Paying the Price

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

Olivia goes to Alan for help. Gus and Harley get an unexpected guest. Coop and Marina discover some evidence. Beth has a price to pay.

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Alan has plans for Beth

Olivia has come to see a grumpier than usual Alan who is abrupt and cold with her when she begins to ask for his help. She tells him that, if he really cares about family the way he says he does, he will help her to look after Emma. Olivia isn't giving many details about what's been going on with Ava, but Alan manages to wryly asks her if she's been trying to have her killed; a question Olivia feigns some shock at. Rather than explain herself, she appeals to whatever affection she believes Alan might still have for her. This fails; he tells her to 'keep dreaming.' She says that she needs Ava out of town to stop her from spreading rumors. Alan entertains the idea, saying that he could use Olivia's help taking care of Jonathan and Lizzie, but, for the time being, he only wants Rick thrown out of the hotel. He also reminds her that Emma is welcome at the house anytime, particularly without her mother.

Ava rises from bed and enters the bathroom. She examines her bruises in the mirror as she wonders what choice Olivia will make. Marina runs into Alan-Michael who asks her if she'd like to have something to eat with him. They sit down just as Ava and Coop enter. Coop still doesn't understand why Ava hasn't gone to the police and he's not getting an answer. When he spots Marina, he asks her to give him some help with something and leaves Ava with Alan-Michael. Once they're alone, she asks him if he can teach her to be 'ruthless.' He tells her that, if she's trying to be like Olivia, she shouldn't but, if she needs someone to be ruthless for he, he'd be glad to.

Coop asks Marina top help him break into Olivia's room to search for evidence that she hired Gillespie to try and kill Ava. Reluctantly, she agrees. He rummages through her desk, quickly discovering a photo of Ava there. Before the baffled look can leave his face, Olivia has come home and demands to know 'what the hell they're doing there.' Coop says that he'll explain as soon as she tells them what a photo of Ava is doing there. Olivia isn't about to tell them anything and throws them out. When they get in the hallway, Marina says that, at least they learned Ava was adopted. She managed to grab the adoption papers that were sitting beside the photo. Coop is bewildered, but Marina seems to have figured something out. Then, Ava appears and asks them what's going on. They don't let on.

Rick is trying to fix a bike and gently break the news of his new marriage problems to Leah. He confesses everything to her in a flurry and begs her, not to forgive him, but at least to understand. Leah only offers her hatred. Later, Leah is throwing out all of her toys. She thinks it's time to grow up now. Mel finds her and realizes that she knows about the affair when Leah tells her that she's throwing out her dolls so that she can 'learn to sleep alone like you.' Mel begins to help her fill the bins and, as they go faster, they break down in tears and fall into each other's arms. Mel tries to comfort her by assuring her that her father loves her and that she really loves him, even if she realizes now that he's not perfect. When Leah asks if Mel will take him back, she seems to shake her head but says that she isn't sure.

Beth returns to the hotel room she was sharing with Rick and is disappointed not to find him there. When she turns around, Mel is standing in the doorway. Beth tries to explain herself to an unreceptive Mel who answers back that, when she wants comfort, she 'takes a bath, not goes after someone else's husband.' This is enough to stop Beth playing nice and she begins to launch into Mel and level the blame on her, telling her that, if she'd been a decent wife, Rick wouldn't have needed another woman. She says that she will only take responsibility for herself and not for everyone else's failures. Mel replies that she only treated Rick the way she has because she actually has moral standards and that, if Alan has forgiven Beth, she is going to have a very steep price to pay.

Gus and Harley are at the station. He points out that it's been three months since he kicked his habit. She gives him a hug and they talk about her ovulation schedule. Just then, a cop brings in the man, whose baby they were watching, in cuffs. He begins to demand to see the cops who took his child away from him. When Gus rises to announce that it was him, the man lunges at him only to have Gus throw him down and read him the riot act about the way he treated his baby girl. Once the man has been taken away, Harley shoots Gus a concerned look before running up and kissing him. She's getting very excited and tells him that now is the time to start trying for a baby. He almost takes her on the desk, but she makes them head home. They rush home and Harley eagerly tries to undress him while he sets the scene with entire bag of aphrodisiacs. Once Gus has run to the bathroom to get ready, there is a knock at the door: It's Rick. Harley tells him that she's very busy and he tells her that he doesn't have a home anymore. Gus comes out in silk and tries to conceal his embarrassment among other things as Rick plunks himself down between them on the couch and begins to go on about his problems. They take every opportunity to convince him to run off and try to save his marriage, but he isn't going anywhere. They tell him they're busy trying to 'make a new addition.' Rick offers to hold Gus' tools, but Gus says 'no' before Rick runs off to fetch his toolbelt, telling them not to start without him. He returns with all of his stuff and says that he'll be staying the guest room. Gus almost wants to cry.

Later, Beth is getting drunk in the afternoon when Alan hunts her down. He tells her that he's having her followed from now on. She says that must be evidence that he cares and begins to put her arms around him. He throws her off and says that what he wants is payback for the humiliation she has dealt him. He picks her up and threatens to throw her off the edge, but stops, telling her that he has worse things in mind. He tells her that he'll do whatever he has to in order to protect his family. He wants to be able to insure the future of the family and this means that they will have to look after the children and grandchildren they already have. He says that first, she is going to have to get rid of Ava.

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