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Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

Lizzie and Billy put a new plan in place to get rid of Bill.

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In her room, Lizzie happily watches the news conference she gave in which she humiliated Bill by telling the public about his underhanded activities. She puts down Roxie and starts to justify her action to the little dog before walking into the hall and running into Dinah. She makes it clear to Bill's sister that she was only getting even with Bill and he had it coming. Why isn't Dinah in rehab anyway? She wonders. Dinah doesn't explain so Lizzie asks her if it's weird that she talks to her dog. Dinah says that she understands; she has a movie that goes on in her head, her whole life runs like a voice over to a movie– an inner monologue. Lizzie tells her that will probably stop when she stops taking the pills. She's disturbed when Dinah informs her that she's always been this way, even before she was shot.


Lizzie walks down the street and wonders if having a voice in her head is so bad after all. When she starts flicking ornaments off a Christmas tree, a couple stares at her. Another couple walks by with a baby and she remembers Christmas with Jonathan and Sarah. When she walks into Company, she spots Bill at the bar but continues to walk across the room, ignoring him. She sits down and starts to admire his sweater and tries to stop herself from staring. As Bill begins talking to the women there, they all ignore him or snipe at him. Since he's already used all of them and treated them the same way he's treated Lizzie, they throw his card back in his face. When he picks up the paper, he sees that Lizzie's story has also made it into the papers. He thumps it down in front of her eyes. They start lashing out at each other but he pushes it all in her face, saying that she has only made herself look like a drunken tramp while he looks like a successful lady's man. When she hits back at his attack, he tells her that she is off all active duty; now she can just be "window dressing" and answer phones. All that she's done with her little publicity act is cost them business, he accuses, before walking out.


After a huff, Lizzie goes to see Billy in rehab. They start arguing about whether the smell of jasmine or lilac makes you more relaxed. Unable to avoid recent events anymore, he reminds her that they have TV there and he knows what is going on outside. She tells him that she had to act immediately and couldn't wait for him to get out of rehab. He's easily convinced and they plot their new strategy. Billy signs his power of attorney over to Dylan. Lizzie and Dylan promptly head over to Towers to interrupt Bill's meeting with a client. Lizzie rubs Dylan's appointment in Bill's face. Dylan and Bill begin arguing while Lizzie drifts off, wondering why she can't be loved and why she dresses for work to look both cute and tough and...once she finishes rambling in her mind, Bill tells her that she's only made everything worse. As he walks off with a sneer, she tells Dylan that she's been humiliated and hurt. As she slips up, Dylan tries to figure out what's going on.


Looking for some sympathy, Lizzie messes up her hair and goes to Main Street to find Vanessa. She approaches her. Vanessa isn't surprised by anything that's happened. "So you're okay with how your son treated me?" Lizzie asks. Vanessa says that's not it, but Bill is just a little lost right now. Lizzie doubts that Vanessa would say this about any guy who did the same to Dinah. Vanessa tells her that it would be a good idea to stay away from Bill. Seeing that this isn't working, Lizzie starts a new strategy, telling her that Bill has been using her as bait to bring in new clients. Later, Lizzie watches through the window as Vanessa yells at Bill. She's appalled to see that he is completely unperturbed by her ranting and threats to run a smear campaign to chase him out of town. Bill assumes that Lizzie was whispering poison in his mother's ear. He smugly tells her to back off.


Lizzie goes to Towers for a drink. A man props up at the bar beside her and starts aggressively coming on to her. She knocks his overly-friendly hands away, spotting Bill sitting across from them. She tries to find an escape plan, but Bill is unhelpful. When the man puts his arm around her, she stomps on his toe and walks out. Heading upstairs, she breaks into Bill's room and searches around. When she looks through his closet, she starts to smell his shirts and gets weak in the knees. Suddenly, the door opens. Lizzie spins around in shock: It's Beth. Immediately, Lizzie goes back to searching the room in a hurry. Her mother helps until Lizzie remembers that her mother, when she was Lorelei, was married to Bill so she must already have some dirt on him. Beth begs her daughter to let this go. Lizzie rants and starts to imagine all the things she could do to Bill, like take Emma away from him, or get Mallet to pull him in on trumped-up charges. Beth tells her again to stop: Lizzie is starting to sound just like her father. "This is about you...this is not about Bill," Beth insists. When she gets her daughter into the hall, Lizzie tells her that everything has gone wrong for her since Bill came to town. She had come such a long way and fixed her life so much....but no one wanted anything to do with her. "I am not like dad but I am so glad that I am nothing like you!" Lizzie snaps. Beth tells her that she has to find what she wants in her life now and not to keep living for Sarah. "Sometimes what I want is to go back to that day and go off the cliff with them!" Lizzie screams as she runs out. Bill comes down the hall just as she vanishes to the roof.


Lizzie sits outside and tries to find her "quiet place" but she only begins to ramble to herself again. Finally, she stares over the edge of the roof and thinks of all the things she wants: Billy sober, Roxie toilet trained, her new little sister with a real childhood, Sarah back, Phillip healthy again...Bill the way he was before they woke up... Assuming that she is about to jump, Bill runs up and grabs her. She pushes him away and they start to argue. She wasn't about to jump, she insists, but he is obviously upset. He walks across the roof and she follows him, trying to talk to him. She recalls when he told her about staring over a roof's edge. She thought it was some sort of meditation thing he was talking about but it was clearly something else... He doesn't explain. They go inside and he warms her up, rubbing her hands as she shakes. She tells herself that this isn't turning her on. He convinces her to climb into bed and warm up. After he has the blankets on her, he tells her that she's a mess. "So are you," she says. Why did he follow her up to the roof? She asks. He doesn't answer. They begin discussing how they've hurt each other and feel like they are turning into their fathers. She can't believe that she humiliated herself on TV. " are so not worth it," she moans to him. Stifling a laugh, he tells her that he shouldn't have taken her off the construction deal; she really does a good job. Lizzie is finding all of this incomprehensible. As he starts to kiss her, Dinah walks in and Lizzie quickly runs out.


Dinah asks her brother what just happened. She's concerned; she's just spent all of this time lying her way into rehab so they could get revenge. "Lizzie is trouble for you," she explains. Bill finds that laughable and insists that he isn't falling for anyone. Dinah feels like she has the raw end of the deal right now and she needs her brother to keep up his part. Meanwhile, Lizzie goes over to see Billy. He's impressed by how she brought Dylan in, but now she needs to get Bill out of her life for good. Lizzie pretends that there is nothing between her and Bill and promises.


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