Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Reva says her goodbye to Springfield.

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Reva tries to leave for her new adventure

Reva goes up the lighthouse one last time to say goodbye to all the sights of Springfield. Before going down to her farewell party, she drops her lucky red rabbit's foot. Upon returning to her room, Billy still wonders why she can't wait any longer, but she insists that now is the time, while she still ahs the strength to do it. When they arrive at the party, she gives her keys to the valet and sees that her rabbit's foot is gone, but realizes that 'I don't need it anymore' before going in to greet the guests already gathered. She moves among them. Harley asks her how she can leave and Reva tells her that now she'll have to be the town's 'new tough doll.' Everyone is jovial, Buzz gives Reva a big kiss and she puts her arm around Jeffrey telling him that 'I always had a weakness for that face.' She's already maudlin and almost in tears as she tells Jeffrey and Blake that she doesn't care who wins the election; no matter what, they have to look after the people of Springfield: They deserve it. Billy's keeping a close watch on her and gets her back when she's woozy, telling everyone that she gets sentimental when she's drinking.

At the bar, she chats with Rick who tells her that Gus and Harley are pregnant. She loudly congratulates them and asks Harley to promise that Susan will part of their new baby's life. Jonathan and Lizzie arrive next and, after chatting to Lizzie's belly, Lizzie tries to assure Reva that miracles do happen and she shouldn't give up yet. Jonathan takes Reva aside, already realizing that tonight is the night, and makes a brief attempt to talk her out of it. Seeing that this is futile, he stops and she asks him about Tammy. He tells her about their breakup and how he plans to stay with Lizzie. She's heartbroken, but he tells her that it's not her problem anymore; she won't be around.

Alan comes over to say goodbye, or rather to see her drive off to 'find herself for the fiftieth time.' While she catalogs Alan's failings, he counters with all of hers, saying that she's really leaving town because she's a coward and is simply running away from her problems with Josh. Springfield 'will live happily ever after without her.' Jonathan threatens to throw Alan out, but Reva stops him before telling Alan that, if he doesn't do right by his granddaughter, she will come back to haunt him and hunt him down.

Next, Tammy arrives but doesn't want to talk about the split up. She asks Reva to take her along when she goes, so that she won't have to watch Jonathan and Lizzie grow closer. Reva says 'no, the car is only a two-seater.' Besides, her story with Jonathan isn't over yet. Tammy insists that it is, even if it is true that 'you only get one real love in your life.' Just then, Josh and Cassie enter. Reva rushes over to them and makes them promise to look out for Jonathan and Lizzie while she's gone. Josh says that's fine until she comes back. She says that she might not come back; she and Billy might find paradise together. Josh then tells her about the dream he had of her pressing car keys into his hands and asking him for help. He imagines this means that there is a part of her that isn't willing to leave. She becomes pale and faint as Billy moves in behind to support her. Josh and Cassie aren't sure what's wrong.

Hawk and Rusty arrive now and Reva moves over to them. Hawk is bristling with anger still over Josh and Cassie and Reva hooking up with Billy. Rusty keeps trying to calm him down. Reva tells him that, no matter what, Josh will still be a part of her.

Reva starts up the karaoke and drags Billy up to sing Pretty Woman. After a few torturous bars, he stops the machine and exclaims: 'Damn you Reva! I just can't do thisI just can't sing.' Reva tells him that his singing makes her cry and then tries to challenge everyone else to sing but there are no takers. Finally, she agrees to sing to 'the best audience' and says that she will never forget any of them before launching into Fleetwood Mac's Landslide during which a lengthy montage of her life plays. When that ends, there's a moment of silence before she passes on the microphone to Jeffrey and takes Jonathan aside again. She asks him to keep the party alive so she can slip away. He makes her promise not to go without saying goodbye, but, as soon as his back is turned, she heads for the door.

Josh stops her in the doorway and asks her if she thought she 'would really get away with this?' But he only means leaving without saying goodbye. She says that he knows her better than anyone and he answers that, if he knew her for a hundred years, he still wouldn't know her well. She doesn't like saying goodbye, especially to him, yet she already has one foot out the door. He tells her that she's 'always looking for a new adventure and I'm always looking for you.' Reva says she doesn't believe that and tells him that he's good with Cassie and they shouldn't let anything get in their way. They say goodbye and Reva looks at the crowd, at everyone drinking and dancing and singing. She kisses her rings and walks out. The valet doesn't have her keys; Billy took them as an insurance policy for his goodbye. He's still reluctant to let her go and can't watch her get in the car, she tells him not to be soft or sad and not to let anyone else be sad. She starts the car and drives off.

Next on GL:Lizzie and Tammy have a confrontation. Jonathan goes after Reva.

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