We Almost Got it Right.

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Harley and Natalia visit Gus before his surgery, Dinah reaches out to Mallet, the Spaulding assets are auctioned off.

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Olivia lays down on the park bench looking up at the sky. When she returns to the hospital, Gus is rushed in on a stretcher after being in a motorcycling accident. Meanwhile, Natalia returns to her new home where she gets a call from the hospital telling her of the accident. Elsewhere, Harley and Cyrus' lovemaking is interrupted by a knock at the door. Buzz has come to tell them of the accident.


At Cedars, Jeffrey questions the cop investigating Gus' accident. Apparently he just skidded off the road. Rick comes out while Gus is prepped for surgery. He grimly shakes his head but lets Jeffrey in to talk to Gus quickly. Jeffrey tells Gus that he looks like crap. "What's your excuse?" Gus grumbles, barely conscious. Jeffrey asks him if there's anyone he should call. Gus tells him to call Alan but not to worry Olivia. Jeffrey promises to look after Olivia for him. Soon, Olivia is wheeled in and he tells her she doesn't look too good. He asks if her heart is coming. She says that it's been delayed. He tries to make a joke about his accident and tells her he only wanted to save her and be there for her. "You have been," she says. The time they've been together has changed everything for her. Having a park named after her was the most beautiful thing anyone's ever done for her. He apologizes for not marrying her, but he made a promise to Natalia and Rafe. She rests her head on his chest.


A sobbing Natalia fumbles with her keys in the parking lot until Harley rushes up to her. The women go inside the hospital and Rick promptly hands them some paperwork. He tells them what's happened and says that they haven't found a way to stop the bleeding yet. "I don't know how I can tell my son," Natalia cries. When they get in to see Gus, he begs to know what is happening. Later, Rafe arrives and he and his mother look through the glass at Gus. He starts to cry and runs off, unable to face his father. Inside the room, Gus apologizes to Harley for never finishing her house. He continues to mumble and she cries before telling him that he is the love of her life and she needs him to fight so that they can be together. "You're the love of my life too...we almost got it right," he gasps as the nurses wheel him out. Alone, Harley collapses on the floor before Cyrus arrives to comfort her.


As Lizzie and Bill climb out of the shower, she takes a break from their make-out session to spot a newspaper article on the bed. She realizes that her house, and everything in it, is going up for auction. He tells her that's her past but, to her, those things are all of her memories. She starts to talk about her toys and reminds him that not all of her time in the mansion was bad. She isn't going to let strangers take everything, she vows before walking out. She goes to Cedars looking for Lillian. Spotting Ava slouching in the corner, she walks over and smugly starts to gloat about moving in with Bill. Ava doesn't care; she has more important things on her mind, like her mother and Gus dying. Lizzie goes back to her room and plays with her dog before listening to music. Meanwhile, Dinah arrives at the mansion auction where Bill is looking over the objects for sale. He reminds her that Lizzie can't know about their role in destroying her family. After buying the doll house, he returns to his room and puts it on the bed. Lizzie smiles and hugs him.


At Cedars, Olivia wakes up in her bed and Jeffrey tells her that the heart isn't coming for her. She left the hospital so the heart went to someone else. He rests his head on her shoulder. Later, Buzz arrives and she wakes up again. She tells him that she loved him and never meant to hurt him. "It's a long life isn't it? Full of great times and sad times," he muses. "You were the greatest of the great," he offers, kissing her. She asks him how Gus is. He walks out and Ava walks in. Olivia tells her that she wants her to have fun with Emma and reminds her of how much she loves both her daughters. Ava breaks into tears and rests her head on her mother's chest.


As Gus waits to go into surgery, Natalia arrives at his side. She cries and tells him to let go of his pain and let the people who love him take care of him. He asks her not to cry. She says a prayer and then Rick has him sent into the operating room, handing Natalia a bag of Gus' things. Later, Rick informs Harley and Natalia that they had to stop the surgery. Gus wouldn't stop bleeding and it became too dangerous to continue. The women go in and stand by his side.


Alan is served a bill at Towers. He doesn't have money to cover it. Dinah pops up and asks him if things are okay. He says he has the wrong wallet. She gives a credit card and he promises to pay her back. "Buy yourself a new suit," she says, walking away. After trying to pay, the waiter informs him that the card has expired. Alan reminds him that he's been a customer there for a long time and will sort the bill out when he's finished dealing with the government. The waiter warns him not to walk out. "Watch me," Alan barks as he gets in the elevator. The waiter calls security. Alan finds a newspaper in the parking lot and wanders over to the mansion. He stares at the auction sign and pulls at the chains on the gate. Dinah happily watches in the distance before Beth arrives and embraces Alan.


Dinah and Mallet dress up and go for a date at Company. She tells him that she misses him and wants to spend more time with him. He'd like that, but he's extremely busy. "When you and I get together, things combust," he explains. He's not closing the door on a relationship with her, but he has more pressing matters to deal with. She nods and stares at him. "I've been lying to you," she says before trying to show off how well her brain is working by reciting a series of facts and doing math problems. He's impressed, but she insists that her rehab has only paid off because of his love and support. Putting his arms around her, he tells her that this is good news.


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