Making A Change

Friday, October 13th, 2006

Cassie makes a discovery. Tammy moves on. Ava goes to the police.

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Alan-Michael tries to help

Cassie spills her coffee over a set of blue prints while her brownies are burning in the oven,. She's too late to rescue them when Josh suddenly arrives home. She tells him that he should run away from the chaos. He takes her in his arms and says that he sees no chaos. As the panic continues, Josh assures her that he will take care of everything and sends to her to office to get more blueprints.

Reva is ducking out of her doctor's appointment so she can spend some time with friends and family. She looks through a luxury car brochure when Jonathan finds her. She tells him that she's been thinking about what he said when he imagined her going out in ablaze of glory. She asks if he would stop her. He says 'no, take me with you.' Then he recounts how Tammy left him and his plan to get Remy away from her backfired. Reva is concerned and says she won't leave the world until she knows her children are happy. She pulls his arm around her and he whispers her to her that he doesn't want to let her go. She tells him about being with her mother when she died and assures him that she will be with him always, at least in spirit. After this, she apologizes for saddling him with all of her problems, but reminds him that, when she 'kicks it' he has to keep her secret. Jonathan asks her if she's sure she doesn't want Josh to know 'that she loves him forever and all that?' She answers that she'll find away. Reva sends him off, she bought him the fishing shack he used to live in with Tammy and she wants him to fix it up for them. As he walks away, Lizzie runs into him and asks him where he's going. She tells him it's not a good idea to see Tammy and doubts that she will actually show up, but he's convinced and strides off. During the previous conversation, Cassie has been lurking a few feet away listening, wondering where it is Reva is supposedly going. Finally, Reva's doctor appears, concerned that she's been breaking appointments, but she tells him that she has no desire to spend what's left of her life in hospitals. Cassie follows her back to her apartment and grabs one of her bank notes where she notices substantial withdrawals and realizes something is seriously off.

Remy drags Tammy from her room after receiving complaints that she's been disturbing the peace by playing music too loud. He takes her to the police station where he sets her infront of a computer and shows her a picture of an apartment. He asks her if she'd like to live there...with him...and Marina, he adds to her relief. She flatly says 'no' and Remy tells her that her life is still too dominated by Jonathan. Marina peeks in on the conversation to try and convince Tammy, but they're both put-off by Remy's suggestion that they do all the cooking and cleaning. After accusing Remy of living in an 80's sitcom, she says she isn't ready to start a life without Jonathan, not even for now let alone for good.

Tammy goes looking for her mother and finds Josh at the house, trying to fix the stove. She tells him about the offer to move in with Marina and Remy, but that she doesn't want to take a step away from Jonathan because he's 'everything.' No one is ever everything, he tells her. He's just glad he finally made the choice to leave Reva because she made him miserable for too long and staying with her would have been the biggest mistake of his life. She calls Remy and says she will move in with them because she needs a change in her life. Remy is very pleased with himself. Moments later, she receives Jonathan's note asking to meet with her at the shack.

The Coopers all manage to interpret Olivia's slip statement that she 'brought Ava into the world and she can take her out' as simply another threat. This pushes Ava too far and she goes for the phone to call Frank, but Olivia grabs her arm and says that, if she does, she will have her charged with reckless endangerment of a minor. She also wonders how she will explain to Frank why she waited so long to go to the cops about someone who was trying to kill her.

Ava calls Alan-Michael who asks her to meet him at the station. When she arrives at the station with Coop, Alan-Michael is already waiting there. Coop isn't happy to see him, but Alan-Michael hands them a picture of Gillespie and tells them that he has private eyes tracking him down. Frank wanders over and recognizes Gillespie, saying that he was the guy that was after Olivia. Coop tries to convince Frank that Olivia hired Gillespie to go after Ava and shows him the bruises on her arms. Frank says it's not enough proof and tells Alan-Michael not to get involved. Before leaving, Alan-Michael lets Ava know that he won't let Olivia get away with it. Coop shoots him a dirty look and pulls her into the office to make her statement.

Buzz takes Olivia home and tells her straight that he doesn't believe her. He forcefully takes her face in his hands and shouts at her that 'she's tearing his family apart!' Olivia protests that things have changed and he should go now. He admits that, even if he doesn't believe her, he still can't leave her. Even good people do bad things, he says; he only wishes he could protect her from herself because he loves her. She pleas with him to walk away from her before he loses Coop, but he won't hear of it and they fall into bed. She still can't understand why he wants to stay with her. Unconditional love makes her worry and she wonders if Emma will ever understand all the things that she has done. Buzz tells her that everything she's done, she's done for love. After a kiss, she promises him that he won't regret loving her. Soon, Frank comes to arrest Olivia for attempted murder. When he starts to take her out the door, she loudly protests that Ava doesn't know what she's doing before blurting out that she is Ava's mother.

Jonathan goes to the shack and fixes it up with flowers and candles as he waits for Tammy alone while Reva tries to write a farewell note to Josh. She can't do it and throws it in the garbage. When Cassie returns home, she finds Joshua with brownies that Tammy helped him cook, but she is worried about Reva and tells him so, though he's reluctant to hear it.

Next on GL: Cassie's worries about Reva grow. Ava is reluctant to believe Olivia. Tammy is uncertain about where she's going.

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