Sins of the Father

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

Jonathan worries about being a good father and is visited by the ghost of his own. Lizzie gets rushed to the hospital.

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Alfred returns to badger Jonathan

Jonathan wakes up in bed beside Lizzie and turns around to see his dead father Alfred crawl up beside her. Jonathan jumps away in disbelief. 'You're dead!' he exclaims. Alfred saunters up to him and tells him that he is no deader than he is going to be, once that baby is born; from there on, it will only get worse. A repelled Jonathan insists that he will be a good father, that he is nothing like Alfred and wouldn't beat his children. Then, he wakes up and realizes that it was all a nightmare. Lizzie touches him and, still on his nerve ends, he falls out of bed. She's up early and ready to go to birthing classes. Alfred continues to pour poison into Jonathan's ear, telling him that a real man wouldn't do such things. As they pack and head over to the hospital, Alfred continues until Jonathan starts listening. He asks Lizzie if she'd be more comfortable having her mother do this with her. She accuses him of trying to back out and won't let him get away.

When the lessons start, they discover that the instructor is none other than Lizzie's grandmother Lillian. She keeps her eyes on Jonathan the whole time, as he persistently checks his watch and the door to the unamused looks of Lizzie. As they go through the exercises, Lillian has to keep stopping Jonathan from putting the baby upside down and in various other positions. When they sit down to practice breathing, Lizzie tells Jonathan how much she looks forward to taking the baby around to see everyone. He reminds her that he will be with Tammy again by then and Lizzie thinks this means that he will abandon her and the baby. This isn't the case, he insists, but reminds her that their marriage is a fake. At this, she becomes upset and begins to feel pains, but he thinks that she's faking just so she can manipulate him.

He walks out of the class and tries to call Tammy but discovers that her phone has been disconnected. Alfred comes to him again and tells him that he 'doesn't belong in there with all those' 'Normal people,' Jonathan finishes. 'No, you're right. Because of you, I will never fit in with normal people again.' Next, Alfred teases him about Tammy and talks about all the things he'd like to do with her until Jonathan flips out and begins to smash up the room. Remy, who is doing his rounds, runs in and stops him. Instantly, Jonathan levels accusations at him for taking Tammy away from him and threatens that, if he so much as looks at her, he'll come after him. Remy smugly answers that Jonathan will be too busy changing diapers to do anything when he gets Tammy alone. Once out in the hall and alone again, Jonathan wonders if he should go back into the classroom, but Alfred returns to prod him some more. He tells him that Tammy is leaving her 'outlaw' behind for a cop and that his whole life is slipping away; soon, he won't even know who he is anymore. Jonathan can't force himself to return to the birthing class and runs off.

With Jonathan gone, Lillian expresses worry about his behavior, but Lizzie tries to reassure her by saying he's simply overwhelmed and over-passionate. Lizzie goes on to say that her and Jonathan have gotten much closer and even says that he is falling in love with her, even if he doesn't know it yet. Lillian is unconvinced though, and tells her that she should consider coming back to live with her and Beth since she knows that, at least, they will always love her. Later on, Lillian regrets that she hadn't raised Beth and Lizzie better, hadn't taught them to wait for the right man and make better decisions. Lizzie still thinks she's pretty fabulous though. After Lillian goes off, Lizzie has a chat with Rick (of all people). She asks him if he believes that some people are 'meant to be.' He says that he's always loved her mother, but she was with Philip so Lizzie says that she misses her father and so does Rick. She asks him if Philip would like Jonathan and he says that, if he thought he would treat the baby right, they would be best friends. She returns to her penthouse alone and soon begins having pain again. They become more intense and she collapses on the floor screaming.


Jonathan is trying to control his life

Marina is trying to lay some ground rules down to Tammy. She doesn't want to see any lascivious behavior between her and Remy when she's in the apartment. Tammy insists that there is no way that will happen. Marina goes off unconvinced and Tammy walks out only to be grabbed by Jonathan. She yells at him for scaring her and tries to get away but he follows her home. She reminds him that he is having a child now and she can't be with him anymore; it hurts too much. To this, he claims that he is getting a divorce; that day, he decided that he had to leave Lizzie. The marriage was a bad idea and he can't make it work. Besides, he only agreed to marry Lizzie if he could still see Tammy at the same time. Now, he's realized that you only get so much time to live your life and he's spent too much of it without her. They slowly fall into the bed. After making love, he tells her that he's going to get them a home and a dog. They laugh and get dressed. She tells him that he has to break things as gently as possible to Lizzie and kisses him for luck. When they walk into the penthouse, Lizzie is sprawled on the floor bleeding. He flies into a panic and picks her up from the floor to carry her to the hospital. Alfred is waiting in the doorway. He tells Jonathan to drop her and leave her there, but Jonathan pushes past.

At the hospital, Lillian and Rick take Lizzie off to be examined while Alfred whispers that Jonathan destroys everything that he touches. He begins to blame himself and says that he should have been with her. He tries to get in to see her, but Lillian won't allow it. He goes outside and tries to pray for Lizzie and the baby. Reva appears and asks him what's wrong. After he tells her everything, he makes it clear that he blames himself for all of this and believes that he's being punished. Reva tries to convince him that it isn't true, but he keeps telling her that he feels like he's turning into Alfred and now, won't get a chance to prove he could be a good father. She takes his hand and brings him back inside. He begins to pace as she sits down to ask God to take her rather than the baby. Lillian won't tell Jonathan anything, she's too angry with him. She and Reva start to argue and then Rick appears to say that Lizzie has dangerously high blood pressure and that, if it doesn't go down, they may have to induce labor. Jonathan is finally allowed in to see Lizzie. He collapses beside her crying while Tammy, keeping some distance, looks on.

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