Neither of Them Are Us

Friday, March 28th, 2008

Gus shares moments with Harley and Alan, Olivia prepares herself for the end, Vanessa gets threats, Gus is in an accident.

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Harley arrives at home and admits to her daughter that money has been tight. She's shocked to see that Daisy has cleaned and reorganized everything. Daisy tells her not to worry, she has things covered, and walks out. This makes Harley nervous. She walks to the park where she finds Gus. She's surprised to see the place is now named after Olivia. He explains that she is dying and he felt like he needed to help her. That sounds like the old Gus to her; always trying to save someone. He tells her that he needed Olivia to know that everyone in town loved her. Harley jokes that he never got her a park. "Do you want a park?" he smiles. They pick up the boys and go back to her place. As he makes a sandwich, she tells him that he never stops trying to rescue people. Having him there is weird for her. She's still not in a place that's comfortable with him being with other women. He reminds her that she just moved her boyfriend into the house that he built. He explains that he doesn't love Olivia more than Natalia; he's just trying to make her comfortable. "But neither of them are us," he admits. As he goes to leave, she tells him that she was in love with him every day. "Are we friends now?" he asks. She starts to cry and says she wouldn't have it any other way. He tells her to paint the walls and leaves.


At Cross Creek, Reva serves Josh some tea and tells him she's, "embracing the quiet moments." Josh laughs. She explains that she has Jeffrey and she is happy and has no complaints. They toast to her new role as "domestic Goddess" and laugh. They sit down and look at the postcards that Shayne has been sending her. From comparing stories, they soon realize that Shayne's been changing his stories to suit each of them. Josh isn't crazy about getting the watered down version of things. "I'm done with the tea, bring me a beer!" he laughs.


At Cedars, Rick checks out Olivia as Jeffrey leaves to call Gus. "Even I'm not so unlucky as to die on my wedding day," she mumbles sardonically. Rick tells her that she is at the top of the heart registry, but they can't make any promises. They begin talking about Richard and he suggests that someone like that might be out there for her too. She asks to see Josh. Meanwhile, Jeffrey meets with his daughter outside for an update. As she hurries off, Jeffrey meets with Reva until Ava returns. She tells her father that her pregnancy test came back negative. He reminds her that she still has him. "That's everything," she says hugging him close.


In the hospital room, Josh sits at Olivia's side. She makes jokes about Reva and then tells him that she's losing everything. He tries giving her spiritual advice and she quips that she'll have to apologize to Cassie; now she knows how hard it is to be a minister's wife. Josh laughs and then hands her Miss Martha's Bible. When he leaves her alone, she reads from it and then calls Reva in. Reva's surprised at this, but Olivia offers her hand and asks her to take her out for some sunlight. Reva wheels her out to the park and tells her to take Josh's advice. They notice the plaque and they joke that, at least, it doesn't say that Olivia was a maneater. Left alone, Olivia cries, "Thank you Gus," and then stares out. "I haven't always believed in you, but here's a chance to prove yourself. I'm a mother...please give me a chance," she prays.


At the TV station, Harley interrupts Vanessa to ask her if she's had any problems with a stalker. She tells her that her agency can do what the police can't. Vanessa assumes that Cyrus is still working with her and is the same man he was when he was with Dinah. Harley insists he's changed and is a good partner. Vanessa tells her that people like him don't change, they just get better at being deceptive. When Harley goes home, she tells Cyrus about her meeting with Vanessa and worries that Daisy must be up to no good. He tells her not to worry about it. She goes to the gym to hand out fliers for her agency. When she gives one to Remy, he crumples it up and throws it, and what she did to Marina, in her face. As he and his workout friend walk off, she notices that they left her gym bags and grabs them.


Daisy and Rafe excitedly walk down the street. She's happy that their fake ID selling scheme is going so well. Cyrus catches them at it and puts a stop to it. He then goes to meet with Harley and suggests that he leave her alone for awhile so that she can get things back on track. She says no and insists that they need to get the Vanessa account. She changes for dinner and tells him that they will figure everything out. Changing plans, she goes up to bed and he makes a call to Vanessa, changing his voice to utter a few threats. Meanwhile, Daisy and Rafe try to sort out a new plan and go back to their fake ID selling.


Gus finds his father sitting alone in the park, smoking a cigar. Alan takes him back to his room at the motel. Alan's surprised his son isn't reveling at seeing him in squalor. Alan gets out some cheap booze and offers to toast to, "Alan Spaulding finally getting what he deserves." He feels like he's nothing without money and power, he admits. His family has always been the most important thing for him...but, now, he can't even afford to stay in this dump. Gus goes downstairs to settle the bill. Jeffrey calls and Alan picks up Gus' phone. He asks that Gus come to Olivia, alone. Alan insists that Emma needs him too. Jeffrey hangs up. When Gus returns, Alan, with great difficulty, tells his son that he's glad that he's found him. "You're not so bad yourself pop...when you want to be," Gus admits.


Alan and Gus have dinner at Towers. Gus suggests that they should do this more often. He never said that he didn't want to be his son, just that he didn't want to be a Spaulding. Alan says that he's afraid of being alone. Gus tells him that he's the only one who can make sure that doesn't happen. Ava calls to tell Gus that Olivia is dying and asks him why Alan didn't give him the message. Gus is furious with his father and storms off, accusing him of never changing. Gus' car is in the shop so Remy offers him the keys to his bike.


Outside of Cedars, Ava calls Sam and begs him to return. Rick comes out and tells her and Jeffrey that they just got a lead on a donor and Olivia might be able to survive after all. They hug excitedly and run inside, finding that Olivia has vanished from her room. In a panic, Ava calls Gus and begs him to find Olivia. He climbs onto the bike and drives off. Meanwhile, Olivia returns to the hospital. She forgot the Bible in the park so she sends Reva off to get it. Ava rushes up to her, relieved to find her and excitedly telling her that the donor has been found. The moment of jubilation is cut short when Gus is wheeled in on a stretcher, obviously the victim of an accident.


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