Some Things are Too Late

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

Harley is late. Ava fights with Coop before turning to Alan-Michael. Olivia tells Buzz how Ava was conceived. Jonathan is given an ultimatum.

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Ava feels like Coop's betrayed her

Gus and Harley are eagerly trying to set up their next baby making appointment, but they're both stuck on stakeouts. She eventually shows up on his and tells him that she is 'late', but has to spell out what that implies. They rush off to the hospital to get an official test.

Ava is making a mess while trying to pour a drink. Coop tells her that she's obviously still in shock from learning that Olivia is her mother. She is still trying to convince herself that she can't be Olivia's daughter and tries to get away from his badgering. She's confused and angry because she doesn't want to be like Olivia. Coop lets slip that he knew she was adopted; he and Marina had found the papers while they were searching Olivia's room. She's disgusted that she kept this from her and slaps him before screaming in his face for lying to her and trying to tell her what she should feel.

Buzz is arguing with Alan at the Spaulding estate where Olivia is now staying. He tells him that, just because he got Olivia out on bail, doesn't suddenly mean that he owns her. Alan doesn't care to listen and has Buzz thrown out. Olivia emerges from the background and he assures her that he would do anything to protect his granddaughter. After he leaves to see her lawyer, Buzz slips back in. He begins trying to convince her that the situation is 'fixable' and tries to get her to, at least, apologize to Ava. Olivia insists that she can't do this because she hates Ava, she's hated her 'since before she was even born.' Coop has come to talk to Olivia but stops outside when he hears Buzz and Olivia talking about how Ava came to be.

Then, she recounts the story of Ava's conception. When Olivia was 16, she was developing much faster than the other girls and liked to slip out to spend time with more mature boys. One night, she went to a party at the Embassy, got drunk on champagne and was taken upstairs by one of the guests. He began touching her and she blacked out. When she woke up, she realized he'd had sex with her. She was thrown out of the Embassy and returned home. Several days later, she learned that she was pregnant. She returned to the Embassy and told them what had happened. They told her that no one would believe her story, paid her off and sent her home. Then, she told her mother, who blamed her for the whole thing and wouldn't let her have an abortion. Buzz tells her that she should be angry about all of this, but she shouldn't blame herself or her daughter for it. He tries to take her to see Emma. She doesn't feel like she can handle that right now, so he shows her a picture of her and Emma and gets her to tell him why she loves her. Finally he tells her, since Ava is her daughter, there's no reason she shouldn't feel the same way about her.

Alan is meeting with his lawyer who tells him that she is 'cautiously optimistic' about Olivia's case. Alan-Michael steps out of the elevator and tells them that they're being over-confident before remarking on how 'sweet' it is of Alan to help out Olivia. Alan accuses him of taking Ava's side against the family, simply because he wants her. Alan-Michael wipes this away and reminds Alan that 'I am the family now' and Alan is just lucky that he lets him stick around. Alan smugly tells him that the only person who could corroborate Ava's testimony against Olivia has disappeared, so the charges will likely be dropped. As soon as Alan leaves, Alan-Michael gets on the phone.

Alan-Michael is going to his room when he runs into a drunken Ava in the hallway. She confesses that she feels awful about having Olivia arrested. He tells her that she needs to think of herself for once and, since she can't seem to right now, he will. He's already 'set the wheels in motion to nail Olivia to the wall.' He offers to take her back to her room, but she reaches into his pocket and pulls out his key, telling him that she wants to go to his room. She opens the door and flops onto the bed.

Jonathan is at Lizzie's bedside. She's sleeping but he tells her that everything will be okay. Tammy calls to see how she is, but he tells her it's not a good time. She reflects on her last night with Jonathan and on what might happen if he leaves Lizzie. He's worried and confused, barely speaking. When he turns around, Lizzie has woken up and tells him that she feels 'screwed over.' He tries to apologize to her, but she throws it back in his face, instantly realizing that he had left her and the baby for Tammy. She tells him to admit that he doesn't want the baby and accuses him of wishing that the baby had somehow miscarried. Genuinely offended, he tells her never to say that.

A little later, he tries to take her out to the sunlight in a wheelchair, thinking that it will calm her down. She tells him that she feels alone and is sure he will abandon her at any moment. He takes her back to the room and tries to get her to relax with a series of lewd jokes about The Price is Right before Tammy appears in the doorway. He tells her that it's not a good time, but Lizzie cuts him off and tells him to go since that's 'what he really wants.' Instead, he kicks Tammy out and closes the door, something he's obviously very conflicted about doing. He sits by Lizzie and tries to get her to calm down while peering out the glass in the door to see Tammy crying. Harley and Gus walk by her and ask how she is; she runs off.

When Lizzie falls back to sleep, Jonathan walks into the hallway to look for Tammy, but Alan finds him first and accuses him of abandoning the child yet again. He says that the baby is a Spaulding and will be raised a Spaulding. 'You'll have to kill me first!' Jonathan retorts before Lillian intervenes to stop the escalating argument. She shames them both, saying that the baby is at risk because of the way that they've been behaving and won't allow that either of them have done anything in Lizzie's best interests. Jonathan walks off, asking Gus and Harley if they've seen Tammy before heading off to find her. Lizzie wakes up to see Alan sitting beside her, telling her that Jonathan has abandoned her again when she 'needed him the most.' When Jonathan arrives at the shack, he finds Tammy waiting for him, already livid. She tells him that 'nothing's been okay for a long time' and puts the choice to him: 'It's the baby or us.'

Next on GL: Jonathan refuses to believe he has to make a choice. Coop thinks he can't make things right. Buzz tries to convince Olivia to reconcile with Ava.

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