I Can't Believe This Nightmare's Finally Over.

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Phillip is committed for treatment, Dinah helps Mallet and Marina, Shayne has Colin christened and Edmund goes missing.

I Can't Believe This Nightmare's Finally Over. image

Alan goes to see his son at Ravenwood. Phillip accuses him of setting him up. His father explains that the governor made a psychiatric evaluation part of his terms of release. "I'm as well as any member of this family can be!" Phillip argues. Alan doesn't think he should be worried then. The doctor arrives and Alan leaves them alone. They sit down and he tries to convince her he's not crazy. He tells her that he had a nervous breakdown and sought help. When he felt better, he came back. His father watches through the video feed in the next room. He finds out from an orderly that it's all recorded and reviewed by doctors. After the session is over, Alan returns and tells Phillip that it looks like he'll be spending a lot of time in there. He offers to teach James all about scotch, cigars and bad women. Phillip doubts that his son will be interested. Alan explains that he'll be taking action against Olivia so they can get Emma back. Right now, he wants to get Lizzie back into the fold. When Alan taunts over having Beth while he was away, Phillip punches him. Only then does he notice that there is a camera in the room recording everything. The doctor returns after watching this. She thought they would let Phillip out sooner but it looks like they'll have to keep him in for awhile. Alan takes a moment alone with his son to say goodbye. Phillip is sure that he got exactly what he wants... for now.


At home, Marina and Mallet worry about the investigation into the adoption. She worries that they know he bought the baby. He tries to stop her from worrying but she reminds him that they've broken the law. She thinks they need Dinah to help them.


Dinah and Shayne are at Cedars. Rick tells them that Reva needs something good to live for. Shayne worries but Dinah orders him to be positive. Down the hall, Jeffrey brings Reva a plastic plant since she can't have real ones. Shayne walks in and sits by his mother. Jeffrey leaves them alone. After he tries to cheer Reva up, he returns to Dinah and wishes he could do more for his mother. Mallet calls her for help. She wants to stay with Shayne but he urges her to go and help them. When she walks off, Lillian walks by. Shayne asks her about Reva's treatment. He thinks that his mother needs a positive distraction so he asks Lillian to be a Godmother to Colin. He wants to have the christening now and says that they can have it done there in the hospital.


Jeffrey is trying to get Reva to drink water. She's too nauseous. He tells her how proud he is of what she's done, but seeing how sick she is has been the scariest thing he's ever dealt with.


Josh goes to the basement where Roc has taken Edmund. He needs to see the consequences of his actions for himself. When he goes inside, he sees Edmund chained to a wall. He taunts Josh for taking care of Reva after she's had a child with another man. Josh wishes he had kept him away from Shayne from the beginning. Edmund is sure this is really about Reva. Josh walks out as Edmund shouts after him. Shayne calls his father and asks him to come back to the hospital. Josh asks Roc not to do anything radical until he gets back.


Billy arrives at Cedars after Shayne calls him. Josh and Lillian come over next and Shayne explains that he is throwing an impromptu christening. He asks his father if he has a spare collar in his back pocket. They go down the hall and knock on Reva's window. Holding the baby, Shayne introduces everyone and asks his mother if they should have a christening. She smiles and nods. Jeffrey thanks them and Josh tells his son that he has been very brave. Josh needs a minute and walks away. His brother follows him. Josh admits that he may not be the right man to perform this ceremony. Billy tells him that as long as he still believes in God, he can do it. They start the service. When it's over, Reva tells Josh that he never lets her down. She thanks him and goes to sleep. Jeffrey thanks Josh. When he goes in to his wife, she's dazed and sorry he has to take care of her. He wants to spend the rest of his life taking care of her and Colin.


Dinah arrives at Mallet and Marina's. She assumes they called her because they need someone who can lie. She warns that no matter what they come up with, someone will have to take the fall and that might as well be her. Moments later, Clarice from Child Protective Services arrives. She tells them that they need a good attorney. Dinah claims that she was trying to get Mallet back when they were in Bosnia and she tricked him into getting a baby. But when they came back, Marina accepted the child as her own and Dinah could see that Mallet would never leave her. Clarice says she's seen enough but the couple does seem like loving parents. After she's gone, Mallet thanks Dinah and tells her she's amazing. She hopes it worked. Marina thanks her again before she leaves. "I can't believe this nightmare's finally over," he says.


Marina goes to see Clarice at her office and asks her if there is anything else she needs. Clarice says she won't be closing the file. Marina knows that this is an unusual situation, but she and Mallet love the baby. Clarice says that being a good parent isn't always enough if you've been breaking the law. Marina leaves the room in tears. Mallet calls to check in on her.


Dinah arrives at Cedars to check in on Shayne. They both been having a good day and walk off together. They make out in the elevator.


When Josh returns to basement where Roc was keeping Edmund, he finds the room empty and blood on the walls.


Next on Guiding Light:

Josh panics after Edmund vanishes.

Dinah tells Shayne that she will get him his dancer.

Edmund eavesdrops on Shayne and Dinah.

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