Making Plans

Monday, October 16th, 2006

Reva makes plans while Cassie gets worried. Tammy moves in with Remy. Olivia is arrested.

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Cassie convinces Josh to be worried about Reva

Cassie is still worrying about Reva but Josh is doing his best not to be interested. She tells him that he's being cold and he says that getting involved with Reva's problems will only make things worse. He assures her that Reva can look after herself and, if she can't, she has Billy. Then he goes on to say that he thinks she's only concerned because she feels guilty about what they're doing to her by being together. She insists that they still need to find out what's wrong because, no matter what, they both love her. Eventually, she wears him down and he goes off to find her.

Reva is trying to write her goodbye letter to Josh. Unsatisfied, she continues to toss them away until they make a mess scattered upon the floor. She's interrupted by a call from one of her doctors urging her again to come in for tests. She lets them know flatly that she's not interested and tells them to leave her alone. Billy comes home and she tells him she has something to take care of. He offers to keep her company and they sashay out, but he's shocked to find that they have an appointment with a funeral director. She begins to plan her funeral while Billy, obviously very uncomfortable, tries to make jokes. After saying that she wants to cremated, the funeral director tries to sell her an expensive coffin. She begins to rant about how wasteful this is before she realizes what she actually wants: A rowdy party that the whole town will remember. Then she asks if they rent mechanical bulls. The funeral director tells her that she should try to think of something more 'appropriate' and she's insulted; nothing that has happened to her is appropriate, but being told what kind of funeral she can have is the worst of everything: Only she can decide what's appropriate. Her imagination begins to go wild and she and Billy imagine having an entire circus at her funeral. Finally, she tells him she needs some time alone and walks off until she finds a bench to sit and rest on. To her surprise, Josh sits next to her and tells her that he's worried about her and that he's not going anywhere until she tells him what's wrong.

Jonathan has been waiting for Tammy at the shack, but Tammy has gone to see Remy and Marina at the station about their new apartment. She is still have reservations and goes to the bathroom for a moment to splash some water on her face. She leaves her phone behind and Remy sees that Jonathan is calling her. When she comes back, they sign their new rental agreement and start to make plans for their first night when Remy let's Tammy know that Jonathan called. She asks why he didn't tell her before and he says that he though tonight should just be about her. Tammy rushes off, leaving Marina to ask Remy what he was thinking. He tells her that he doesn't want to play any games. Marina tells him that, if he and Tammy get together, she doesn't want to be the third wheel, but at least he's not Jonathan.

After leaving messages and realizing that Tammy may not be coming, Jonathan flips out and begins to smash up the shack before Lizzie appears and stops him. She tells him that he has to calm down because his anxious vibes are making the baby stressed. They sit down together and share a sandwich while trying to think of names. He teases her and suggests they call it Turkey Sandwich Randall or Bingo, after his first dog. They begin to laugh when Tammy interrupts and Lizzie instantly excuses herself. She says she's going home, but actually hides just outside to eavesdrop. Tammy tells him that she's taken an apartment with Marina andRemy. Not good news for Jonathan, who accuses Remy of 'sniffing after' her. She tells him that they need distance and, at least Remy hasn't given her any problems; he hasn't made her life more painful, which is exactly what Jonathan has done, no matter how much they love each other. She doesn't want to be around him once the baby is born. After kissing him one last time, she tells him that, if he loves her, he has to stop and then runs off leaving him slumped into the wall.

Olivia tells everyone that Ava is her daughter and they are taken aback. Buzz wonders if it could be true, but asks Olivia if she's joking. Olivia explains how Ava was adopted on San Cristobal. Ava still refuses to acknowledge the possibility. She's only doubtful because she 'is the person that she hates the most in the world,' Olivia says before producing the adoption papers. Coop and Ava think it might all be a fraud and can't believe it, even as Olivia explains everything that's happened. Ava says that, no matter what, it doesn't matter; Olivia can't expect any help from her. Frank tries to cuff Olivia just as Emma runs into her arms. Ava tells her that her mother has to go away and she'll be staying with Uncle Buzz.

Once Frank has taken her into the hall, Buzz runs after her, but she tells him to walk away from her while they still have a few good memories. After quieting Emma down and helping her into bed, Ava tells Buzz that she's sorry for everything that's happened. He says that both of them only did what they felt they had to, yet wonders what Ava will do if Olivia really is her mother. When they get to the station, Frank tells Olivia that she might not be able to have bail, but Alan barges in and says that she will and he will be posting it.

Next on GL:Mallet and Marina talk about their feelings. Dinah tries to lure the blogger out. Josh confronts Reva.

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