit by the pool and tease each other. He promises that it won't be long until they get to be adults together.


Mallet and Marina are taking pictures with Henry. He's still worried that their adoption problems aren't over but she assures him it's been taken care of.


Marina and Mallet head over to the courthouse where Frank and Buzz are waiting for them. They tell her that they can already feel that the baby will be a Cooper for life. The judge reviews their case and says that it looks like Henry has a very safe and happy home. She calls the one witness they have to the stand. Clarice, the Child Protection agent, comes up and sits down. The judge asks her why her home study report has disappeared. Clarice tells her that she has no objections to the adoption. The judge declares the adoption final and congratulates the family. They clap and laugh in relief.


Marina corners Clarice in the hall and thanks her. "You gave me no choice. You blackmailed me to keep my mouth shut," she says. Marina admits that she might not be the best cop, but she is going to be a good mother and that's all that matters.


The Coopers go home with the baby and toast to him. They want him to always have good kite flying weather and feel safe there. Marina says that nothing has brought her greater joy than this baby. She's decided to take an official leave from the force. All she cares about now is being a good mother. They toast. As they snap pictures of the baby, Buzz asks Frank if he invited Nat. He tells his father that he and Nat still feel like a family and he's sure it's just a matter of time until they are. Meanwhile, Marina explains to Mallet that her heart just isn't into being a good cop right now.


In Bosnia, Dinah accuses the nun of trying to extort money from her and trying to exploit Lara's death. The nun explains that she took care of the baby herself. They never knew who the father was. Dinah stares over at Shayne as he weeps at Lara's grave. The nun explains how she got to know Lara and how her baby was born as she died. Dinah is still skeptical. Shayne walks over to them. The nun walks off and he asks Dinah why she seems frazzled. She claims she's just worried about him. Evasively, she tells him about hope but he says there was no silver lining in what happened to him. He's said all he came here to say and is ready to go back. She asks for a few minutes alone with the sister. When Dinah walks over to the nun, she tells her that she is going to dig into what she said to find out if it's true.


As they sit and have a picnic. He tells her that a great weight has been lifted off of him. He finally feels like he is ready to move on and that's because of her. They kiss and nap. "I don't know what to do. I just know I can't say anything till I know it's true," she says to herself.


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The Spauldings follow Lizzie to Florida.

Dinah tells Remy that there could be a problem with the adoption.

Doris tells Frank that Natalia has the hots for Olivia.

James discovers that his father got rid of Grady.

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