This Insanity Has to Stop!

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Beth is shocked at the truth, Jonathan and Lizzie take Sarah back, Cassie lashes out at Josh and Reva for betraying her, Harley and Cyrus can't stay apart.

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At the church, Reva stands in front of Jonathan while Alan levels a gun at him. She breaks the truth, pointing to Beth and telling Alan that her baby is really his. Alan assumes she's lying and gets ready to shoot. Josh yells at him to stop. "It's true. Alan, this is your baby," he explains. Cassie clings to the child and the Reverend Ruthledge's jaw drops at the revelation. Alan hands the gun to the clergyman, tells Lizzie that Sarah is at the house and walks towards the baby. He demands that Cassie hand her over, but Rick steps up, warning Alan to stay away. He tells Leah to take the boys outside. Turning to Beth, he tells her the tests don't mean anything. Beth starts freaking out when it becomes clear that Rick has been lying all along. Alan starts to threaten Rick until Cassie speaks up, admitting that she switched the tests and would do it again. She insists that the baby's DNA doesn't change anything. Beth takes the baby away from her. "How dare you!" she snaps before running off. Cassie continues lashing out at Alan. He thinks she needs a good shrink but she thinks he's just plain evil. She continues to rant, calling on everyone to stop Alan from perverting everything in town. Beth gets sick of this and starts screaming at Cassie. "This insanity has to stop!" she demands. Ruthledge tells them that he won't let them demean God's house with anymore of this and they ought to take it outside.


Alan rushes over to Beth and reminds her that Rick has been lying to her all along. Rick starts making excuses but Beth tells him to shut up. Turning to Alan, she places the baby in his arms. Cassie becomes distraught and runs to the door. Josh runs after her but she doesn't want to talk to him, or to the sister who just ratted her out. She storms away and they continue following her. Josh tells her that she needs to understand why Reva told the truth. Cassie understands, but she can't believe that Josh backed up Reva on this. They're like a tag team ruining her life. Now Alan is going to destroy another poor little girl. "I know it was just too much to expect you two to love Tammy the way I do," she says, walking away.


Alan holds the baby and talks of how he always knew she was a part of him. Beth tells him this has to stop. She takes the child back and the two men begin arguing. She refuses to stand there and listen to them bicker; if either of them love her, they'll give her time to decide what to do on her own. She and Lillian leave them behind. They bring the baby home and put her to sleep. Beth cries. She can't get used to calling the baby Bernadette, she admits. Meanwhile, Rick tells Alan that he's "done" with him. Alan points out the irony of this situation. "You have turned into me," Alan smiles after listing all of the crimes and manipulations that Rick has committed. Rick walks away, dejected, while Alan laughs that this realization will keep Rick up all night.

Cassie drifts along the street and then slumps on a bench as Tammy appears. She tells her that she can't trust everyone as much as she'd hoped. What makes things even worse is that Josh always seems to take Reva's side over hers. She doesn't know how to fight them. Back at the church, Josh returns to speak to the Reverend Ruthledge. He can't offer Josh much help. Keeping a lie like this doesn't bode well and the church board won't look at it happily. Josh's future in the ministry doesn't look good.


At The Beacon, Cyrus is fumbling with Marina's television and arguing with the maintenance people on the phone. The injured Marina keeps telling him things are alright but he thinks she needs her cable television...and maybe a parade for being so heroic. When he sits beside her, she reminds him that it's Valentine's Day and she's in love: She has everything she needs. As they start to kiss, he leans into her injury and she starts gasping. He stands away and tells her they have to give it some time. He hurries away to get her some food.


Frank walks in on Harley in her bedroom to hand her the mail. They talk about Marina and Harley jumps when he says she's with Cyrus right now. She points out that Marina will be laid up with her injury for awhile and might not make it to France. Frank just thinks she's trying to make him feel better by suggesting that Marina might have a change of mind and dump Cyrus. It's gotten to the point that Frank is resigned to things though. Picking up a laptop, he starts searching for a get-well gift for Marina. Suddenly, Cyrus appears. Frank is shocked that he would just let himself in without even knocking. As Frank gets in Cyrus' face, Harley asks how Marina is. Cyrus tells them that she's a trooper but the TV is out. Frank is appalled and runs off.


Alone, Harley worries that Frank will tell Marina that he just saw them together. He reminds her that they are co-workers. "I don't know what we are," she admits. He says that eventually they are going to have to owe up to everything. "We're still together right?" he asks with some difficulty. She answers with a "yes" and a kiss. She suggests that they wait until Marina heals before they come clean. Until then, they have to keep a distance. He's not sure he has the will power for that. They start kissing again and jump into bed. After sex, she repeats that they need to keep a distance from each other.


Lizzie and Jonathan go to the mansion. She dresses as a maid and slips into the makeshift nursery. When Alan's goon comes out to chase her away, Jonathan pops up to distract him. Lizzie knocks the goon out and they high five before grabbing the baby. They worry about how Cassie's actions will cost her and wonder how many people kept the secret. They take Sarah back to their room at The Beacon. She worries about what tomorrow will bring. He promises her that he isn't going anywhere. She hugs him and they kiss passionately. He backs away and tells her that came out of nowhere. She looks for an excuse and says it's been an emotional day. He tells her he'll never get over Tammy and she tells him she has something "real" with Bill. They should just stick to being parents, they laugh, awkwardly.


Frank arrives at Marina's so he can listen to her feel bad for herself. He tells her that she'll be getting a citation for what she did. She assumes he's just trying to make her feel good so she won't leave. He admits it, but says again that he will back up any choice she makes. She tells him how helpful Cyrus has been and how he seems strangely happy to be stuck in town. Later, Frank tries to fix the TV but has no luck. He asks her to stop trying to convince him how great Cyrus is and then he'll stop moping. She tells him again that what she has with Cyrus is right. She blows him a kiss as he leaves. She calls Company to order some pie and asks if Cyrus is there. They tell her that Cyrus hasn't been there all day. The Australian soon returns and she tells him that she's hungry. He says that Company was too busy and he couldn't get service. She stifles her anger at this blatant lie as he looks though the room service menu.


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