We're Being Together.

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Natalia says goodbye to Rafe and brings Olivia to church, Marina takes desperate measures to assure she keeps Henry and Dinah learns who the baby's mother was.

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In Bosnia, Josh demands to know what is going on. Roc doesn't know. He calms Josh down, assuring him that Edmund has been taken care of, and sends him off. Once Josh is gone, Edmund comes out from hiding with a gun drawn. He knocks Roc out. Josh returns and knocks on the door. Edmund levels his gun at the door but Josh gives up and walks away.


Shayne and Dinah wander around. He wants her to be there with him when he visits Lara's grave. They hear someone come out of the barn and chase after her. Dinah accuses her of following them. She explains that she is a nun, she works at the orphanage and she has been following them. The couple step aside. Shayne doesn't understand what is going on. "I feel like we're in a bad horror movie right now," he says. She tells him about the adoption and assumes the nun is after something. She says that he needs to go and say goodbye while she handles this. They can both say goodbye to their past and move on together. After they kiss, he walks off. The nun runs over and asks Dinah if she is going to steal another baby. Dinah claims she didn't buy or steal any babies. The nun explains that the couple who brought the baby to her were not its parents. "I know who the real parents are," the nun says.


As Shayne brings flowers to Lara's grave, he's surprised to find his father walk up to him. Josh explains that Edmund followed them but he's been dealt with. He claims he just came to Bosnia to make sure that he's okay. "I owe you a big thank you," Shayne says. Josh says it's just part of being a dad and he'll know that some day.


Marina is in her backyard telling Henry stories. Mallet walks out, worrying about the adoption hearing. She says it will all be fine and asks him to look after the baby while she goes to see her father.


At the school, Natalia tells Olivia that she knows what it meant when she said that she loved her. Taking Olivia's hands, she repeats that she knows what it means. Olivia pulls her hands away and tells her that she's not ready and there is too much baggage: Emma, Rafe, Frank, religion. Nat says her religion is about love. Olivia doesn't think their kind of love is included. As Nat reaches out to her again, Frank walks in. They tell him that they need to go to Emma's play right now. He informs Natalia that he has to take Rafe back to the halfway house immediately and thought she'd want to say goodbye. Nat asks Olivia to apologize to Emma and, awkwardly, leaves with Frank.


At the station, Marina sits at her father's desk and shows a picture of her baby to one of the cops. When she's alone, she takes her father's keys and opens the filing cabinet to take something out.


Marina goes back to the Child Protective Services. The agent isn't happy to see her show up again. Marina tells her that she doesn't understand what she is doing and can't understand who she is trying to protect. There may have been glitches and broken rules in how they went about the adoption, but the child is happy. The agent gets up and threatens to call security. Marina opens her desk and plants some drugs in it. She picks them up, pretending to have just found them, and threatens to have the agent arrested.


Mallet goes to the station looking for his wife. Dinah calls him from Bosnia and asks him if there are any snags. He assures her that everything is fine. When he walks outside, Marina tells him that she has taken care of everything and they can meet with the judge to end everything today. "I dare anyone to mess with that!" she shouts. He's thrilled and picks her up to twirl her around.


Back in Bosnia, Dinah explains the situation with Mallet and Marina to the nun. Dinah says that they aren't rich and they just wanted a child who they could help and make happy. She asks the nun to tell the parents that the child is safe and loved. The nun offers to take her to meet the mother. As they walk out, Dinah offers to pay if they need money. The nun points to where the baby's mother is. She's pointing at Lara's grave.

Frank and Nat go back to the house to see Rafe. Frank leaves them alone. Nat accuses herself of letting him down. He asks her what's going on between she and Frank. She knows her son was looking forward to having a man in his life. He was just happy that someone would take care of her, not him. Just because Frank is a good guy, doesn't mean that he is the right guy for her. She wishes she could explain why she walked out on the wedding. Rafe says he trusts her, no matter what. He wants to go to church with her before he has to leave.


Back at the school, the play ends and Emma runs out to meet her mom. She's disappointed to see that Natalia isn't there. Olivia tells her she had to go and things are different now. As they walk, Emma asks to see her phone and calls Natalia. She tells her mother to invite her to the cast party.


Rafe and Nat go to see Father Ray at church. He offers to talk to her and Frank if they need any help. Rafe and the priest light candles and say a prayer. Nat is more reluctant. Her phone rings but she doesn't pick up. As they walk out, Frank is waiting to take Rafe away. His mother weeps and hugs him. He promises to be back soon.


As they leave, Emma runs up with Olivia following behind her. Natalia asks her to come in the church with her. The three of them walk up the stairs together. As they sit in the church, Olivia asks what they are doing there. "We're being together," she says, joining hands with them.


Next on Guiding Light:

Dinah accuses the nun of trying to extort money. The nun explains that the baby was Lara's.

Nat tells Olivia that God still loves her.

Bill brings Lizzie to Orlando.

Mallet and Marina have their hearing.

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