Jeffrey's Past Finds Him.

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

Jeffrey gets grilled by Gaby's endless questions. Jeffrey's past is catching up with him. Cassie leaves for St. Cristobel.

Jeffrey's Past Finds Him. image


Mayoral candidate Jeffrey is confronted by an aggressive Gaby. She puts the questions to him, especially trying to resolve things about his past. Later, Blake arrives telling him that Gaby was pretty rough on him. She asks him why would he want to run for Mayor if he such a private person. Jeffrey answers that he's complex, an enigma, then he brushes off Blake and she leaves

Jeffrey keeps flashing back to ...the man... years ago who controlled every moment of his life. ...We need you Jeffrey... the man tells him. Jeffrey doesn't understand how he got into this position in the first place. ...We protect you from everyone... replies the man. Meanwhile back at the press conference, Jeffrey spots the very man that has haunted his entire past.

Flashback again, this time Jeffrey's face has been bandaged up. The man tells him that he has to keep following orders because thus far, Jeffrey hasn't done a good job doing that. Jeffrey balks at him telling him that he didn't sign up for this, not to have his face into hamburger. Bald guy tells him that gives them a new opportunity. To give him a brand new face. That Jeffrey is there puppet and nothing more.

Back at the press conference again, the man shows up behind him. He tells Gaby, who comes back for more questions, that this is an old friend. Then, away from people the guy tells him ...THEY... want him to drop out of the race. We own you Jeffrey, he says. But Jeffrey tells him he paid his debt years ago. He tells him he'll be thrown under a freight train. Asking Jeffrey if he wants to loose everything? Is he really prepared for that. And besides, states the man, your opponent is very worthy of the position for mayor.

Cassie approaches Jeffrey in the bar. They talk about her leaving and having such a hard time doing it. Jeffrey tells Cassie how much he's gonna miss her and Springfield will too. She replies back the same. Cassie tells him he's a good man and to take care of himself.

Flashing back to Jeffrey and Prince Richard. Cassie enters and kisses Richard. They talk of their love for each other and how happy she is. She leaves the room and Jeffrey walks in from the balcony.

After the flashback Jeffrey walks back into the bar and approaches Blake and tells her he needs to talk about the campaign. Is this where you tell me I should drop out of the race? Quit trying to charm me Blake says. No he tells her, I think you should attend my next conference, you'll find it quite.... (he pauses) quite soul searching. At the press conference, Jeffrey finds it hard to put the words together, once again spotting ...the man... in the crowd. Blake looking on wondering what Jeffrey has up his ...soul searching... sleave, listens on. Jeffrey finally goes on to tell the crowd that he was born to do this, he'll be the next Mayor of Springfield!

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