Friday, January 25th, 2008

Alan discovers that Lizzie is "pregnant", Lizzie comes clean with Bill and gets another shock, Marina tries to push Cyrus into marriage immediately, Harley begins to unravel Marina's plot.

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Cyrus goes over to Company and jokingly asks Buzz if he gets the family discount now. Buzz reminds him that he's not in the family yet. Taking out a bottle of scotch, he pours them a drink and tells him he has a problem: "How to keep the two most important women in my life from getting hurt by you," he says. Cyrus doesn't lie to Buzz; he admits that there is something about Harley..."But I love Marina," he insists. Buzz tells him to take care of her heart.


Harley goes to visit her niece and finds her in tears. She immediately asks if Cyrus called off the wedding. "Why would you think that?" Marina asks. She's actually crying about Tammy. It's been a year since her friend died. Harley reminds her that Tammy would have wanted her to be happy. "Let's plan my wedding," she sniffs. As they sit together, Marina points out that, at least, they both like her fiancee. Marina suddenly gets an idea: She'll get married on Valentine's Day! Later, Cyrus returns and finds Harley trying on a wedding veil while Marina is trying on a dress in the bathroom. He offers to take them to lunch. Harley ate already and has to go see Zach. As he helps her put her coat on, Marina peeks out before modeling her dress for him. Marina wonders if it's too sparkly but Harley says it's fine and walks out the door. As the couple snuggle, she tells him that she wants to get married on Valentine's. That seems a little too soon to him. He thought she'd want a big wedding. He promises her that he can take care of Immigration himself and then leaves to get the car to take them skating. She gets on the phone to Remy, asking him for another favor. She offers him whatever he wants as long as he keeps up the Immigration act.


Later, Buzz and Frank drink coffee. Frank tells him that he just called Immigration and they told him that Cyrus' case has been closed for weeks. That seems strange, he comments. Harley arrives and Frank walks away. Buzz tells her that he's had a chat with Cyrus. He's going through with the marriage for real. "It's for real for all of us," she says. Buzz wonders if she is just missing Gus. She admits that she does miss him, but there is more to her relationship with Cyrus than that. It isn't like her to be weak and want something that isn't hers. Her father tells her that things will get easier. "Will it?" she says, doubtful and in tears.


Marina injures herself skating. Cyrus gets her some ice. When he tries to carry her to the car, she spots a judge in the distance. She tells Cyrus that they should ask him to marry them tonight. Meanwhile, Harley goes to Marina's to get Cyrus' passport and sort things out with Immigration. When she's there, a note from Immigration is slipped under the door. Opening up and looking out, she catches Remy in the act. "Since when do you work for Immigration?"


Vanessa meets her son at CO2. She's thrilled to discover that he's got his sight back, but not sure how to take the news that Lizzie is pregnant. "Elizabeth is going to have another baby?" Alan smiles, overhearing the conversation. He's thrilled; he'll finally have another chance. Alan wants to get everyone together to "celebrate the miracle of life" but Bill informs him that he and Lizzie will be going away for the weekend, alone. They begin rehashing the deaths of Jonathan and Sarah. Alan knows that Lizzie likes to re-write history to make Jonathan look like a good guy but... Bill and Vanessa don't want to listen to this and walk away.


Lizzie is calling Bill from outside the Bauer cabin. She leaves a message, telling him to hurry over. She starts talking to her uterus before she strolls inside. She's surprised to find that someone has obviously been in there. Jonathan and Sarah are hiding upstairs while she begins settling in. Suddenly, Reva walks through the door, shocked to see Lizzie. She starts making excuses but Lizzie is sure that she is just there to get away from everything and everyone. Lizzie admits that she really misses Tammy and feels terrible for all the horrible things she did to her. As Lizzie begins to cry, Reva tells her that Tammy has peace now. Lizzie wishes that she could, but her life is still far from peaceful. She even thought she saw Sarah today. Reva makes her some tea and chats with her until Lizzie thinks she hears a baby cry. Reva tells her it's a squirrel and urges Lizzie to make a new life for herself. As Lizzie goes outside to grab some things from her car, Sarah starts to cry and Reva ushers Jonathan and the baby out the back and into the woods. Lizzie comes back in as they slip away. Before Reva can run off, Lizzie asks her if she will come to the memorial. Reva says that she will be there and then runs out.


Alone in the church, Reva and Jonathan talk. He tells her to take the baby away for awhile. He sits alone in the church and cries as Tammy's ghost appears to talk to him. She tells him to just think about the good stuff and asks him why he didn't stay with Aubrey. She liked her; she was good and understood him. He couldn't let her in and only thought of Tammy the whole time. "I won't let you go," he weeps. The ghost cries and they kiss. Meanwhile, Reva has Sarah in the car. The baby doesn't like her taste in music and starts crying. Reva gets out of the car and begins looking for her doll when a car drives up. It's Alan. He starts asking her questions.


As Lizzie starts setting up the cabin for Bill, she finds a stuffed animal on the floor. Bill creeps up on her, making her jump. She wonders who left the toy behind. "Goldilocks," he jokes, offering to make her some chamomile tea. She's shocked; why isn't he being his usual selfish and cocky self? Her phone starts ringing. Bill tells her it's probably Alan calling about the baby. She's terrified that her grandfather already knows, but he assures her that he's let Alan know where to stick his baby rattle. As she tries to get him into bed, flashing her lingerie and batting her eyelashes, he reminds her that she is pregnant and they need to talk. When she tries to get him to drink, he becomes angry and they start screaming at each other. She doesn't want to talk, she doesn't want to plan for the future. She's done all that before but she's all alone and her baby is gone. She runs outside and he follows her. As he chases her down a hill, she admits that there is no baby, but she keeps running. As she comes upon the road, she is almost run down by a car, only to be pulled out of the way by Jonathan. She looks up in shock.


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