Olivia Goes Down

Friday, September 22nd, 2006

Frank questions Olivia about trying to murder Ava. Ava finds more unexpected danger. Cassie goes after Josh.

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Olivia and Frank return for questioning

Billy wakes Reva from her sleep only to be interrupted by a knock at the door. It's Cassie. She tells him that Josh has gone missing and she is starting to panic. Billy tells her that he doesn't know where josh could be, only then does Reva make her presence known, as she offers Cassie her help. This awkward gesture makes Cassie uncomfortable but Reva reminds her that they aren't in competition for Josh. Cassie is unconvinced and comments that her attitude seems forced and fake: She really can't understand where Reva is coming from anymore. With that, Reva lets slip that she doesn't have time for all of this, a statement which causes Cassie to begin worrying about her.

Josh has been at a worksite all along. We find him angrily hammering on a nail in a monologue where he wonders why Reva is pushing him to be with her sister and wishes that Cassie would finally stop her 'flip-flopping.' Billy easily tracks him down there. Josh tells him that he isn't angry; he's just confused and frustrated. This is because the Shayne sisters have finally succeeded in driving him insane. Billy teasingly tells him that 'you might be a little bit responsible for that, since you love them both.' They begin to hammer their frustration out on the site until Billy slips away to call Reva and tell her that he has found Josh. She asks him to send a message to Cassie from Josh's phone and he agrees. Moments later, Cassie receives the message and rushes off to meet Josh. Reva follows close behind to make sure that 'mission is accomplished.' While she lurks around the parking garage below the site, Josh discovers her and begins to question her presence there. Just as she is about to excuse herself, the parking gate shuts, locking them both in.

Gillespie wanders the streets leaving messages for Olivia, assuring her that he is there to finish the job on Ava. For the moment, he has little luck and instead grills a lonely Ashlee for information on where she might be. Ava is still with Coop, telling him that she doesn't want to get Olivia arrested. Coop has become increasingly skeptical about the idea that protecting Olivia is really in Emma's best interests however, and tells Ava that getting Olivia arrested may be 'the best gift you can give that little girl.' They start to get dressed and make out between article of clothing when they are interrupted by Alan-Michael. He tells Ava that he needs her help right away and drags her away from an annoyed Coop. Just as they disappear down the corridor, Gillespie peaks around the edge. Alan-Michael takes Ava to lunch, coming clean that there is no crisis in need of her help; he just wants to help her deal with Olivia. He informs her that Olivia has been brought back to town by the police and is being questioned. She is disturbed by the news and he uses this as an opportunity to point out how the Coopers never keep her informed, proving themselves unreliable. He offers her all the help he can give, now that she is part of the 'Spaulding extended family.' Then he reminds her that Olivia will be coming after her about what happened to Emma, either on her own or through lawyers; she can't afford to turn him down. Meanwhile, Buzz has tracked down Coop and questions him about the situation. At first, he suspects Coop of having it in for Olivia, but Coop tries to calm him down and tells him that they just need to understand what is wrong with Olivia, what's in her past, maybe then they can help her work through it. Buzz is relieved by his attitude but feels 'useless' as he admits that 'a week ago I never would have though Olivia was capable of hurting someone. Now, I don't know what to believe.'

Olivia has been brought back to Springfield police station. Frank begins to question her concerning Ava's story of attempted murder. Olivia tells him that Ava's charges are 'insane' and claims she only left town in order to take a short vacation. Frank isn't entirely convinced by this and tells her blankly that, if Ava's allegations are true, she will be in more trouble than he could possibly get her out of. When he leaves the interrogation room, Buzz is waiting for him, agitated that Frank has gone behind his back to bring Olivia in. He demands to see her and Frank doesn't hold him back. Buzz asks her what has been happening and she insists that Ava has been setting her up. She can see that Buzz is hesitant about accepting this, so she changes her story and tells him that she isn't sure what is happening, she just isn't in her 'right mind.' A clearly conflicted Buzz, tells her that he still loves her and she obviously needs help, but he isn't the right person to give it to her right now. Once he leaves the room, she begins to hallucinate in the form of her young pregnant self. The vision looks at her with disgust and tells her that what's happening now 'serves her right.' She goes on to say that Buzz is obviously siding with his family against her and the only person she can turn to now is herself. In a desperate attempt to explain her actions, Olivia claims that she is looking for her daughter because of Emma's dream of a sister. But the vision will have none of this, and tells her to stop trying to bring back the worst part of her life. The hallucination vanishes and a confused Olivia begins to check her messages. Right away, she gets the message from Gillespie, reminding her that he will be taking care of Ava. She flies into a panic and runs from the room in search of Frank but is stopped by the DA who doesn't help matters by telling her that she plans to have her put away for attempted murder. Olivia lets slip that she 'doesn't want to kill anyone,' but is ordered back to the room. Just then, we see Ava get into an elevator followed by Gillespie as he utters the words: 'This must be my lucky day.'

Next on GL: Gillespie has Ava captured in the elevator. Josh and Reva are trapped underground. Things get worse for Olivia.

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