Asking For Trouble

Monday, October 9th, 2006

Olivia tries to talk to Ava. Mallet finds out that he's the blogger's new target. Beth and Alan exchange threats. Jonathan and Remy have a fight while Lizzie gets closer to what she wants.

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Mallet gets more suspicious of Dinah

Olivia has cornered Ava and tells her that they need to talk about Coop. Ava has no interest in this conversation and is sure she knows what Olivia has to say. Olivia insists that she really doesn't. When she wonders why Ava still hasn't gone to the police, she imagines this must mean that there is something more between them. Yet, Ava says that there is nothing; she simply has something else in mind. It is then that Ava tells Olivia that she has to turn herself in or she will do it. Maybe this way, she can get a little mercy and Ava won't have to feel guilty for taking Emma's mother away from her.

Ashlee finds Dinah checking out the Springfield Burns website. On the screen, we can see that there is a feature about Mallet and Marina having a fling. Dinah tells Ashlee that what happens next should be very interesting. Later, Dinah is having a drink with Olivia who says that she's done something awful to her daughter and let's out that Ava is her daughter. Dinah's shocked for a moment, but Olivia goes on, telling not even half the truth about what's been happening and makes Ava out to be the troublemaker. Dinah tells Olivia that she really can't rely on Buzz or Mallet to help her out. What she needs is someone whose character is more 'grey'. Olivia seems to respond favorably to this suggestion. Just then, Mallet and Marina walk into the room and a look of utter disgust fills Dinah's face.

At the station, Marina has been emailed a link to the site and doesn't seem sure if it's a joke or something more. Already, the other cops at the station are mocking her for her apparent affair with Mallet. Mallet then enters, followed by a camera crew doing a story about him. He asks her what's going on. She shows him the site and he sends the crew away, irritably walking to his desk where he finds Dinah sitting waiting for him. She asks him if it's still his desk, or is he sharing it with his new girlfriend? She continues to needle him, asking if he's 'breaking her in' until he gets annoyed and starts asking her if she's the blogger. She answers that his lack of trust is why she 'dumped his butt' and begins to saunter off as he shoots back at her: 'I dumped you and it's a cute butt.' Soon, Frank is asking Mallet what he's been up to with Marina and Mallet is dismayed by his hostility. He tries to convince Frank that it's all false and tells him that they should put Marina with another detective. The film crew and Marina have been listening to the whole conversation. She interrupts and says that they can't get rid of her, she's 'tougher' than both of them and she thinks they should play the relationship angle up to get ratings for the show and bring the blogger out. After the two of them leave, Ava comes to visit Frank and asks him if he'll be around in the morning. He answers yes, but he can talk right now. Sge says she wants to wait and then walks away while he gives a bewildered look.

Once Jonathan has finished telling everyone about Rick and Beth's affair, Alan excuses himself while Beth quickly runs after him. Mel asks Rick if it's true, but doesn't need to hear the response and disappears. Rick goes after an exasperated Jonathan, condemning him for ruining the lives of people who had never done anything to him. Once he has gone off after Mel, Tammy comes to confront him in turn. He insists he only did this because it had to be done, to break down all of the hypocrisy and show her the truth. Tammy doesn't believe him: She believes that his whole performance was only because he thought that he was losing her; that he couldn't stand anyone else spending time with her and decided he'd rather see Remy's family destroyed. He protests that Remy is just another hypocrite, that he's always been against them and is pulling her away from him. As their argument gets more heated, Remy lunges out at Jonathan, attacking him viciously. They writhe around the balcony until they are bloody and their shirts are torn. A bored Lizzie interrupts and asks if they're done before a maitre de announces that, if they don't break it up, he'll call the cops. Remy says that he is the police and walks off. Before Tammy leaves, Jonathan confesses that he couldn't stand the idea of her being with anyone else. She is disgusted at the mere suggestion and insists that she 'could never be with anyone else in this town.' A bloody Jonathan returns to the dining room and orders a bottle. He begins to toast 'to my life and never getting anything right!' as Lizzie steps up beside him smiling. She says that they're good together because they're both so messed up, so he toasts to both of them getting everything they deserve.

Remy takes Tammy back to her room. This time Jonathan has gone too far and there's no way she can forgive him, he insists, asking her 'is that the kind of love you want in your life?' This is a question for which Tammy has no answer. She tries to reassure herself however, by insisting that Jonathan would never hurt her intentionally. This isn't good enough for Remy, who continues to prod her about it. Then, a drunken Jonathan, followed by Lizzie, begins tio throw things at the window and scream at her from the alleyway. When he sees her come out with Remy putting his arm around her, he only grows more agitated. Tammy finally tells him to go home with his wife.

When Alan gets home, he takes a drink and lights a cigar. Beth momentarily follows him in. An edgy Beth instantly wants to know what he's going to do to her. He reminds her that their relationship started for the sake of business, but he believed that it had grown into a real marriage over time. She tries to explain herself, saying that she was angry at him because he hadn't told her that Philip was alive, but he's really not interested. He tells her that she can simply leave, but, if she does, she will be leaving with nothing except the clothes on her back. If, on the other hand, she wants to stay with him, she should go to her room and think about their marriage vows; specifically 'till death do us part.' She misses the days of the 'four musketeers' she says, but Alan says that all died when she married him and calls her weak. She begins to fondle a letter opener, issuing not-so subtle threats and telling Alan that he only ever treats her like a dog. She continues to rant at him, that he brought all of this on himself and that all of his power and money can't fix it. None of this impresses him in the least and he brushes her off, confident that she can't do anything to him.

Rick catches up with Mel and tells her that he needs to explain. For her though, there really is nothing to say except 'it's done.' Still, Rick persists and begins offering excuses for his behavior: That she had pushed him away for years and, when he though that their marriage was 'dead', he 'turned to an old friend for comfort.' None of this is convincing to her and she throws it back in his face. His friends and career have always come first with him and she's been left behind. When he comes clean that it was a full blown affair, she slaps his face while he continues to make vows that he will be faithful. He insists that it's over with Beth and, if they were going to get a divorce, it would have been years ago, but, deep down, they only want each other. It's too late for Mel though. She says they ceased to be a family the minute Jonathan showed her the photo. She throws him out and throws his clothes out after him.

Next on GL: Leah finds out about Rick's affair. Mel has it out with Beth. Ava goes to Alan-Michael for help while Olivia goes to Alan.

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