I've Seen Bigger Smiles at Funerals.

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Olivia makes a confession to Natalia, Buzz expresses his doubts to Frank and Reva battles Edmund.

I've Seen Bigger Smiles at Funerals. image

Olivia is packing her stuff to move out. She wants to be out of the way for Frank. When Nat sees a plate that Emma made for them, Olivia tells her to keep it. Natalia tells her how much she is going to miss their time together. They're awkward and Nat rushes off. A moving man looks in and takes a box. "It must be hard to lose such a nice place," he says.


Buzz jokingly fakes a heart attack after Frank tells him that he and Natalia are getting married today. He hugs his son, thrilled to see him happy. Frank is going to need a best man and asks his father. Natalia arrives and they begin talking about honeymoon plans. Buzz wants them to go to Greece. Frank wants to go to a resort. Natalia wants to stay here for now so she can look out for Olivia and the kids. When Frank goes upstairs, Buzz tells Nat that he's seen bigger smiles than hers at funerals. She claims that she's feeling dazed and is crazy about his son.


At Cedars, Josh and Jeffrey are hoping that Shayne will be okay following his attack. A nurse rushes over and tells Jeffrey to come with her. They discover that the baby is gone. They run down the hall to Reva's room and discover that she is gone too. They call the cops. Both of them are sure that Edmund has Reva and the baby. Josh tries to stop Jeffrey from freaking out.


At Cross Creek, Edmund grabs the baby. "Luckily you won't have to grow up in this hideous place with wooden bears and wagon wheels and commemorative plates," he says with a smirk. When he opens the door, Reva is standing there gasping and demanding her baby back. She tells him that she saw him on her webcam and came running. He laughs when she threatens to send him to prison. She falls on the floor crying. He admits that he should just punish Shayne but this is sweeter. "I'm going to rob his family the way he robbed mine," he says, telling her that her son is nothing but a murderer. As he rants at her about his loss, threatening to raise the child on all of the hate he has for her, she stabs him in the neck with a needle. He collapses, gasping that he did this for Lara. She tells him that he did this because he can't help himself. She says that a man like him doesn't deserve love; all he deserves is nothing.


Natalia goes to the church and lights a candle before she and Frank meet with Father Ray. The priest is happy for them but wonders if this is a little too sudden. He offers to try and re-arrange his schedule so he can perform the ceremony. He asks Frank what marriage means to him. Frank says that she's his family. "You're both ready to do that? Commit to each other forsaking all others?" the priest asks. He thinks they need to be open and honest. Nat asks what she should do if feelings come along that she doesn't understand. The priest knows she has strong values and urges her to believe in them. She feels like Frank understands her. He tells them that Olivia has coached him through the relationship, suggesting things and looking out for them.


Olivia goes over to the Cooper house. She asks Buzz why he doesn't seem happier. He thinks that his son and Nat are moving too fast. She talks about what a privilege it has been to know Nat. Buzz has never seen her be so sentimental. She says that Nat has brought out the best in her. Buzz says Natalia seems awfully nervous. Olivia insists that this is what everyone wants.


Olivia goes to Gus' grave. When he gave her his heart, it's like she could feel everything he felt for Natalia. Now she has this big love and she doesn't know what to do with it. They fought at first but now they have a happy family. After all of the breakups she's had, she thinks that letting Nat go may be the only one she's done right. Her heart may be healthy, but it feels like she just broke it. She used to mock Natalia all the time for her 'eternal chipperness' but she just envied her. Now she is ready to watch her walk away. "I have finally learned to put someone else first," she says. She cries knowing that she is about to give up the one person she would give anything for. When she turns her head, she sees Natalia standing there. Olivia jumps up. She wants to say goodbye to everything they've had since Gus died. Natalia came to say goodbye too. "We're doing the right thing. It's the best thing for everyone," she says. Olivia cries and says that's important. She tells her to go and try on her dress. She begs her to go. Natalia asks her why she is so upset. "I'm in love with you!" Olivia cries.


Josh arrives at Cross Creek after getting a message from Reva. He asks her what she did to Edmund. Jeffrey arrives later, after Edmund has been hidden, and Reva explains some of what she did. She and Josh dissuade him from sending an APB out on Edmund and claim that they talked him into leaving town. Jeffrey swallows this and takes the baby from her arms. As he steps away, Reva cries and tells Josh that she can't lie to her husband. Josh tells her she has to. If Jeffery finds Edmund, he'll kill him and the baby will be left with a sick mother and no father. Josh offers to deal with Edmund, he already has a plan. He calls Roc.


When Frank gets home, he can see that his father is tense. Buzz asks him if he loves Natalia enough to let her go. Frank is bewildered. Buzz worries that Nat is trying to please other people instead of herself and suggests that they are rushing and she may feel more like she owes him than loves him. Frank asks if he thinks he is just incapable of being loved. He rants at his father and insists that this is his shot at true love. "You just couldn't be happy for me?" Frank asks in disbelief.


Jeffrey brings the baby back to Cedars to get checked out.


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Roc promises to make Edmund wish he were dead.

Olivia tells Natalia that she wants her to have what she deserves and she can't give that to her.

Olivia watches as Natalia walks down the aisle.

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