Thursday, October 12th, 2006

Harley and Gus try to find time alone. Marina accuses Dinah of mischief. Olivia has a confession.

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Buzz isn't sure what to make of Olivia's paranoia

Coop goes to see Ava who almost attacks him with a baseball bat before realizing that it's him. She tells him that her plan to let Olivia give herself up backfired, now she's stuck going to the police herself. Coop says that he has some questions that he needs answered and asks her to hold off on going to the police. Once he leaves, Beth comes to the door and tells Ava that they need to talk about 'saving her life.' Beth goes on, telling her that she is concerned about Emma because she is Philip's daughter. Before she can launch into a plan, Alan-Michael cut her off and informs her that Beth is just trying to buy her off as part of her penance to Alan for having an affair with Rick. Beth counters by saying that, at least she's not trying to get her into bed and then leaves. Ava tells Alan-Michael everything that's been happening and shows him her bruises. He offers to send her security, but she insist that Coop will protect her. He's not terribly convinced and reminds her that she knows where to find him if she needs anything. After being left alone in her room, she gets sick of 'feeling like a prisoner' and leaves.

Buzz returns to a worried Olivia who tells him that Ava has gone insane and has been coming after her, accusing her of all sorts of crazy things. This is all rather hard for Buzz to believe, nonetheless, he puts his arms around her and tries to comfort her. He tells her that they'll figure something out and announces that they are going to talk to Ava and those involved. Olivia reluctantly agrees to go with him.

Harley is manoeuvring around the house while talking to Gus on her cell phone. They are trying to set up a place to try for the baby without Rick discovering them, but before they can set the plan in motion, he interrupts them yet again. They try to give Rick a hint which, eventually, he manages to decipher just as Leah arrives to pull him away. The thought of Rick's broken home makes them reflect for second before Gus announces that he wants twins. He tries to take Harley on the kitchen counter before they are interrupted by Buzz and Olivia. Wanting some air, Olivia soon goes outside only to be confronted by Coop who tells her that he knows all about Ava's adoption. He wants to know why Olivia keeps trying to hurt Ava, but from his questions, Olivia isn't sure what he actually knows. He goes off on her because he believes that she's trying to destroy Ava's memories of her mother by telling her that she was adopted. Olivia finally tells him that he doesn't know what he's talking about just as Ava discovers them and asks what's going on. Coop can't bring himself to tell her. They're interrupted by Buzz, Harley and Gus. As they begin to argue, Harley and Gus sneak away for some alone time while Buzz tries to rationalize Olivia's behavior. Olivia begins to apologize and ask Ava if they can be friends. She becomes more heated, telling her that she will do anything she has to in order to make things right. Yet, Ava doesn't believe a word of it and tells her that she will have to pay for what she's done. As she heads to the door, Olivia blurts out: 'I brought you into the world and I can take you out!' to confused stares from everyone in the room.

Beth finds Alan-Michael having coffee and sits down for a chat. She tries to tell him that she loves Alan, but settles for honestly saying that she loves being Mrs. Alan Spaulding. He asks her if that's enough for her. She puts her hand on his and give shim a lustful grin: 'At least until there are other options.' He tells her that they both know what he has to offer, but what could she offer him? She says that she knows how to keep the options open.

A reporter stops Jeffrey on the street to ask him if he's heard the latest on the Springfield Burns site. He says he doesn't listen to gossip and then rushes home to check. At the station, the cops are all standing around teasing Marina about her and Mallet as Dinah lurks around the corner. Mallet appears with flowers for Marina, who isn't pleased with the gesture, but is even less pleased when he gives her a big kiss and says that he wants to give everyone something to talk about. Jeffrey appears to badger Mallet about why he hasn't done more on the blogger case to which he responds that Jeffrey ought to be doing more than Dinah. Marina walks away only to find Dinah who congratulates her on her new partner. She then proceeds to warn her off Mallet, telling her that he has a habit of sleeping with his female partners before asking her how their stay in Chicago was. Marina jumps on this point because Dinah uses the exact same words that the blogger did. It's not difficult for her to begin suggesting that Dinah is the blogger, although Dinah names half a dozen reasons why it couldn't be her. Marina threatens to check all of her internet records and this is enough to provoke Dinah to say that she may have tipped the blogger off about her and Mallet. Marina says this is 'pathetic' since she got the whole town gossipping just because she's jealous. Mallet and Jeffrey interrupt this exchange and Mallet pulls Dinah away to ask her if she really is jealous and then suggests that he might arrest her. He thinks that she's just been looking for trouble and is trying to make things worse for herself. Finally, he makes her promise that she will look after herself and they share a long intense look before being interrupted. Dinah storms off and Marina tells him that Dinah thinks he's falling for her. He quips: 'Who Wouldn't' and leaves Marina with an embarrassed smile.

Dinah returns home with Jeffrey and tells him that she has a plan to trap the blogger. She's going to continue to plant information about Marina and Mallet until she pulls him out of hiding. Jeffrey suspects that what she really wants is to trap Mallet.

Next on GL: Reva goes to Jonathan for help. Ava and Alan-Michael team up.

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