I Just Want You To Be Okay.

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Nat comforts Frank, Olivia makes a confession, Dinah gets in the way and Shayne reaches out to Edmund.

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Natalia looks at a photo of Rafe and Gus. It's been a year since she lost him and her life has changed a lot. Some of these changes are good, some confusing and some sad. She wants to help the Coopers through this hard time. She helps Frank pack some boxes in Coop's room and asks him why Buzz is giving up Company. Frank guesses he wants to get away from the memories. He asks her how things are going with Olivia. She says they fight a lot, but she just wants to talk about him. He doesn't know how she can help. She embraces him and they begin kissing. After they have sex, she seems upset. Frank worries about what's wrong. "You're a good man... I just want you to be okay," she says. When they get dressed, she says she'll talk to him soon and walks away.


Olivia is confronting Phillip in his jail cell. She accuses him of making her life a living hell. He wants to make amends and move on. He knows why she's there: She wants to know what he will do about Emma now that she is living with two women. "You want to know if I am corrupting our daughter?" she asks. He asks if the gossip is true. She claims it's just the gossip of the village idiots. He wonders why she is so worked up about it then and says that it wouldn't surprise him or bother him if it were true. She doesn't need his okay and doesn't trust him. "When all of this surfaced, your friend stuck by you. Might tell you something," he hints. She tells him to stay out of her life.


At Cross Creek, Jeffrey gives Reva a massage. She keeps thinking about Buzz and how hard it is to lose a child. He promises her that they won't lose anyone. He gets her tea and suggests they go through the name book. He's already nixed Joshua and wants to move on. She's too tired. Shayne comes in. Reva jumps up and hugs him. They talk about Coop and he thinks he should go and see Marina. Jeffrey leaves and Reva asks her son what's on his mind. He tells her that Edmund is part of his family now but he doesn't want him around if it will upset her. She tells him that she's finished her chemo but feels more weighed down than ever. She no longer feels like she is fighting, just like she's waiting. He encourages her to tell this to her husband and leaves to see Edmund.


Dinah sits down with Edmund at the bar in Towers. They both feel like they've been dumped by Shayne. She tells him that she has to stop kidding herself; she will never be accepted by Shayne's family. Eddie can't imagine why anyone would want to be.


Edmund returns to his room and watches a video of Lara. She's very pregnant and talks all about Shayne and how important he is to her. She hopes that he'll be okay with her surprise and that they can be a real family.


Jeffrey arrives at Company. Lillian tells him that Buzz has shut down and given Company up. They catch up on Reva and he wants to throw a party for her. Lillian says they are throwing a baby shower for her tomorrow. She leaves to work on it and Olivia walks in. "I think my wife is getting ready to die," he tells her. After he gets that off his chest, he asks her to open up. She tells him that she finally felt like she had her life back, but now Phillip has returned to ruin it all. When Jeffery sees the tears in her eyes, he asks her who the guy is. She insists that there is no guy. Natalia makes her happy, but she can't feel this. "This is not me," she says. She wants her daughter to have a stable life. Jeffrey reminds her that she and Natalia are giving her that. Olivia runs off.

When Olivia gets home, she searches for Nat. Later, Natalia arrives and sits down in the kitchen with her statue of the Virgin Mary. She prays for her help. "I'm having all of these feelings and I need you to help me stop having them," she says. She confesses that she slept with Frank to make things better for him it only made things worse. Olivia comes in and apologizes for acting crazy at the funeral. She asks her out for dinner but Nat claims she has plans and hurries off.


"You're just in time. I was taking out the garbage," Reva says as she spots Dinah outside of Cross Creek. Dinah's not laughing. She promises that she finally got Edmund out of their lives. Reva says that Shayne's just left to see him. "What did you do?" Dinah asks, annoyed.


Daisy goes to the station looking for her family. She finds Phillip instead. He asks how her mother is and says that he is writing a letter to Zach. She tells him that Harley and the boys won't come back now that he is here.


Shayne tracks Edmund down in Towers and apologizes for lying to him and shutting him out of his life. Edmund thanks him and admits that there is something he's been keeping from him. As he tells him about the video of Lara, Dinah eavesdrops. She slips away, steals a key and goes up to Edmund's room. She opens up his computer and watches the video. As she hears Edmund and Shayne coming in, she deletes it. Edmund shoves her out of the way and is outraged when he sees that it's gone.

Daisy goes to see Reva and they talk about Phillip. Coop is dead and it feels like everyone leaves her. She talks about losing her father and how she is forgetting him. She worries that she could forget Coop too. Reva promises to help her keep the memories alive.


Lillian goes to visit Phillip. He tells her about his visitors. She'd like to talk to him but doesn't think that this is the place. She's angry with him, but she loves him anyway. "I'm going to make everything right with my kids," he says. After she leaves, he begins writing a letter to Emma.


Reva makes another video for her child. She talks about ending chemo so she can focus on the future. She needs faith for that and that's hard to find. "I'm worried that I'll never get to meet you," she cries.


Next on Guiding Light:

Mallet overhears Shayne talking to Reva about an orphanage.

Shayne tells Dinah he wants her out of his life.

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