Not Always

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Alan is receiving threats and turns to Reva, Will disturbs Josh once again, Cassie has nightmares about Tammy, Lizzie has a rough time and Jonathan appears.

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Ava arrives at Company to see Alan. He asks for an update on how the memorial plans are going and then sends her away. When he opens his briefcase, he finds a newspaper article about Tammy's death. It's covered in red paint reading: "Remember". Meanwhile, Reva finds Josh at his church doing a little carpentry. He asks her if they should have a memorial for Jonathan and Sarah. "No!" she insists. He doesn't think she should be alone for the anniversary. She jokes with him as he repairs his pulpit. They talk about Will and he assures her that he and Cassie are taking care of him. It may not be necessary for him to go as far with Will as he'd planned. It really seems like everything will be okay now. She wonders how Cassie is handling the anniversary. He tells her that, of all people, she should know what her sister is going through. Smiling, he leaves her alone. When she turns around, Alan appears, waving the threat he received. He knows that she isn't the sicko stalking him; he accuses Cassie of being behind it. "Who else would have done this?" he asks. She laughs, but Alan is sure that Cassie has become "a twisted terrorist".


Cassie pulls Tammy around Main Street, all the while telling her that being with her is magic. Suddenly, the sky turns dark and Alan appears, pulling the young woman away from her mother. Cassie wakes up from this nightmare and Will finds her sitting on the couch, distraught. He knows that she misses Tammy and so does he. They start to look through a photo album to pick out pictures of his dead sister for the memorial service. Will asks if Alan is coming to it; he made Tammy die after all. This isn't exactly what Cassie wants to hear. She can't really explain what happened to the boy and gets up to make a phone call. Josh walks through the door, instantly seeing that she is upset. Will explains that they were just talking about Tammy. Josh asks the boy if he can have a moment alone with his mother. Grudgingly, Will leaves them alone, going into the corner to eavesdrop while Cassie tells Josh about her nightmare.


Alan and Reva head over to Cassie's. Before they can go inside, she tells him to let her go in alone. She promises to find out what's going on. He tells her that he traced one of the threatening calls to the Bauer cabin. Strangely, that makes sense to Reva, but she doesn't explain. Going inside, she quickly confronts her sister, asking her if she's been stalking Alan again. "Wouldn't he deserve it? And more?" Cassie asks. This wasn't her though, she says; she couldn't do that again, not with Will around. Josh apologizes for suspecting her.


Alan sits on the porch and lights up a cigar. Will comes out of the shadows, telling him that he isn't allowed to smoke around here and asking him why he killed his sister. "Isn't it past your bedtime?" Alan asks, before insisting that he had nothing to do with Tammy's death. People who kill people go to jail, he explains. "Not always," Will points out. Alan offers him a dollar to leave him alone. Will agrees, but only for five. Alan gives in and hands over the bill before Will smiles and drifts away. Josh comes out with Reva and tells Alan to leave the property and leave Cassie alone. Alan still wants to know who is behind this, but Reva drags him away, though not before he can remind Josh what his wife is capable of. Reva tells Alan that she will stick by his side until the anniversary is over, promising that no one will be able to get to him without going through her first.


Later, Josh is making notes for the memorial service when Cassie comes downstairs. She kisses him and tells him that the boys are waiting for him to say goodnight. He tells her he'll be up in a few minutes. She hugs him and goes up while he continues typing. Suddenly, he senses Will's presence and looks over to see him. He tells Josh that he's looking for his "businessman doll". Josh looks under the cushion and finds a businessman, but he has no head. Will flashes the doll's decapitated head which he holds in his hand and smiles before skipping away. Meanwhile, Reva and Alan go to Company and he asks her to keep Cassie and her creepy son away from him. She slips away to make an urgent phone call.


At the Beacon, Lizzie gives Bill a drink and talks about when she discovered she was pregnant for Sarah. She's excited to help him navigate through this. He stops her. "I never said I wanted to be part of this," he states, coolly. She jumps away from him, livid as he reminds her that they aren't a couple and she'd be better off without him. "Be a man," she says. He tells her that a man wouldn't lead her on; he's not ready to be a father. "That's the truest thing you've said all day," she snaps. He admits that he's a horrible person, but compared to the other guys she's been involved with, like Jonathan, he's Gandhi. Lizzie protests that Jonathan was a great father to her baby and that is more than Bill will ever be.


As Lizzie runs off, Ava appears in the corridor. She walks in and helps him look for his shoes, explaining that things are over with Coop. He's sure that she's better off without him. Coop has an "explosive personality," he jokes. She knows what he means. He's not thrilled that she knew what Coop did all along and didn't tell him, but he admits that he probably would have acted the same way. They start to kiss and climb into bed. Before they get under the covers, she finds Lizzie's scarf and throws it in the trash. Suddenly, there's a knock on the door: It's Emma and her babysitter. Ava jumps out of bed, answering the door. Bill and Ava talk to Emma for a minute. As the babysitter takes Emma back to Olivia's, Bill becomes upset by how unfriendly the child was to him. He stops Ava before she leaves, asking her if she thinks he is a good father. She explains that being a good father is more than just having a bit of fun with a kid when they're little and then barely seeing them. She walks out.


Billy and his lawyer show up at Cedars. He's arranging to get out of rehab for good. Lizzie soon arrives to pick him up. She's obviously frustrated; she feels like she must be missing her brain. She explains that Bill is the father of her baby. Billy is thrilled and practically starts dancing. She's amazed, but wishes that his son had reacted the same way. He tries to reassure her that Bill will come around. They laugh and he hugs her before they run out of the hospital.


Alone, Bill cleans up the room and finds Lizzie's scarf. He picks it up and smells it when there is a knock at the door. He answers it, expecting Lizzie, but it is Billy. He tells his son that he knows what's going on and advises his son not to blow the opportunity that has fallen in his lap. Bill tells his father that he's not in the best place right now to become a parent. Billy points out that it's rarely the best time or place, but you have to take your shot when it comes. Meanwhile, alone, Lizzie goes to the chapel to sit and stare at Tammy's memorial display. She lights two candles, one for Sarah and one for Jonathan. She prays to her daughter, telling her how much she misses her and that she will always love her. As she cries, Jonathan watches her from the back of the church.


Next on Guiding Light:

Billy urges his son to take responsibility.

Lizzie's tests prove she's not pregnant.

Reva is sure that Jonathan has been stalking Alan.

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