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Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Marina reflects on her life and weighs her options while getting ready for her Detective's promotion.

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Eleni and Marina at her promotion ceremony

Marina wakes up surrounded by all the men in her family. She begins doing her Wizard of Oz routine and calling them each by the character's names until Harley interrupts with donuts. They congratulate her on being the next in the long line of Coopers to become detectives. She is, however, the youngest to ever get this far in Springfield history. While they begin to tease her, Harley finally chases them out so she can get ready. She goes on a walk with Harley and Gus who begin to reminisce about when they became detectives. Gus decides to excuse himself from the impending girl talk and Harley asks Marina whether she has a date with Mallet. Marina tells her that she has no plans to date all of her ex-husbands and she shouldn't believe everything she reads: There's nothing between her and Mallet.

Next, we find her on the shooting range reflecting on the path her life is taking. Soon, she will be a detective, working for a pension, helping her family with her salary, stuck in her home town to look after her father in his old age. Mixed feelings begin to well up in her when Mallet interrupts and asks her if she has a date to her ceremony. The answer is 'no' and, when she thinks about it, she realizes that she doesn't know any men who aren't cops or aren't in her family. As she lets off a few shots, she sees the faces of all the men she's been with in the past and realizes that they went crazy, went back to their wives or ran away. Mallet surprises her by asking if she invited Alan-Michael.

So, she goes after Alan-Michael. Tracking him down in a parking garage at his car. She's about to ask him when they're interrupted by a car-jacker who forces them into the trunk of her car after Alan-Michael lets him know that she's a cop. After the man drives away in Alan-Michael's car, they lay in the trunk together as he complains about the smell. When he asks her why she was looking for him, she reluctantly lets him know that she was inviting him to her ceremony. He congratulates her, but is surprised she'd want him there. After a few awkward moments, they find a screwdriver and pop the trunk. He wonders why she doesn't seem more excited about her promotion and asks her if it's what she really wants or if she's just doing it because she's expected to. He offers her a job at Spaulding in security, to which she doesn't say yes and they part company.

When she returns home, she has a knock at her door and a bouquet of flowers with a note from Alan-Michael reminding her of his offer. A moment later, there is another knock: It's her mother Eleni. They hug and she tells her daughter how proud she is of her and offers to help her get ready or help her get out of the whole thing, if that's what she wants. She is concerned that Marina is only doing this to make Frank happy and reminds her of her dreams of going to college and becoming an actress. Marina says that a lot has happened since then and she didn't have a mother then to help her make decisions. They tug back and forth on the issue before Marina finally insists that she's made her choice. Her mother leaves her to get dressed and she puts on her uniform while singing 'These Boots are Made for Walkin'' in the mirror.

When she arrives at the ceremony, she spots Eleni and Frank talking and interrupts them just before Eleni can suggest that Marina is just doing this to please him. Frank presides over the ceremony and calls her up for her badge as she flashes back to her life growing up. Eleni congratulates her after and reminds her that, if she changes her mind, she knows where to find her. Marina wonders why she shouldn't be happy and begins to imagine her life in the future, looking after all the old cranky men in her family. She imagines Alan-Michael coming to the door and finding her old and dishevelled, while he is still young and handsome. He tells her that it's too late for them now, but 'at least you're happy...' Mallet interrupts this fantasy and congratulates her before showing her to her new desk. She confesses that she's not sure it's the right job for her and Mallet says that, if she's only doing it for Frank, it's a mistake. Marina hates making choices because 'if I choose to make this choice, than I'm choosing not to choose all my other choices.' Mallet tells her that she has to make a choice no matter what, but she should choose what she loves, 'follow her bliss' and various other slogans he got from bumper stickers. She thanks him for his help and tries to sit in her chair, but falls over.

She goes back to her room to change and think things over. She packs up a bag and goes to her party, now that she has 'finally found what the love in her life is.' she arrives and gives Harley a bag of laundry and everyone else a bag of presents. She looks at the little crowd of her friends and family and says that she has everything she could ever want right there; for her, there's no place like home.

Next on GL:Gus and Harley try to get rid of Rick. The blogger goes after Jeffrey. Mallet and Marina give everyone something to talk about.

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