Plans Wear Thin

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

Dinah goes after the blogger. Josh talks things over with Reva. Marina has mixed feelings about Mallet.

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Dina has a plan

A tired and goofy Gus comes to the police station to kill time with Mallet. He lets out that he and Harley are trying to get pregnant and, just as they get into the birds and the bees routine, Marina appears and Gus excuses himself. Marina imagines that Gus is embarrassed to be around them because he believes what the blogger has been saying about her and Mallet. On that point, Mallet says that they need to have a talk about their feelings. Marina becomes nervous and says that they don't need to have this talk, but he insists and then lists all of the things she does that annoy him like listening to talk radio, eating health food on stakeouts etc.. She tells him that he's being obnoxious (yet, seems disappointed that this is all he's said) and tells him just to forget that she's a woman.

Jeffery is still anxious about what the blogger will do next. Dinah teases him until he gets annoyed and goes to take a shower. Once he's busy, she uses his password on his computer to send the blogger a message. She soon receives a reply and calls the police station, pretending that she's the blogger and leaves a message for Mallet to meet her at the fishing shack. Once she arrives at the shack, she looks around in the dark until someone knocks her on the head and she falls to the ground unconscious. She wakes up as Mallet discovers her. He holds her while she explains her plan to trap the blogger to him. She thought that, maybe, if she could help capture him, it would make up for things and confesses that she misses him. Marina interrupts to say that the guy they were after escaped down the alleyway. She is noticeably uncomfortable looking at Mallet and Dinah. Suddenly, Jeffrey appears, explaining that he saw the message Dinah sent from his computer and was worried about her. Mallet begins to tell him off for involving Dinah in all of this, but Jeffrey tells him to look after the crime scene while he takes Dinah to the hospital. Jeffrey's involvement makes Mallet even more worried about Dinah and he tells Marina that he will be keeping a close watch on both of them from now on. Jeffrey takes Dinah home and tells her that she has to be more careful and stop acting stupid.

Harley has come to see Cassie to borrow some fertility books. She's baffled to learn that Cassie has sent Josh out to talk to Reva. When Cassie goes to get the books, Gus appears and begins making out with Harley on the couch until Cassie returns and he runs away. Harley tells her that she is stirring up trouble by sending Josh to see Reva and Cassie admits that sending Josh back into Reva's orbit is her worst nightmare. With all of this strange behavior, Harley suggests that Cassie must be trying to sabotage her own relationship. Then, she tells her about her and Gus attending Reva and Billy's non-wedding in Las Vegas. This is all news to Cassie who demands details for why they didn't go through with it. Harley lets her know about Reva's slip, when she said that she couldn't wait to marry Josh, but then explained that she was really happy with Billy. Cassie worries, Harley tells her she has to stop and allow herself to be happy. Then, Gus returns and throws Harley over his shoulder and takes her away.

Josh tells Reva that Cassie is worried about her and relates everything that Cassie told him about her recent 'stranger than usual' behavior. Reva panics and becomes distraught, asking 'what more does she want? I gave you up, what else could she want?' This isn't the way Josh thought things had happened; he reminds her that she pushed him away for months and realizes that there must be something else wrong. She's reluctant to say anything and remains defensive. Finally, she tells him that she has a gambling problem and the trips away, the large withdrawals of money etc. have all been part of her dealing with gambling addiction. Josh tells her that she did the right thing in not involving him in her problems, but offers to help pay off her debts. He even offers to sell Cross Creek and this makes her very upset; she says that would be like ripping out her heart. She then talks about all the time they spent there with their children and alone. He says this makes it sound like she still wants to be with him. She says no yet again and then tells him that her fight with gambling has been 'tough, but is almost over now.' She is going away, she confirms, but doesn't know to where or when she'll be back. She tells him that he should celebrate Christmas at the cabin and there, in Marah's secret hiding place, he'll find a letter from Santa Claus.

Josh returns to Cassie and tells her that Reva has a major gambling problem and they aren't going to do anything about it because she can look after herself. He says that he's glad she asked him to talk to Reva though, since, now they know what's wrong with her and don't need to worry about it. Meanwhile, when Reva returns to her room, she finishes her goodbye letter to Josh in which she confesses that he was the love of her life and she would always be grateful for knowing him.

Next on GL:While Jonathan is practicing to be a father, he has a ghostly visitation from his own.

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