When I Married Them, They Were Cute.

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Billy, Blake and Buzz look after Reva, Josh travels to Bosnia, Shayne and Dinah revisit his past and Olivia and Natalia argue about the next step.

When I Married Them, They Were Cute. image

Reva is in the hospital talking to Jeffrey on the phone and looking at pictures of the baby on her laptop.

At Company, Blake steals Billy's pie away after he tells her he's trying to diet. Josh calls and asks him to rush to Cedars and watch over Reva. He can't let Reva or Jeffrey know why.


Billy goes over to Cedars to look after Reva. She says she would be out by now if she hadn't of run off. At least she isn't worried about Edmund anymore. They talk about Shayne and Dinah and she complains about how out of touch she feels. He announces that he has to leave. He calls Blake and asks her to come over and babysit Reva while he runs off.


In Bosnia, Shayne and Dinah get out of a car and look around what used to be a minefield. He can't believe how peaceful it is now. She tells him he did good work. All of the towns and villages blended together except for this one, he says. Nearby there was a little outdoor cafe where he met Lara. They walk through the fields and he tells her about the camp. She wants him to tell her about how he fell in love. He explains how hectic and intense things were. She asks him why they didn't quit and go off together. "We had a job to do," he says. A little boy runs up to him and calls his name. Shayne can't believe it. The boy shows them pictures and Shayne explains to Dinah how he knows him. After the boy gives him a picture and leaves, Shayne tells her how important all of this was to him, but so is she. He takes her through the woods and they talk about how they grew on each other. As they kiss, someone looms close by.

At home, Buzz tells his son to drink up. Frank doesn't want to drown his sorrows. He stares at Gus' badge and wonders how he can help Natalia get over Gus. Buzz isn't sure he can overcome a lifelong love. Frank wishes she could feel better about moving on. He explains that Olivia is the one who told him about Nat's feelings because she was too emotional. Frank beats himself up for never giving her enough time to tell him how she felt, but he's sure that she still wants to marry him.


Josh goes to his hotel room in Bosnia. He calls Roc and loads his gun. When he goes outside, he calls Frank to see if there has been any news on Edmund. Frank doesn't have any leads so Josh tries calling Roc again. When he goes back to his room, Roc is waiting for him. Josh demands to know what's happened.


At Company, Blake asks Frank and Buzz to look after the place for awhile. She tells Frank that she's glad he's still hopeful and Nat would be lucky to have him. After she runs off, he gets a call from the Department of Corrections. They've moved up Rafe's reporting time to the half-way house. He thinks he should go and tell Nat. Buzz suggests he do it by phone. Frank thinks that would send the wrong message. After he leaves, Billy arrives. They get out their laptop and call Blake at Cedars. She tells Reva to turn on her computer. When she does, she can see Company. Billy eats a Buzz Burger so she can watch. Blake is grossed out. "When I married them, they were cute," Reva says. They decide to show their cute side and drop their pants for her. Billy goes back to Cedars to check in on Reva. She thanks him for taking her mind off her problems.


At home, Olivia is annoyed when she can't find Emma's hat. Emma asks her what's wrong. Natalia walks in. It's awkward. Emma has missed her and tells her about eating organic food for Earth Day. She asks her to come to the school play with them. Nat offers to go but Olivia suggests that she should be with Rafe. Natalia says her son just wants her to be happy... but she hasn't told him anything. Olivia still thinks she shouldn't come. "This should be about Emma. It shouldn't be about us," Nat insists.


They hurry Emma over to the school. She's whisked off by her teacher to the auditorium. Olivia repeats that she shouldn't be there. Natalia accuses her of being cold and mean. She can't think straight and everything is a jumble for her. The one thing that is clear is that saying her vows to Frank would have been a lie. It was hard, but not as hard as admitting that she loves Olivia. It's one thing to say it, Olivia says, but what comes after is much harder. She's sure that pure hell is what awaits for both of them. They can't love each other in a vacuum; they'll have to face everyone and everything else. Olivia insists that they are done and Natalia should walk away for both of their sakes. Natalia accuses her of selling her short. Olivia admits that she has been around, but she wants to be loved and wants a happy ending, but they would have to face more obstacles than any other couple would have to. Natalia tells her that she is not naïve; she knows what she said and what it means. As they talk, Frank begins coming up the stairs.


Next on Guiding Light:

Someone has been following Shayne and Dinah.

Edmund attacks Roc.

"I know what it means to tell someone that you love them," Nat says to Olivia as Frank walks in.

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