Who Has Got the Button?

Monday, January 7th, 2008

Reva loves Jeffrey, Josh is sure that Will is guilty, Bill is taken to Cedars, Ava tries to save Coop, Will frames Reva.

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Reva hurries over to the police headquarters after getting a call from Jeffrey. He pulls her into a kiss and happily tells her that he's taken the job of DA once again. She congratulates him, though he's not sure that he can go back to living by the rules. "You always lived by your own rules! That's one of the things I LOVE about you!" she beams. His jaw drops at the word and she rushes away, embarrassed by her admission. She returns later, surprised that he hasn't run away. He thought about it, but he's not running. "That's a very good sign," she says. Jeffrey's not afraid of a little word.


At rehab, Billy and Dinah sit in a circle with the other inmates. She doesn't feel like talking about the holidays but Billy does. He tells the circle that he feels responsible for setting his son on a self-destructive path. "I'm really afraid that he's going to hurt somebody," he admits. Meanwhile, an angry and drunken Coop stalks down to the Lewis Construction offices. After pouring booze over the blueprints for Main Street, he lights them on fire and hurls them through Bill's window. Bill's trailer explodes just as Lizzie walks past. She hurries into the trailer, unharmed, and finds Bill on the floor. As she calls for an ambulance, she does her best to keep him awake. Promptly, she calls Billy and asks him to meet them at the hospital. As Billy gets ready to go, the doctor reminds him that he is in the facility by court order and can't leave. Dinah follows Billy around the halls. He's determined to get out and prove that he cares about his son. Dinah distracts the doctor and Billy hurries out.


Cassie arrives at home. Josh informs her that he wasn't out of town for church business. He actually went to San Cristobel to see Edmund and to discover who pushed him off the balcony. "I'm sorry but it was Will," he tells her. She is sure that Edmund is just doing this to cause problems. Josh reminds her that Will has been lying to them but she continues to make excuses for the boy. He lists off all of Will's strange behavior but she stops him, reminding him that the boy has had nothing but tragedy in his life and she won't listen to any more of this. Shouldn't they let the police handle things? He decides that it's time to search Will's room for Edmund's missing buttons. She's appalled, but he's insistent. Suddenly, Billy calls to tell him about the accident. Will, who has been eavesdropping the entire time, walks out and tells them that he wants to go with them to the hospital. He convinces his mother to let him go and starts hugging her while Josh stares. He calls Reva and asks her to meet them at the hospital.


On Main Street, Ava finds Coop drinking out of a brown paper bag. He tells her that Ashlee has been arrested for fixing the election. She offers to help. Coop laughs; like she wants to help Ashlee. "Anything important to you is important to me," she reminds him. Suddenly, she gets a call telling her that there has been an explosion at the construction site. When she tells Coop that Bill has been taken to the hospital, he blurts out: "I didn't think anyone was in there!" Before he can run and talk to Frank, she stops him, pointing out that no one will believe this is an accident. She calls her father and asks him for help. When Jeffrey meets them at The Beacon, he refuses to take the case: He's the DA now. She tells him that she can't lose Coop and Olivia at the same time. He tells her she'll have to call Mel. After Jeffery leaves, she pours some wine and drugs Coop's glass. He mopes around about Ashlee going to jail. She tells him that he needs a plan. She hands him a drink and tells him that he should wait until tomorrow to talk to the police. "I know that it's hard for you to trust me," she says, but she wants to help. He can't spend time with her because he thinks they'll end up in bed and, "I don't wanna screw up my life," he explains. This is a problem he has to fix by himself, he asserts, walking out the door. He goes over to the police station to visit Ashlee, offering to pay her bail. She wishes that he wouldn't waste his money and wonders why he isn't angry with her. She's taken away with tears in her eyes.


At Cedars, Lizzie sits at Bill's bedside. Since he can't move, she decides to use this time to get some things off her chest. He assumes she must enjoy seeing him in pain after all the hurt he's caused her. She apologizes for locking him out of his room and blames herself for his accident. As she touches his hand, tears fill her eyes. She walks out into the corridor, anxious to get Billy there to see his son. She explains what's happened to Josh, Reva and Vanessa until Billy and Dinah appear. Billy takes her aside and asks her if the police have gotten involved yet; Bill's made a lot of enemies lately, he hints. Dylan arrives and gets an update on what's going on. Later, Billy goes to his son's side. He warned him not to step on people's toes the way he has. "I'm mad... but I will be here for you," he promises.


In the corridor, Will finds Reva's purse. Moments later, he starts throwing a fit, wishing that he had his uncle back. As he becomes more upset and demands to go home, Cassie agrees to take him. She tells Josh that he should stay there with his family. "Your family too," he reminds her. She ushers the boy away. Reva returns and Josh asks her to have a chat with Daisy: She confessed to locking down the mall so that he and she could have some "alone time" together. Reva laughs and agrees to talk to her granddaughter. He takes her aside and makes her promise not to tell anyone what he is telling her now: He talked to Edmund and he told him that it was Will who pushed him. Josh believes it. "So what are you going to do?" she asks. Meanwhile, Cassie takes Will home and promises him that she will not leave him. As she makes him hot chocolate, he plays with his toys, re-enacting his crimes before calling the police. "I'd like to report something suspicious about Reva Shayne," he says.


Dylan follows Dinah outside for some air. She almost collapses and he catches her. She tells him that when she almost died, she realized that she couldn't handle anything in her life. It was enough to make her wish she had died. "I'm sorry," he offers. Mallet arrives and asks them if everything is alright. Dylan explains what's going on but says that Dinah is being a "rock". Mallet walks away and Dinah thanks Dylan for helping cover for her. Down the hall, Mallet finds Reva and tells her that he has a court order allowing him to search all of her possessions. She tells him to search away and hands him her purse. He quickly finds Edmund's buttons.


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Mallet questions Reva.

Josh offers to bring in the guilty party.

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