Do You Have An Answer For Me?

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Coop loses brain function and Buzz is forced to make a difficult choice.

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Buzz asks Jenna if it's true that she left town carrying his baby. She admits it and explains what happened when she left and how Coop was born. Although she named him after Henry Chamberlin, from the first day, she called him 'Coop'. Buzz snaps out of this memory when Lillian pushes him away from Coop's bedside and into the corridor. The family gathers around and Frank promises his father that Coop can make it. "He said goodbye to me," Buzz tells him. But he couldn't say goodbye to his own son. As he stares through the window at the nurses trying to keep his son alive, Buzz returns to his memories of Jenna. He argues with her furiously before spotting little Henry walking across the floor. He kneels down and introduces himself.


Marina rushes over to the family to say that Coop is back and breathing again. Frank runs off to make some calls. Buzz stares off and remembers giving a picture to his son to carry by his heart. Marina begins planning Coop's welcome home festivities until Lillian walks out. Her expression is grim. She takes Buzz's hand and he and Frank follow her. She explains that Coop is only technically alive. He is breathing on a machine but has no brain function whatsoever. Buzz collapses. "It's up to you now," Lillian says. He has to decide whether or not to let him go.


Buzz rushes to Coop's room and stares at the machines and then down at his son. He remembers packing him up to send him away to England. "They'll take care of you much better than I can," he said, promising that it was not goodbye. After staring off, Buzz walks out into the hall and embraces Frank. He confesses that he cannot make this decision. He's made nothing but bad decisions for his children all of his life. Frank tells him that he is a good father. Buzz is sure that this is all his fault. He grabs his coat and walks out.


Buzz runs into Alan in the parking lot. Alan assumes that Coop is recovering and begins complaining about how reckless Coop was. "He's brain dead!" Buzz screams at him. Alan apologizes; he knows what it's like to lose a son. Buzz doesn't want to hear anymore and continues to hold Alan responsible for this. Now he has to decide what to do. "Do you have an answer for me?" Buzz asks with a shrug. Alan offers his help but Buzz groans and tells him that love doesn't conquer all and they've both lost people to it. It seems that the world is a dark, cruel, cynical place and it doesn't seem fair. "Who said anything about life being fair?" Alan asks, telling him he should be with his son right now. Buzz warns him that he will see him again.


Buzz flashes back to Coop returning to him after he had his stroke. He lights a cigarette as Frank walks out to him. He wonders how Alan can smoke a cigar and breathe as if it's nothing. Frank offers to help any way he can. "You're going to have to go along with this no questions asked," Buzz says.


They go to the jail and Frank lets Buzz in to see Phillip. Nervously, Phillip wishes he could have helped more and assures him that he isn't happy about this, even after everything that happened before he left. Buzz sits beside him and thanks him. Because of his help, he had a little time with his son. Phillip begs him not to thank him. "I want you to help me get your father," Buzz says. He lists Alan's crimes and tells him it's time that he was punished. He imagines that Phillip must want that as well. Phillip tells him that he is only here, going after Alan, because it is easier than facing the decision he has to make. Buzz can't make that decision. "I need justice and you are going to help me one way or another," he says. Frank takes his father out of the cell.


Buzz stands in the parking lot and remembers his last conversation with Coop. He stumbles down to a bench and sits. Jenna appears. He embraces her. She accuses him of chasing after revenge to avoid facing things. "How many times have I failed my children?" he cries. His children don't see him as a failure, she says. He thinks they need to look harder. Screaming, he says that he kept Coop here selfishly and made him give up on his dreams while filling his head with romantic nonsense. Jenna tells him again that this is not his fault and he should have no regrets. "You make it up to him by being strong. Make the right decision for him," she demands. "He needs you to let him go," she says.


Buzz returns to Coop's hospital room. He tells his son that he may not be a writer like him, but he can tell a story. He speaks of a man who, no matter how many mistakes he made, always had something good come into his life. The best of these things was a son who a woman he loved brought to him. He lost the woman and sent the son away. The son grew up and returned and, no matter how much the father messed up, the son thrived and brought his family happiness. However, there was one last failure by the father and he didn't have a final chance to say goodbye to his son so that he would know how much his father loved him. Buzz calls Lillian and the doctor in. Leaning down, Buzz shakes as he turns off the life support machine. He thanks his son and kisses his forehead, singing Jenna's favorite song to him and cradling his body in his arms before collapsing on the floor.


Next on Guiding Light:

Beth comes to see Coop's body.

Buzz tells Frank that he needs Phillip out so he can get justice.

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