Saying Goodbye

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

Reva and Jonathan say goodbye. Billy gets drunk. Lizzie tries to start a new life with Jonathan.

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Jonathan and Reva try to say goodbye

Jonathan comes back to the remains of the party to find Reva and say goodbye. A miserable Billy tells him that she's already gone and he runs off to find her. She has driven down to the end of the road and prepares to let herself go. It's difficult because 'there's still so much fight' left, but she still feels that she needs to do it 'for her kids and everybody else.' She runs through the radio stations and gets annoyed that she can't find 'any decent music to die to.' She gets out of the car and moves the blockade at the end of the road so she can get through. After climbing back in the car, she discovers a CD and puts it in. As she starts up the car again, Jonathan jumps onto the hood of the car and exclaims 'I'm not done with you yet!'

She's afraid that he's there to stop her, but he insists that, if he wanted to do that, he could have done it at her 'creepy party.' He tells her that he hated her before he ever knew her because she rejected him and sent him to live with Alfred. He came back just to hurt her and everyone she cared about, but something happened while he was fighting her that he didn't expect; she just kept taking everything he threw at her and he learned to love her. She tells him that he managed to give her back a big part of herself. He starts to apologize for everything, but she closes his mouth and tells him not to regret anything and just to stay with her for awhile. They lay on the hood of the car in each other's arms for some time. He tells her she's about to find out the answer to the greatest question in the world. 'Life after death?' she asks. 'No, is Elvis alive,' he jokes and she laughs before wondering if there is some afterlife. If there is, she will never leave him. He tells her not to jump into his baby's body before she's born. Through all their jokes, tears crease their faces and she finally tells him that it's time for him to go. They kiss and an incredible look of fear fills her face as they exchange an 'I love you' and she turns her back.

Josh takes Cassie up to the lighthouse. This was his special place with Reva He tells her that he's brought her there so that it can become 'just a lighthouse' again and they can find special places of their own. While they embrace, he looks down and spot Reva's lucky red rabbit's foot sitting on the floor. They sit down and he tells her that a huge weight was lifted off of him tonight when he realized that he belongs with her. Cassie says that now Reva is free and they can both love her again by letting her ago.

Lizzie is ordering food and Tammy invites her to sit down while it's being prepared. She says that she could tell that Tammy wanted to help Jonathan at the party but stopped herself. He's 'a big boy nowhe doesn't need your help anymore: He has me.' Tammy is disgusted at this and begins biting on her lip. Lizzie continues, telling her that with the baby, Jonathan and she have chance at something really special. Tammy can't take it anymore and accuses Lizzie of planning to take Jonathan away from her the whole time. This offends Lizzie, who tells her that this is not what she wanted; she didn't plan any of it and it's not like she could tell Jonathan what to do. It was Tammy who forced him to want the baby. 'Don't you get it? We're married; we have a baby and a whole future ahead of us: We have to make it work.' She finishes by telling Tammy to 'grow up' and then walks out on her just as Remy and Marina walk into the room.

Remy takes Tammy back to her room to help her finish packing. He says this means that she's ready to move on. She throws a picture of Jonathan in the trash and says that he belongs with Lizzie now. Remy asks her where she belongs and she kisses him. He pushes her off and tells her that he doesn't want her unless 'it's about me.' Right now, it's only about Jonathan. Tammy is put off and tells him she doesn't need his help. He helps her pack anyway.

Jonathan is at the lighthouse getting drunk when Lizzie finds him. He tells her to go away but she's already figured out what's happened. He tells her to go home but she tells him that he is her home. She says that they have another chance at a family with their daughter and they can tell her all about Reva. What Reva did tonight was about 'giving up for the sake of love.' Jonathan breaks down and tells her 'it sucks' before laying his head on her lap. She promises him that she and the baby will always be there to look after him.

Billy props up at the bar and begins to drink. 'I don't want to remember her face, her name or who I am.' Soon Josh and Cassie come to find him drinking. Josh instantly starts arguing with him and imagines that Reva has left Billy because he's fallen off the wagon. Billy tells his brother that he doesn't know anything. She's gone now and that's the way she wants it. He decides to call Reva but Billy insists that it doesn't matter anymore and keeps saying that 'it's too late.' Josh tries calling Reva who has gotten back in the car and started it up again as the phone begins to ring. She lets it go for awhile but it doesn't stop so she reluctantly answers it. When she answers, he berates her for abandoning Billy and tells her that he's drinking again. She's horrified but insists that she can't help him; she's already gone. 'You're his brother; you have to take care of him.' But Josh insists that he can't pull him out of this, he needs her. Reva refuses again and he tells her that she only cares about herself and she can go 'straight to hell' before hanging up. Reva tries to tell herself that one day, he will understand and starts the car again. Billy tells Josh that he'll find out what's happening soon enough, but that he has to leave him 'forever.' Cassie tries to tell Billy that they will help him and look after him, but he can only say again that it's too late.

They leave him and he continues drinking until Reva appears. For a moment, he thinks she's a hallucination, but she's real. She tells him that she can't leave him in his condition and will hold on for a few more days, but makes him promise: No more booze and he has to find someone to love him other than her. She gets ready to drive him home but collapses on the floor.

Next on GL: Josh wants to take Cassie away from Springfield. Olivia and Ava have plans for each other. It may be over for Reva anyway.

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