Stay Away From My Kid.

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Josh tells Jeffrey to stay away, Shayne asks Dinah to leave with him and Remy says goodbye.

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Remy walks into Cedars and runs into Ava. They talk about losing their son. He delivered a baby this morning and it made him think of what Max would be like when he grew up. They sit down and talk about how everything broke apart. She hopes her Christmas wish can come true and they can be together. He agrees to go to San Francisco with her. She’s thrilled and hugs him.

At the mansion, Bill calls Lizzie to tell her that everything is okay. Billy approaches him after listening and wishes his son would be more honest with Lizzie. Bill is trying to help shield her after all she’s done for him. Bill tells his father that Alan was behind the kidnapping. Billy doesn’t believe it and urges him to tell the truth. Bill repeats that it was Alan.

In the bar, Dinah and Shayne kiss intensely. She sits on his lap and begins to laugh. She pulls herself up and tells him that she still has things she has to fix. He suggests that they go their separate ways. They share an awkward goodbye.

Jeffrey and Reva are decorating the tree at Cross Creek. “I feel like I’ve stolen the perfect life, only, this time, it’s really mine,” he says. Josh comes to the door as Jeffrey leaves. Josh is distraught. He tells her that Shayne is being shipped out today. She warns him that his son is as stubborn as he is and this is Shayne’s decision to make. Josh still blames himself. She thinks he needs to forgive himself and give up his regrets, just like he told her to do. Shayne comes in. Josh instantly forbids him from leaving town. “Old Jeffrey came through,” Shayne says, explaining Jeffrey pulled some strings to help him leave. Josh flies off the handle. He and Reva shout at each other. She tells Josh to respect her son’s decisions and then collapses onto the couch. They rush to her side. After they fuss over her, she tells them to stop. Shayne says he can look after her. Josh doesn’t want to leave them alone. Shayne promises that he will stay for Christmas; he knows that his father wants what’s best, but it’s his call. Josh agrees to back off. After he leaves, Reva tells Shayne he’s so much like his daddy it takes her breath away.

Dinah meets with Cyrus. She wonders why she ever trusted him. He tells her to have some faith. She doesn’t feel like caroling. He tells her that he’s been watching the place where all the evidence against Bill is being held and explains that he’s going to sneak in and steal it.

Jeffrey goes to visit Olivia at her new place. He teases her about living in the ‘cozy and warm’ place with Nat. She wants to move back to the hotel and room service. He smiles as Ava walks out. He invites them both to celebrate Christmas with he and Reva. She says they’ll have to celebrate today because she’s leaving with Remy tomorrow. She hands them their gifts: A heart watch for her mother and a medal for her father. She tells him that it’s for courage; he’s the strongest man she knows and she’s sure all of his fears about the baby will be gone when he’s born.

When Olivia is left alone, she unpacks a box and finds letters and photos of Natalia’s.


Dinah finds her brother standing on the Spaulding grounds, drinking and staring at Alan’s window. She warns him again that Alan is dangerous. Bill continues to insist that Alan is behind it all. Dinah thinks he needs to get past this obsession. She tells him that he must realize it makes no sense. She asks him to spend Christmas with her. He can't stop thinking about the kidnapping.

Remy goes back to his place. He finds that the gift he sent Christina has been returned. He tries calling her to ask if he sent it to the wrong address.

Remy brings a Christmas tree to Christina’s grandmother. She giggles and thanks him. He asks her if she’s heard from Christina; he hasn’t been able to find her. “I know your marriage was sudden, but I bet it’s the kind that lasts,” she says.


When Remy returns home, Ava is waiting for him. He tells her that he has a wife, though not a ‘real wife’. He explains what happened with Christina. He smiles as he talks about her and her passion. Ava tells him that he should stay there rather than leaving with her. She’s pulled herself out of her grief and come back to see that he’s okay. He’s doing even better than she thought he would be. He lights up when he talks about his wife. “I hardly know her,” he admits. She can see how much he cares and tells him they can go their separate ways. He tells her that he will always love her and miss her. “I’ll make sure I leave with a little piece of my heart for you,” she says, kissing him and walking out.


Remy tracks Christina down in the graveyard. She didn’t think she’d see him again. He tells her that Ava is gone now and he is staying in town; there’s plenty keeping him there. “You mean your work?” she asks. “That too,” he says. As he sits with her, she tells him about her mother. He introduces himself to her tombstone. Christina takes his hand. He gives her the gift. It’s a stethoscope. She laughs. When he asks her how her mother died, she explains that, when she was fifteen, she had a heart attack while they were Christmas shopping. That’s what made her want to become a doctor.


Back at Cross Creek, Reva wishes she could have been there for Shayne when he was a kid. She tells him how proud she is of him. He wishes that Josh would let go of his guilt. Before he can leave, she tells him that they saved an ornament for him to hang.

Shayne runs into Dinah in the park. He invites her to his mom’s Christmas party. She says no so he asks her to go back to Europe with him. He thinks they could help each other and suggests that neither of them have a reason to stick around. “Why not?” she agrees.


Jeffrey finds Josh in the parking lot. Josh accuses him of putting Shayne in danger. Jeffrey claims he’s innocent of doing anything. “Shayne is my son. Off limits to you… stay away from my kid,” Josh warns.

Jeffrey returns to Cross Creek and tells Reva about the little lecture Josh gave him. He shows her the medal that Ava gave him and laughs. She admits that having Shayne back gave her hope, but she can’t make him stay. The baby starts to kick. He feels her belly and laughs. He puts a Santa hat on her belly to keep the baby warm and plays some music for it.

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Jeffrey tells Shayne that Reva needs him. Shayne doesn’t like being guilted into sticking around.

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