Reva Tells Jonathan the Truth!

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

Jonathan finds out the truth about Reva's transplant. Lizzie comforts Jonathan. Jeffrey blackmails Dinah. Cassie books a one way ticket out of town.

Reva Tells Jonathan the Truth! image

Reva with cancer, returns to Springfield.

Jonathan and Lizzie goes to visit Reva and are exstatic to see her. And they're so happy that she and Josh are going to be a part of the baby's life. They ask her about the transplant and she lies that she hasn't received them yet but Lizzie gets suspicious. Reva gets upset when Lizzie shows up with Jonathan but she gets to see the latest sonogram. Lizzie also reminds Reva that she too had cancer and fought it. After seeing the sonogram, Reva talks to Jonathan and tells him she did receive the results and the transplant failed. He can't believe she'll die, that this was her last option. Jonathan tells her he needs her now more than ever and begs her to fight! He urges her to contact Josh and tell him but Reva refuses, telling him Josh is seeing someone. Later as the news sinks in, Jonathan starts to cry and Lizzie is there to comfort him.

Waiting to hear from Cassie, Josh meets up with Blake who hints that she approves of Josh and Cassies budding relationship. She confides that Cassie has told her everything but Josh doesn't want to discuss it.

Jeffrey blackmails Dinah so he can get control of Spaulding Enterprise's endorsement for mayor. Mallet tells Jeffrey that whoever set fire at the Beacon is the same person responsible for the Springfield Burns website too. Jeffrey and Blake turn Mallet's room into a campaign site.
Blake tries to use a hospitalized Mallet for a campaign photo op but Jeffrey sees her and gets in on the action.

Cassie locates Billy at Outskirts and demands answers to Reva's whereabouts. Billy continues to cover for Reva but balks on how much Reva's actions have hurt Josh. She tells Billy that although they haven't acted on their feelings for each other, maybe it's time Reva get a taste of her own medicine and feel some pain of her own. When Billy leaves, Dinah insists Cassie leave Springfield because when Reva DOES return, Cassie will be tossed aside and alone.

Josh finds Billy and corners him, questioning what he really knows about Reva's whereabouts and her condition. Josh uses Billy's phone to all Reva to come home. Cassie, overhearing the phone call, books a one way flight to San Cristobel.

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